o is published in todays newspaper. ”

”What did you say? ” Her brothers words caused her to flare up from the bed. Her dishevelled black hair clouded her face like a sheer curtain. An angelic voice and the imp thin body accentuated her marshmallow-coloured complexion. Thats Anjali. Closed ones call her Anju, and someone dear to her heart has a special name.

Anjali jumped out of bed and dashed into the living room, Ansh trailing behind, demanding his cricket bat.

She grabbed the newspaper on the table and quickly turned the pages. Somewhere in the corner, she found the news about her. A brave woman stayed in a haunted college building to prove ghosts don exist. Kudos to Anjali and her team for showing immense braveness.

”Argh! ” Anjali pulled her hair in frustration. ”I am screwed if Parth reads this ” If there is one thing Anjali can control, its curiosity. Since the day she heard gossip about a ghost haunting the college hostel students at night, solving this mystery had become a top priority. Knowing that Parth would not let her step out of the house, she lied and came here to execute the plan. But her futile attempts went all in vain.

”Why did these buffoons publish it in the news? ” Anjali dropped to the floor and leaned back on the chair. ”Will he get to know, Ansh? ” She asked, worry written all over her face.

”I will tell you if you give back my cricket bat. ” Ansh blinked his eyes, acting cute.

”Like hell, I know, idiot. ” She kicked her brothers leg and dashed into the bedroom.

Ansh screamed, wailing in pain. ”My leg! How do I score runs in tomorrows match? ”

Meanwhile, Anjali consoled herself. ”Don worry, Anjali. The news is published in the entertainment section. So, the odds of Parth seeing it are very less. ”

As she got fresh, the landline ringed with an incoming call. Anjali called Ansh, but there was no response. So, she dragged her feet into the hall to pick up the call. ”Yes..Anjali speaking. ” With a swag, she answered the call.

”Are you happily sleeping, thinking I would have skipped reading the entertainment section? ”

Anjalis eyes widened in surprise upon hearing the familiar voice. Oh no! He read it. Is there anything that doesn get noticed by this man? Now what, Anjali? Find an escape plan.

Pulling the phone away from her ears, Anjali screamed, which sounded like she was speaking from a distance. ”Hello…hello.. ”

”I know you are hearing me, Anjali. ”

”Hello..Hello…There is always a problem with the phone. ” Anjali ended the call. She didnot have a moment to relieve herself because her neighbour Sheela aunty arrived at her doorstep, to inform Parth called their landline.

”How does he know Sheela auntys number? ” Anjali pulled her hair in frustration for the second time. Knowing that Parth would give her a big class after returning home, she avoided the call this time.

Post breakfast, she took a shower and dolled herself in a beautiful red dress. Ansh was back in her room demanding his cricket bat. Anjali gave him another kick before throwing him out of the room.

An hour passed. Anjali lay on her stomach, fully engrossed in reading the novel. The door opened, and her irritation reached peaks this time, thinking it was her brother. ”I am telling you. I will kick your ass this time. ”

”Well, Lets try in the bed. I would love to experience that, my dear Angel. ” The baritone voice had a huge fanbase in the college, and one of them was her. But thats not the concern now. Gripping the book tightly, Anjali flipped her position, facing the man standing by the door as imposing as he was. His stony expression signified she was doomed.

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