Chapter 1 – You carry me

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 1 – You carry me

At the beginning of June, Heng City failed to enter the summer for the eighth time.
Ningshui Bay in the morning had just been baptized by a light rain last night.
The air was suffused with a faint fragrance of green grass.
The dew had not yet dispersed.
The cool wind brushed past with a little chill.

Two days have passed since Shi Luo didn’t write a paper and was caught playing a game in the middle of the night by Tang Qishen.

In the past two days, Shi Luo didn’t even see Tang Qishen.
The girl who always liked to go to the Tang family for dinner guiltily made a detour every time she came back from school.

At three o’clock in the morning last night, for the first time in the world, she did not read the angsty novel.
Instead, she took her best friend Ye Xunxun together to discuss how to admit her mistakes and self repent.

In her life, Ye Xunxun has only seen Shi Luo eat in front of Tang Qishen.
She tried to be confident and posted various posts on the Internet for Shi Luo.

“The simplest way is to cry, make trouble and hang yourself.
Come on, you should cry with him first.”

Shi Luo: “It’s no use crying.
He asked me if my tears were enough.
If not, lend me some salt water.”

Ye Xunxun: “ah, so ah, then make trouble.”

Shi Luo: “it’s over.
Even my wechat friends have directly pulled him into the black one-stop service.”

Ye Xunxun was surprised.
She did not expect that Shiluo have no patience and was already able to delete Tang Qishen’s wechat: “What’s the result?”

Shi Luo, puffing her cheeks, chewed a potato chip.
“As a result, he hasn’t passed my friend’s application yet.”

Poof, it’s still that unpromising.
Ye Xunxun can’t help laughing.

Ye Xunxun: “Well, let’s go -“

“Making trouble is impossible.
You don’t know how fierce Tang Qishen is.
Last time I walked and played with my mobile phone, I accidentally knocked my knee.
When he treated my wound, his expression was cold, as if he wanted to cut off my leg.”

Tsk, That’s because he feels sorry for you.
Ye Xunxun ate dog food alone.

Ye Xunxun: “I mean, go to his house to apologize, act coquettish, say a soft word, and punish a few papers if it’s a big deal.”

Shi Luo opened his mouth: “The paper he arranged is very difficult…”

Listening to this tone, it seems like she agrees.


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The sky was a little white.
In front of the villa, the young man running in the morning was alone in the quiet.
Countless times he passed by “inadvertently”.

He walked slowly, was tall and straight, looked handsome and cold, put a simple and clean black sweater on his body, put his hat on his head at random, gently pressed his black hair on his forehead, and his thin lips were slightly pursed.
He didn’t breathe much, and his face was expressionless.
The whole person reveals a temperament that strangers should not approach.

After eight o’clock, the boy who wandered all morning intentionally or unintentionally finally ran out of patience.
He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.
The phone was connected, but no one answered at the other end.

Shi Luo didn’t set an alarm clock this morning.
However, thanks to Tang Qishen, the melodious mobile phone ring still rings throughout the bedroom.

There is a small bag on the bed, and many snacks are piled around the bed.
The whole picture is warm and comfortable.
It is necessary to eliminate the loud ringing of the mobile phone.

Shi Luo’s whole small face was wrinkling and shrinking in the quilt, almost kicking things out according to the rhythm of the incoming call.

More than ten minutes later, snacks were scattered on the light gray carpet.
Shi Luo sat up from the bed with her mouth folded and her little quilt in her arms.
The girl was sleepy, and her innocent eyes hung down wrongfully.Hair resembling curly seaweed was scattered behind her shoulders, like a little madman picked up from the garbage heap.

She unconsciously rubbed her eyes.
The corners of her eyes were red.
She pulled the quilt with her hands to the top of her head, and then drilled back into the quilt to fight.

A moment later, the struggle was fruitless.
She held her mobile phone in front of her like a surrender.

Tang Qishen doesn’t know when she passed her friend application.
On the lock screen interface is a message from him.

Tang Qishen: [come here.]

Reason took over the high ground almost instantly.

Two cold words were sent over there.
The little madman who was still having a meeting with the sleeping God a second ago immediately sat up from the bed.
She was subconsciously obedient and rolled out of the bed before she could put down her pillow.

It was just that one night’s sleepiness seemed to soften the bones.
She didn’t step firmly, and the whole person fell steadily on the carpet

Shi Luo was stunned for two seconds.
She suddenly put the tension behind him, and then felt wronged inexplicably.

As soon as her eldest lady’s temper came up, she didn’t care about her guilty conscience.
She typed and complained to the other side: [!! I fell out of bed and my ankle is swollen.
It looks like a big bag, just like the new backpack from the G-brand.
It’s all because you urged me and scared me to leave this beautiful world!]

