Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 8

Despite his victory over the heroes and the wizard, Mordreds reign of terror was not meant to last. As the years passed, he grew old and weak, and eventually, he fell victim to the ravages of time.

But even in death, Mordreds evil spirit could not be silenced. It lingered in the underworld, biding its time and waiting for the perfect moment to be reborn.

And so, one hundred years later, Mordred returned to the land of the living, but not in the form of a powerful wizard. Instead, he was reborn as a humble object, a small, unassuming trinket that could be easily overlooked and forgotten.

But despite his small size, Mordred was just as evil and power-hungry as he had been in his previous life. He lay dormant for many years, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal himself and reclaim his rightful place as the ruler of the kingdom.

And finally, the opportunity presented itself. A young, unsuspecting hero stumbled upon the trinket, and without knowing its true nature, picked it up and brought it with them on their journey.

As the hero traveled, the trinket slowly began to exert its influence, twisting the heros thoughts and actions to suit its own dark purposes. And before long, the hero had become a pawn in Mordreds quest for power.

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