When they left the classroom, the sophomores in the class behind them lost their composure as a veteran.

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After exchanging eyes with each other, people who thought they had never seen big waves took out their mobile phones calmly and began to build a group chat face to face.

A few minutes later, the melon farmers in the class all entered the melon field with the attitude of “calm on the surface, wild in the heart”.
The first student, with a smile on her aunt’s face, changed the name of the group to “Love is a cup of wine, everyone can get drunk”.

Many of the students also quietly dragged the low-level melon farmers who had gone home for dinner and had missed the scene just now into the group.
In a flash, more than 40 people in the class were all in line except Tang Qishen and Lu Chengxiao, who were isolated in the group.

Lu Chengxiao seems to have left early for something at home, but Du Ang, who has just witnessed all the events, quite understands the significance of this group’s existence.

Seeing that he had become a member of the group with honor, he could not help but exclaim in surprise: “Ah, how did I come in?”

Some people in the Group actively raised their hands and said, “Brother Ang, you are the first productive force in our melon fields.”

In short, it is the little spy around the melon Lord.

Du Ang suddenly became interested: “then I’ll bring Chengxiao in too?”

Of course, this proposal was immediately rejected by the crowd: “What’s the difference between bringing in Chengxiao and bringing in brother Shen? Everyone here must die!”

Wow, that’s what they said.
Du Ang felt that he had been severely mocked.
He had grown up in Ningshui bay and had been friends for more than ten years with Tang Qishen too.
How could Lu Chengxiao become a loyal minister around the melon Lord who was despised by everyone, but he could only be a spy respected by the whole group?

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Ji Gai, an honest man who has never been bubbling in any group, climbed several floors humbly.
After roughly understanding the meaning of the group, he trembled and carefully knocked word by word into the dialog box: “We are not so good…”

Du Ang, who had been around Lu Chengxiao for a long time and couldn’t talk about the baby’s love gossip with him, then degenerated into a villain spy, said: “Don’t speak for me.
I think it’s very good!”

He! Is! willing! For the cause of eating melons! Dedication for life!


While the melon crowd was shouting slogans enthusiastically, the two leaders had walked slowly near the education building.

Tang Qishen’s deep black schoolbag was casually carried on one side, and in his other hand he carried the 10,000 schoolbag he had previously given to Shi Luo as a high school entrance gift.

Shi Luo followed him, empty handed.
When she walked, she liked to tiptoe unconsciously.
From time to time, she struggled with the small stones on the road.
She walked slowly.

Tang Qishen, who was about 180cm tall, was used to walking.
He walked very fast.

With Shi Luo’s slow speed, she was easily left behind.

After a short walk, Tang Qishen seemed to find this problem, and then began to consciously slow down, and occasionally stopped to wait for the playful young lady behind.

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Passing by the gate of the political and educational building, they happened to meet the teaching director coming out of the building.
The director had his hands behind his back.
He looked worried.
When he saw Tang Qishen, he immediately said, “I’m a little late.
Fortunately, I met you here.
I’ll call the student union for a small meeting.
Don’t go home.”

Tang Qishen turned around and looked at Shi Luo.
He just wanted to say no, but the little girl around him was a little flustered when she met the teaching director for the first time.
She immediately acted quite sensible: “Go, I’ll go home by myself.”

The director saw that there was such a sensible little girl beside Tang Qishen.
He couldn’t help boasting: “Your little sister has also come to No.
3 high school? Look, how sensible she is.”

Shi Luo, who was boasted, smiled, while Tang Qishen’s face was like stagnant water, and he didn’t talk.

Finally, he called the driver personally and took her to the gate.
After watching her get on the car to home, he went back to the office of the student union with confidence.

Shi Luo and the driver of the Tang family have already become familiar with each other.
The dark Bentley slid into Ningshui Bay and directly sent her to the gate of the Tang family.

The eldest lady has no other interests and hobbies.
It has almost become a habit for her to come to the Tang family for dinner.

Before six o’clock, Tang Qishen also arrived at the door of the villa.

After entering the house, Liang Shuyi, who was leaping out of the kitchen, was greeted.
She was wearing an apron, and Tang Qishen subconsciously frowned.

When he was young, Liang Shuyi was used to being polite.
In order to show off her skills to father Tang, she almost blew up the kitchen at home.
Later, Tang’s father restricted her freedom to enter the kitchen.
Now, with this skill she can cook a few dishes at most.
This is because the servant can’t demand too much on the taste when she helps.

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Liang Shuyi: “Oh, you finally came back.
Luo Luo said that you didn’t eat at noon.
You’ll have dinner when you come back.
Hurry up and call people down.
The little girl should be hungry.”

Tang Qishen was ordered upstairs.

At first, he thought that she was playing with her mobile phone in her room or reading her favorite overbearing president’s novel.
At worst, she was sleepy and slept in.
Therefore, he didn’t think too much when entering the room.
He opened the door and walked in.
Before he could see clearly where the person was, he heard Shi Luo scream with a coquettish voice in shock, and then jumped into the bathroom full of steam with the clothes just taken from his bedside.

At the moment when Tang Qishen raised his eyes, he saw only a white figure passing by, followed by the closed bathroom door, and then came to his eyes again, which was a ball of pink cloth that she had thrown on the ground in her hurry.

The young man’s face was still calm, but his eyes were dim, and his delicate Adam’s apple slid up and down.

Then he stepped forward and bent down to pick up the things thrown on the ground.

Shi Luo just returned to the Tang family from school.
Because she had to wait for Tang Qishen, she didn’t eat right away.
She had nothing to do.
Liang Shuyi asked her to take out her new military training uniform and try it.
If it didn’t fit, she could help correct it.

Unexpectedly, the eldest lady’s skin was also very delicate, and her new military training uniform was not very clean.
After trying it on for a while, she had a small red rash.
Liang Shuyi was so nervous and distressed that she hurried to ask her to go upstairs to take a bath first, and went to Shi’s house to get her changed clothes.

She had just finished washing her clothes when she happened to meet Tang Qishen.

At the moment, the girl was red faced and hid in the bathroom to put on her clothes.
Halfway through dressing up, she found that something had fallen out.
She hesitated for a long time before stammering: “…Gege, can you give me that…”

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Tang Qishen lowered his eyes and glanced at the pink cloth on his hands.
There are also a few little white rabbits wearing bows in it.
He was silent for a moment.
Unexpectedly, his head was rarely awake and asked, “Shi Luo.”


“How big (old) are you?”

“…” Uhmm, it’s hard to say, but now that he has a request, she has to tell him truthfully.
The little girl’s ears are so red that she is almost bleeding, and she answered nervously: “C……”

“?” Tang Qishen was stunned for a moment before he realized it. 

He said: “I mean, how old are you, wearing something with a bow tie and a little white rabbit…”

The girl was so embarrassed that she was in a bad temper: “?!!! You take care of it!”


Summer Cherry Blossom:
Even I feel ashamed for LuoLuo hhahahaha.
Part 2 will be posted tomorrow!

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