There was no response from the other end.

Tang Qishen doesn’t often use these social software.
At the beginning, she forced him to add wechat.
He rarely sends messages, and his circle of friends is clean.

In the chat records, her complaints about being spoiled and fragmentary took up a lot of space.
He would occasionally say “Umm” or “Okay”, and the rest of the stage was left for her to play freely.

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In the last chat interface between the two people, there were 78 consecutive voice swiping screens for each minute.

The content is the last big problem in the math paper.
Then Tang Qishen sent a handwritten problem-solving derivation process.
The handwriting is cold and hard.
The auxiliary lines drawn by hand are neat and straight, and the rest are not even punctuated.

It is his always clean and indifferent style.

After waiting for a while, there was still no movement in the chat interface.
Habit does not mean acceptance.
She thought for a while and added: “This is a serious injury.
Without a red envelope, you will not get better.
Angrily putting hands on waist.Jpg”

After a while, Tang Qishen sent a series of red envelopes with the highest amount.
The problems that can be solved with money are not a matter for him.
They are simple and straightforward without much worry.

When Shi Luo raised her eyebrows and involuntarily ticked the corners of her mouth to a smile.
She skillfully clicked one by one, and then jumped into the bathroom happily.
She lingered inside for a while.
After washing, she slowly plunged into the dressing room to select carefully.

Today, she wears a Japanese-style uniform skirt.
The girl is petite, but her legs are long and straight.
The white stockings over her knees are wrapped around her white legs.
On her feet, she is wearing a pair of light brown round head leather shoes.
The well tailored white shirt is gently attached to her upper body.
It is clear that her waist is slim enough to hold, but her small chest is bulging.

After changing her clothes, she casually swept into her bag all the textbooks and papers she had left untouched for two days.
Then she took a pile of snacks at the table, and ran downstairs in a gust of wind.

As soon as she ran to the semi-circular corner of the stairs, he saw a cool young man in a black sweater standing in the hall downstairs.

The young man wore a hoodie and hid half of his cold face.
From Shi Luo’s point of view, she could only see his tall figure and the exquisite Adam’s apple at his neck.
However, Tang Qishen’s temperament was so special that she could recognize him at a glance.

He had been leaning sideways and nodding slightly.
His face had always been expressionless. 

Hearing the noise on the stairs, he looked up subconsciously.
The calm and cold eyes glanced at her lazily.

The girl who was still bouncing a second ago stopped and looked at his deep eyes for a moment.
Her fingers were unconsciously clenched behind her.

Obviously he came to find someone on his own initiative, but somehow he regarded her as guilty.
Obviously she hung her eyes and she looked up, but she could still rely on his cold temper to show a commanding atmosphere.


They were childhood friends.
They almost grew up together.
In fact, according to their age, Shi Luo was two years younger than him, and there were many playmates of the same age around her.
But she doesn’t know why, since childhood, she liked to stick to her brother who was two years older than her.

Even though the young man is cold-blooded, his temper is very average, and he is not an easy object to get along with.
But Shiluo just likes to follow him like a small tail.

In her memory, as soon as Shi Luo could speak, she tilted her head up, made a little milk sound, and groaned at the corner of a young man who was several heads higher than her, saying, “I don’t have a big brother in my family.
Shall I call you a big brother?”

The little girl’s eyes were bright and steady.
Although the end of the words was asking, it was more like an honest announcement.

Tang Qishen seldom had the patience to deal with the little girl, but he had some different feelings about her “big brother”.

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Just because of his temperament, he was still calm and calm.
It seemed that he did not make any waves because of the sound of “big brother”.
His thin lips were slightly pursed and he was silent.
The little girl was not in a deep mind and thought that he was acquiescence.

He has been called big brother since then.

The two families are family friends.
When the Shi family came to her generation, they only had her as such a little ancestor.
Her father was busy with his business, and her mother left early, her elders loved her more or less.
Since childhood, she was spoiled into lawlessness.
Almost no one in the family could lower her down.
She was a little princess to the bone.

Thanks to Tang Qishen, a halfway brother, who did his duty.

The little princess has a spoiled temper.
She is a trouble maker who doesn’t know her superiority outside.
When something happens, she only has a second of consciousness.
She goes to Tang Qishen to sell a tragedy, pretends to be pitiful, carries out a profound self-analysis and self-examination, repents, vows not to make mistakes, and asks him to help deal with the aftermath.

