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A person who never miss the target

Seventeen summers later…..

It was another happy Sunday morning for the people in Delhi, with kids frolicking around slides and swings in the park, elders gossiping about the recent murder case of an actress, and adults complaining about their pesky kids activities at home. But not all have the opportunity to enjoy themselves when there is someone at an office tormenting the employees.

The three-headed Lion emblem stood strong at a place where honesty meets justice, flaunting its power. Three men wearing staff uniforms cleaned and swept the corridor, their gaze didnot miss catching a glimpse of the locked door ten steps away. Hearing the gruesome cries coming out of the room, their bodies shook like a leaf in fear. Their only wish today is to complete the work and run away before the Raakshas[1] walk out of the interrogation room.

But wishes are not meant to bear fruits all the time. The door opened, and a man peeked to his left and then to the right, spotting the three Janitors.

The three lifted their heads at the same time in anticipation.

”Ummm. ” Nikhil hesitantly said. ”Another coffee for Sir, ” He could see their facial expressions turn ghastly, like they had met a ghost. Nonetheless, its an order from the big boss, and he would be screwed if something went wrong.

Another coffee? So, one of them must go inside? The three janitors shook their heads.

”Y_ou go.. ” The first one turned to the other two. ”I_I remember Director sir called me to clean his cabin. ”

Before he lifted the water bucket to escape, the second one blocked him. ”You are not leaving. I have already served his coffee this morning. Its your turn now. ”

”It all started with you. Wasn it your idea to clean this corridor? ” The third one hissed, blaming the second.

”It was not in my wildest dreams that I expected him here. ” The second one cried in a whisper. Sundays are no more fun since the day this Rakshas took charge.

The three janitors fought among themselves until the door opened again, and Nikhil appeared demanding Big Boss was waiting for coffee. The third Janitor, forced to take up the task, entered Lions den cursing and cussing.

As the janitor looked around, he felt like his soul had ripped out of his body, witnessing the scene. A man, old enough to be called a grandfather, collapsed on the floor unclothed, muttering something under his breath. The floor reeked of a foul smell, and he concluded it must be the urine. He had the urge to puke.

No one would believe that he is the Minister of a state who was accused of murdering the young actress Maaya. He looked no less than a rag with a bald head and a sagging organ.

”I will give you a whole day to admire it. Now bring the coffee. ” The deep, baritone voice pierced the janitors ears, pulling him back to the present.

He awkwardly looked at the man sitting on a chair, legs crossed over the other. His shirt rolled up to the elbows, revealing his tanned arms. The sturdy shoulders and muscular arms beneath the white shirt spoke of his phenomenal strength. Tall, Bristle eyebrows, black orbs, gritty stubble, and chiselled jaw. He was the man of every womans dream. Only when approached would people know, Arrogance is his surname, and don care attitude is his care-of-address.

”I_I am sorry, sir. ” Eyes down, the janitor placed the coffee on the table, his hands shivering. Is he going to drink up in this dirtiest place?

Before leaving, the janitor gazed at the poor old mans wretched state to gossip with his friends. There was no single mark on the Ministers body to conclude that he was physically tortured. But the janitor knew it well. The Minister was forced to stand on the cold floor for two days without food, water, or sleep. He was psychologically tortured by this Rakshas. Its his way of playing mind games with victims to extract information. No wonder people call him a Rakshas.

As the door closed, Nikhil looked at his bosss face. As usual, there was no expression, but he knew the time had come. When the big boss orders coffee, it signals to wrap up the case.

Nikhil wondered if he had done bad karma in his past life that had reflected the present. Swallowing hard, he grabbed the water bottle from the cupboard, uncapped it, poured the content into a bowl and placed it in front of the old man.

”Sir…Boss permitted to have water. ” Nikhil whispered, placing a hand over his mouth. What kind of nasty foods did he devour?

”Finally..did you people think of feeding me. ” The old man muttered, his eyes lifeless. Deprived of food and water for two days, the old man didnot hesitate. In desperation, he took the first gulp. As the cold water passed through his throat, salt and bitter, he realized it was another trap.

