Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 7

In the years that followed Mordreds defeat, the kingdom slowly began to rebuild and heal. The heroes and the wizard worked tirelessly to restore order and peace, and the people of the kingdom flourished once again.

But despite their best efforts, they could not shake the feeling that something was amiss. They sensed a dark presence lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

And then, one day, it happened. Mordred, the evil wizard who had been defeated and cast into the abyss, returned from the dead, more powerful and more malevolent than ever before.

The heroes and the wizard were caught off guard by Mordreds sudden reappearance, and they struggled to defend against his dark magic. Despite their best efforts, they were no match for his power, and one by one, they fell.

In the end, Mordred emerged victorious, and he set out to conquer the kingdom once again. The people of the land lived in fear and terror, knowing that there was no one left to stand against the evil wizards might.

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