Chapter 9 Part 2 – Who is he looking at??!

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 9 – Who is he looking at??!


The new semester began in early September, with the scorching sun in the sky and the temperature still hovering between 30 degrees.

Shi Luo’s soft seaweed hair was scattered behind her.
When she came out of the student union office, her cheeks were a little red.

Before the fourth class, she obediently went to the student union office according to Tang Qishen’s words.
She came back with a paper bag in her hand.

The opening ceremony was held in the school auditorium.

3 Senior high school is a private school, and its directors are proud of their wealth.
Therefore, the software and hardware facilities in the school can not be compared with those in other schools.

As soon as the bell rang for the last class, the students of each class, led by the head teacher, lined up and entered the auditorium one after another.

The air-conditioning in the auditorium is very sufficient.
Compared with the 39 degrees outside just now, it is heaven inside.

The air conditioner was continuously poured into the room as if it didn’t cost money.
Many students began to feel cold.
They all put their hands around their arms.
Thinking that it could be a little warmer.

More than half an hour later, the mobile phone that Shi Luo held in her hand vibrated.
It was a message from Tang Qishen.

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[Put on your coat.]

She was stunned for a moment, then straightened up and quietly looked around: [Are you here too? Why can’t I see you?]

[Put on your coat and be obedient,]

[It’s not cold.]

Shi Luo lowered her head and adjusted the brightness of her mobile phone to the lowest as if she were a thief.
She was still waiting for a reply, but she didn’t wait.
Before long, a burst of applause broke out in her ears.

The applause was even more enthusiastic when the principal spoke.
She couldn’t help looking up at the stage.
The person standing on the podium was the most familiar figure to her.
It was Tang Qishen.

The man was still sending a message to her a second ago.
How could he get on the stage in a blink of an eye? Shi Luo’s heart beat faster and faster for no reason.
She just stared at him with her breath held.

There are many young fans around who have begun to whisper.

“Ah ah ah, The student president is so handsome!! more handsome than those photos in the forum!”

“His voice sounds good too! I’m dead!!!”

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“My God, my ears are going to be pregnant.
At this moment, I even named our child!!”

“I heard that the student union will recruit new students in two days.
Let’s go together!!”

“But it’s said in the forum that the president seems to have a bad temper.
Have you heard about the former president?”

“I’m afraid of what? If I put this kind of self-esteem here, I’ll have to rely on the student union even if I risk my life!”

Shi Luo has been eavesdropping for a long time.
She doesn’t know why.
It’s clear that the person they boast about is Tang Qishen, but she always has some inexplicable pride in her heart.

A few people were able to speak vigorously.
Tang Qishen had already spoken most of his speech in a steady voice.
She listened carefully.
She didn’t pay attention to any of them.
She was so cold that she sneezed.

Some thoughtful female students, found out that the young man who was calm the moment before on the podium, glanced coldly at the audience of the freshmen, and then seemed to stay at a certain point and never left his gaze.

“Who is he looking at??! Ahhhhh, he seems to be looking at us? Is he looking at me????”

“Sister, wake up.
How many dishes do you drink like this? Maybe he is looking at his girlfriend?”

“Doesn’t he have no girlfriend?”

“How can such people not have girlfriends around them? I heard…”

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He seems to be looking at herself.

When she realized this, Shi Luo suddenly closed her lips, and the round little fox’s eyes turned.
Then, as if he had done something wrong, she spat out her tongue at the young man on the stage, and looked down at him with a guilty conscience.

She lowered her head and hid for a while.
The girl students around her were still whispering.
The topic ranged from whether the president had a girlfriend or not, then whether the school flower in year 3 was more suitable for him or the school flower in year 2 was more suitable for him. 

Shi Luo felt a little unhappy.
Why is it not suitable for year 1?

At the thought of this, she forgot the episode just now, looked up gloomily and suddenly looked at Tang Qishen, who had never left his stare.

The young man was not surprised.
The old school opening speech in his mouth could be said slowly without writing a manuscript and without thinking.
His deep eyes were darkened.
His face was colder than the air conditioner in the auditorium, and his eyes were still staring at her.

For a moment, she suddenly realized something.
She bent down and took out the school uniform coat of the sophomore boy in the brown paper bag beside her legs.
In front of him, she hurried to put it on her body.

A burst of familiar sandalwood fragrance immediately surrounded her.
Her hands were folded in the long and wide sleeves.
The beautiful little fox eyes were carefully raised to face his eyes.

Tang Qishen’s expression softened as expected.
Shi Luo’s face suddenly felt dry and her eyes dodged from looking at him.

After a while, she propped up the wide sleeves on both sides with both hands, covering her palm-sized face, her ears turning red with shame.

The young man on the podium ticked his lips slightly, and his speech continued.

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At the back, the melon eaters in Shi Luo’s class could not help it.

“Where did she get her school uniform coat?”

“We haven’t got it yet, are we sophomores?”

“I just saw her take it out from that brown paper bag.”

“Didn’t that come from the student union office?!”

“Fuck!!! It is the president’s..”

“It may be the hush money after being beaten…”

“I want to be hushed too!”

“You’d better hush your mouth…”

Summer Cherry Blossom
Here’s Chapter 9 Part 2.
Next chapter will be posted tomorrow if there are no delays~

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