Salty! Bitter!

”Ah!! ” He screamed out of his lungs, coughing hard to throw up. ”PARTH! YOU MANIPULATOR! ”

”Well, I never knew my name sounded so sexy hearing from your dirty mouth as well. ” He chuckled. ”As for the manipulator, I will take that as a compliment. ”

Self-obsessive man. Nikhil sneered.

”I believe you are not going to open your mouth, ” Parth said, getting up. ”We are done with the interrogation for today. I will send a packet of Biriyani. Eat well so that that you can_ ”

”No…no….please. I_I don want to eat. ” The Minister gave up. Just the thought made something crawl over his body. ”I_I will tell the truth. ”

”I am listening. ” A smile etched on Parths face. His labyrinth has no escape.

”Maaya and I had a secret affair. Everything was going well until she became pregnant. ” He took a pause, gazing at the dirty floor.

Child? at his age? Nikhil wondered if this old man took Viagra to increase his performance.

”She demanded that I marry her, or she would confess our relationship to the press. I found a threat to my Minister position. I convinced her I would help her secretly raise the baby, but my wife found the truth. She warned that Maayas child would pose a threat in the future. So, we hired the assassins to kill her. ” He strongly believed his wife would bring him out on bail, but that wretched woman betrayed him. His influence also didnot work, and all thanks to the CBI.

”That was smooth. ” Parth dropped to a squat level with the old man. ”You could have avoided this mess had you told the truth on the first day. ” His eyes held mirth as he handed the coffee cup.

The Minister gazed at Parth trembling. He didnot touch.

”Tch tch…Don I get a bad name if I let you die in the interrogation room, Mr Minister? ” Parth chuckled. ”Don worry. Its free of urine. ”

”Get a batallion and take his wife into custody, ” Parth informed Nikhil. ”Feed this dog well. Don let him die until the courts hearing. Get the approvals, and produce him in the court tomorrow. ”

”Yes, boss. ” Nikhil sighed in relief as Parths footsteps trailed off.

”Rakshas! ”

”I wish you get a case that you can never solve. ”


Post the interrogation, Parth straight away walked into his cabin. He didnot get a five minutes rest. Nikhil knocked on the door requesting his presence at the directors office.

”Whats his problem? ” Annoyed, Parth went inside without knocking on the door. Nikhil tailed behind him.

”Don you have respect for your superior? ” A man in his late fifties glanced at Parth through his rimmed glasses. ”You treat me like thin air and_

”Stop sulking, and come to the point. ” Parth lazily responded, grabbing the newspaper

”Brat! I wonder how that poor girl tolerates you, ” Anup muttered, pulling the file from a drawer. ”You must be the reason she always escapes from you. ”

Tolerating me? Only if you had seen her other side, Mr. director. She is a devil disguised in angels clothes. Parth thought. What is that monster doing now? A smile escaped from Parths lips for a millisecond before it disappeared as Anup passed the file.

The nosy Nikhil lifted his toes, his eyes curious.

Parths eyes scanned the file briefly, but it remained untouched. It would only come onto his desk when it meets his standards.

”Its a Vikramgad criminal_ ”

”Pass it to someone. ” Flipping the newspaper, Parth said. ”I am not interested in these nickel-and-dime stuff. ”

”Well, you haven understood the weight of this case then, ” Anup said. ”Hear me out, Parth. Its a special request from the higher officials that you investigate the case. ”

”Whats so special about this case that they had to request me? ”

”Thirty years of mystery. Vikramgads case still remained as a closed book, ” Anup said. ”No one was able to unlock a single page. ”

Anup cautiously watched Parths eyes turn to the file. He knew it. He had done a tremendous job of capturing Parths interest.


Raakshas: Devil/demon.

Parths name is pronounced as PAAR-TH.

Apologies for the late updates. Work kept me busy. I will try for more updates.

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