Chapter 9 Part 1 – Who is he looking at?!!

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 9 – Who is he looking at ???!!

Whose coat.
He asked whose coat it was.

Fan Yuzhe thought that this question was very good.
With just a few words, he raised another psychological level.
He had just returned from the canteen, and now he unexpectedly encountered such a scene.

In the past, he only needed to sit on his seat and hold up the melon seeds and popcorn to watch the play silently.
However, the five characters “Laozi is a handsome boy” on his coat now seem to be engraved with his name even when it turns into ashes.

Accompanying the princess is like pampering a tiger.
He’s only gone for a few minutes! She had already given him such a hard time!

Shi Luo had not yet realized how Tang Qishen suddenly appeared in front of her.
Hearing his cold question, she looked down at the coat and replied as if nothing had happened: “Oh, it’s Fan -“

“Fan – why did you buy such an ugly rag when you used to buy so many beautiful clothes, Wen Yu?”

Shi Luo just said his last name, and Fan Yuzhe immediately took the courage to continue the conversation.
He was so worried that he couldn’t think of any good words for a while.
In a hurry, he happened to see Wen Yu coming in from the door.
As soon as she got in, he sold away the Dream Angel.

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Anyway, Wen Yu is a girl, and it’s not a big deal if it’s from a girl.

Wen Yu: “??”

Before she could figure out what was going on, she suddenly stood in front of a group of student union officers.
In addition, Tang Qishen, the legendary marriage partner of Shi Luo, who beat her hard in the face that day and made her look ugly is also here.
Wen Yu felt an inexplicable chill all over her body.
His expression seemed even more puzzling than when she saw him at the amusement park that day.

Even the thoughtless local tyrant Miss Wen Yu, who is arrogant all day, is now aware of the subtlety of the atmosphere.
If anyone asks, she wants to immediately choke back to her stomach.
She glared at Fan Yuzhe, who just called her.

Fan Yuzhe is winking at her behind Tang Qishen’s back.
His attitude is very sincere.
It seems that he is begging her to stop talking and let him perform alone.

After diverting the problem, Fan Yuzhe continued to talk nonsense: “Wen Yu, your aesthetics are too bad.
Is it good to lend Shi Luo such an ugly coat, which makes her a beggar with the temperament of a Royal Highness.”

Beggar?? Who?? Her?? Shi Luo looked down at herself, and her face was full of disbelief.
When did Fan Yuzhe became so brave, she didn’t even think about it.
She immediately grasped his coat that was about to fall to the ground, raised it with one hand, and threw the coat in his face: “You are a beggar! You are so ugly.”

Good scold more! Fan Yuzhe was so moved that he almost cried.
He waited for his aunt to scold him, so that he could prove his innocence in front of his brother.

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He hurried to pick up his unlucky coat, ran to the door like a wind, grasped Wen Yu’s wrist, and pulled her out: “Let’s go, let me talk to you about the importance of clothing aesthetics.”

Wen Yu: “…!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Come on, come on, I’ll give you this coat!”

Wen Yu: “Who wants your ugly coat!”

Fan Yuzhe made a scene.
After pulling Wen Yu away from the place of trouble, everyone was quiet.

Shi Luo was stunned for a long time, and then she woke up from her dazed state.
She was still sitting lazily in her seat.
Several timid students around her wanted to come up to her ear and say, “Stand up.
The president stood and asked you what to say.
You dare to sit still.
Be more upright and save your life.”

They only dare to think about it but because of self-protection, no one actually said a word.

“Why are you here?”

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“Hisss—–” the students nearby couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.
One after another turned their eyes to the expressionless Tang Qishen.

Everyone thought that the president would get angry because of this more meddling question.
If the president wanted, the next second he could have picked up Shi Luo with one hand and throw her out of the window directly from the seventh floor and hung her on the old tree swaying in the wind. 

His voice was calm and slightly deep as he calmly made an excuse: “Checking in.”

She looked up at him with natural fondness in her eyes.
Her cheeks were puffed because she was sleeping on her arms.
Her voice was a little soft: “I’m not late today.”

As soon as these words came out, the melon eaters were not calm.
What’s the matter? It seems that she is still seeking praise? It doesn’t count!

However, after a few questions and answers, they found out that the legendary man who beat people into 600 pounds had a much softer expression on his face: “Well, it’s amazing.”

“????” Amazing shit! Who is not a good baby who comes to school on time!

Shi Luo smiled triumphantly, and the end of her lips was tinged with a touch of sweetness.

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The bell rang slowly.
On the first day of high school, the freshmen reported that they would have no classes.
Tang Qishen, holding a notebook in his hand that he didn’t know what it was for.
He turned to the boys in the class calmly and said, “The new book is on the first floor of the Library in the west of the teaching building.
Send some boys to move it.
In addition, go to the trial and hardships arena and move your new school uniforms and military training uniforms together.”

Several people who had been used to being class committee members since childhood nodded their heads spontaneously, greeted the male compatriots to rush out, and vowed to finish the task assigned by the president to death.

There was no silence in the classroom for a while.
There were groups of people talking.

Tang Qishen, who finished saying a few words, suddenly turned around and tapped Shi Luo’s desk when everyone thought that he was going to turn around and go to class 8 next door for inspection.
His voice was slightly lowered: “Come to the student union office before the school opening ceremony.”

Melon eaters: Look! You’re going to be caught and beaten alone! Lighting a candle.jpg


Summer Cherry Blossom:
Here’s the extra chapter for today! Melons are slang for gossips, it is something that will frequently come up since this school is very fond of gossips hahahahha.
Part 2 will be posted tomorrow if there are no delays~

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