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Lightning flashed over the night sky, brighter than the midday sun. The sky thundered, and millions of raindrops thrashed onto mother earth mercilessly. Not more than three months pregnant woman ran on the muddy land, carrying a torch in her right hand, while her injured husband lay on her left shoulder.

”I_I can hold anymore, Vedavathi. Her husband weakly muttered, coughing up more blood. I made a mistake…terrible mistake. This pain… ”

P_lease bear it for a while, dear..We are very near Savarni Matamahis ashram…She will cure you. Her breathing became heavy with the pressure her husband imposed on her left shoulder. Her white sari was completely soaked in blood from what seemed to be oozing out of her husbands wounds.

Thorns prickled Vedavathis barefooted skin, but she didnot care, not when she could feel the Yamadutas[1] coming after her husband to take him to Yamalok[2]. All she wanted was to reach that safe place, for there was no entry for the messengers of death in that place.

A ray of hope lit up Vedavathis face as she caught sight of the temple she was looking for at a distance away. Adjacent to it, there was a small hut. She could see the light illuminating it through the small window.

Thank God! She is still awake! Vedavathi murmured to herself. Reaching there, she banged the wooden door until it was opened. An old woman in a ragged sari appeared in Vedavathis sight. A big Bindi on the centre of her forehead enhanced her beauty despite her sunken cheeks and wrinkled face.

”Savarni Matamahi.. Vedavathi burst into tears, gazing at the womans calm face despite seeing an injured person. Please help my husband.

The old woman stared at the injured man before her gaze shifted to the sky.

Yamadutas. She whispered in a surprise-filled voice. She was surprised to see the Yamadutas waiting to do their duty. It was the first time she had seen the messengers of death coming to the land of virtue, which means the injured man had committed a terrible sin.

I can smell his death, child. What did he do? The old woman calmly asked.

As Vedavathi told the sinful story that happened in the evening when she returned from the farm, the old woman shook her head in disbelief. Hari Hari! I can believe people in the Satya Yug are starting to fall from grace. The Garuda Puran says_

Please don say that, Matamahi. Vedaathi cut her off, not intending to hear the deadly punishment her husband would have to face in the Naraka lok.

You have a boon from Lord Hari to heal humans. I want my husband to live. Please help me. We will be forever grateful to you. Vedavathi sobbed, placing her injured husband at the feet of the old woman. The sin her husband committed cannot go unpunished, but she can let him die and get tormented in the Naraka. She is going to have a family with him in another six months. Isn it unfair for her child?

Child..this is_ ”

”I will not leave this place without my husband, Matamahi! Vedavathi said.

You will have to pay a heavy price that will be remembered for ages to come. The old woman said, her eyes ablaze. The world will be punished for your sin.

Caressing her belly, Vedavathi weighed over Matamahis words. For one time, she wanted to be selfish for her unborn child. She nodded her head in determination. I agree.

Things are about to change tonight, the old woman realized. As Lord Hari said, there is no more Dharma[3] standing on four legs.

The old woman prayed to the idol sitting at the corner before taking the vermillion and the turmeric powder for the ritual. She then guided Vedavathi towards the temple for a ritual that would seal this worlds fate.

Stay here. The old woman told Vedavathi before taking the injured man inside the temple.

Vedavathi stood in the rain, desperately praying to the gods to keep her husband alive. Half n hour later, the old woman came out of the temple and informed Vedavathi that the ritual had been completed and her husband was out of danger. Vedavathi thanked the old woman and ran into the temple to see her husband.

As Vedavathis figure disappeared from the old womans sight, she closed her eyes. Her calm face turned into trepidation in a split second as the future flashed before her eyes. She wanted to go back in time and warn herself of the consequences bound to take place, but fate was already sealed. The Bhavishyavaanee[4] is already sealed!

[In the darkest period to come

Born will be a deformed in a dungeon

To a celestial and a mortal at the darkest hour

An innocent soul tainted by the hands of human

will walk on this earth to wreak havoc]


[1]Yamadut: Messengers of death according to Hindu Mythology.

[2]Yamalok or Narak: Underworld or hell

[3]Dharma: Righteousness

[4]Bhavishyavaanee: Prophecy

Satya Yug: Golden age


Welcome back again, my dearest readers. You might have already recognized the story is set in India. I hope you will have a good time reading this. If you like it, add the book to your library. Don forget to drop your comments. It would be a big encouragement to continue.

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