Tang Qishen was very strict with her.
Many things her parents didn’t teach her, and he was very tight bound.
Therefore, she was not only dependent on him since childhood, but also afraid of him occasionally.

However, even in private, he could scold her for a long time with a cold face, but in the end, when he was outside, he still habitually protected her shortcomings, and virtually paved the way for her affection with his own hands.

However, all this did not make the little heartless have any docile attitude towards him.
While naturally relying on him, she could raise her chin and quarrel with him.
Even though his appearance when he was angry and lectured really made her afraid, it did not make her have much memory.


As the high school entrance examination approached, Shi Luo caught a typical example of a salted fish who had never focused on her studies.
For two weekends in a row, she was forced to go to bed early and get up early.
She went to Tang Qishen’s home on time to accept surprise make-up lessons before the examination.

The girl who did not burn incense at ordinary times was devastated with tears on her face for several days.
Finally, she vented her anger in the third week.
At midnight, Fan Yuzhe and Xiao Huliang invited her to fight the canyon at night.

The game is very cool.

Fan Yuzhe, the brainless son of a bitch, ended the battle at four or five o’clock in the morning, he foolishly screenshotted a record map and sent it to his circle of friends.
Adhering to the principle that the little princess must be boasted and praised, he added a few lines of big characters.

[Five kills were achieved, and little ancestor Luoluo was awesome! Those who know something about the world cup will directly send the trophy to their families!]

This wave of flattery ended, and the following comments formed a formation of “sending trophies from thousands of miles”.
They boasted a few times, which was full of hype.

Mother Tang has a young mentality and keeps up with the trend step by step.
She is a fashionable old trendsetter.
Often indispensable for the queuing of the circle of friends.

What’s more, the object of this flattery is that she looks at the girl who grew up from childhood. 

After blowing, she has to connect her mobile phone to her son and boast with a smile: “Look how powerful our little Luoluo is!”

Tang Qishen glanced lazily at the mobile phone page.
Her achievements flashed past him.
He didn’t see whether the game was strong or not.
He could clearly see the more than 4 a.m.
in the upper right corner of the screenshot.

If you don’t study hard and play games until four or five o’clock, are you good enough.

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After that, Shi Luo was bitterly criticized by him and gave a stack of high school entrance examination sprint papers as a gift.

Her words of combining work and rest didn’t work at all.
For a moment, she was wronged.
She simply had a cold war with him for two days.
The girl who always ran to the Tang family when she had nothing to do vowed not to step into the Tang family villa.

She was used to being taught by him since childhood.
In fact, she was not angry at all.
After two days, she forgot all the grievances at that time.

After being wronged, she began to feel nervous again.
It was really her fault.

They haven’t seen each other for a few days, and she is in a terrible panic.
The dog man is full of grievances.
He looks good at both character and learning.
But in fact, he is a polite scum.
She doesn’t know what big moves he will make to practice with her in two days.

In addition to nervousness, she began to ponder how to review and repent this time.
She had become a habit of relying on him.
She was empty without seeing him for a few days.
The two people could not stand still.

But I didn’t expect that before she had a clean slate, someone as indifferent as Tang Qishen would come to her house to find someone in person.

She had been guilty for several days, but this made her more or less proud.

As soon as she became complacent, she immediately forgot her psychological activities of thinking and repenting the previous two days.

The little princess has always been indulgent.
Even if it was her fault, she also has the ability to overturn right and wrong.
It was not easy for Tang Qishen to bow his head first.
She felt that she could not forgive him as easily as in the past.

So the girl who had run so fast one second before, the next second she grasped the handle of the escalator with one hand, deliberately bit her lip, bent down, and began to cheat shamelessly.

“The ankle is swollen…” she said weakly in a suppressed voice.

She played this miserable trick from childhood, but they knew each other too well.
In fact, she had never been able to deceive him once.

Tang Qishen stood unmoved.
Shi Luo raised her eyes and glared at him.
The young man still looked at her coldly and calmly, making her more guilty.

A moment later, Tang Qishen finally did what she wanted.
With a cold face, he walked up to her and helped people down the steps.
During this period, he didn’t say a word, but Aunt Qiao heard the sound and brought breakfast.

Shi Luo was so devoted to acting that she just took a piece of toast at will.

Tang Qishen naturally reached out to take her backpack full of textbooks and papers, and turned to go out.
Shi Luo quickly reached out and pulled his sleeve, and shamelessly continued to cheat: “You carry me…”

Summer Cherry Blossom:
This is another story from the same author but focuses on two childhood sweethearts! I decided to pick this up as well.
Hit Love Preference will be updated every Tuesday and Saturday.
While this one will be updated every day or every other day until I find a schedule that works.

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