The 15 day military training is nearly ending.

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As the students went back, the more tired they became.
The places where their clothes and hats could not cover were sunburned with red and purple.
In serious cases, they also peeled off, and the sweat flowed through them with burning pain.

The previously vigorous students who went to the internet cafe during lunch break have also stopped and been dead tired.

Everyone can’t wait to sleep in the classroom with their eyes closed and the air conditioner blowing.
Therefore, after lunch time, there are a lot of people in each class throughout the year.

At 12:30 noon, Shi Luo rested on her desk as usual.

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She has to say that her seat, which has not been changed since the beginning of school, is really annoying.
The position is by the window, the sun is big, and the students coming and going in the corridor are also in an endless stream.

Some came to peek at her because of her rebellious appearance at the school tyrant’s desk, while others came to secretly look at the tyrant’s rumored little girlfriend with a mushroom head.
In short, her footsteps were noisy and there were a lot of comments.
In so many days, she didn’t feel down-to-earth to make up for a nap.

At this moment, the pale girl on the desk is closing her eyes, her small face is buried deep in her arms, and her delicate eyebrows are slightly twisted because of the not quiet ambient sound.

After a while, the footsteps on the corridor became louder and louder, and the people who passed seemed to be threatening.
Shi Luo covered her ears unhappily while she was half asleep.
Unexpectedly, the footsteps suddenly stopped by her window.

“Excuse me, is Wen Yu in this class?”

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The questioner’s tone was not good.
Although they said sorry for disturbing her, Shi Luo didn’t hear the smell of sorry from that remark at all.

She doesn’t know how many times it happened when she was woken up in the middle of sleep.
Shi Luo was still a little angry, and her whole expression looked very unhappy.

She didn’t plan to answer.
She wanted to continue to sleep, but the people outside the window were unwilling to let go.
The girl’s tone seemed to be delicate yet prideful, light but with a little sarcasm: “This year’s freshmen are really proud.
They are very unruly.
When they see the senior sisters, if you ask them anything, they won’t even answer.”

Another nasal voice was heavy and hurried to chime in: “That’s true.
Otherwise, how can you rob a schoolgirl’s boyfriend and compete with a third year at a young age…”

“It’s estimated that the class atmosphere is like this.
It’s good to say that this is not a classroom.
I think it’s a chicken farm.”

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Several people spoke louder and louder, and the content they talked about became more and more dirty and unpleasant.

It’s hard for Shi Luo to fall asleep after being woken up.
At the moment, her brain is in a mess, and her temples are suddenly painful.
The sarcasm outside the window continued.
She suddenly looked up and happened to look at the girl in the corridor.

The girl was wearing the girl’s school uniform of the normal skirt style of No.
3 senior high school, but after a careful look, she was slightly different from the little sisters around her.
The collar buttons were opened twice, the collarbone was faintly visible, the wide shirt was changed into a close fitting, the outline of the body was concave and convex, and the skirt hem was several centimeters higher than her peers.

The girl was obviously wearing a high-profile dress, while her hair is black and straight, with neat bangs slightly covering the thin eyebrows.
At first glance, it’s clean, pure and charming.
But for people like Shi Luo who used to spend endless pocket money on cosmetics every day when she was a child, one more look can see that under the white and tender skin, at least two layers of liquid foundation were wiped, which is still relatively cheap and full of industrial essence, that kind of terrifying product is easy to take off.

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It can be seen that this girl is a student.
She has seen too many of the party’s scheming makeup tutorials, and her skills should be practiced well, but the foundation is really a little sorry.
The cosmetics are inferior, and the whole face is full of plastic feeling.
Through the sun, Shi Luo can even see the highlight on her forehead and on the bridge of her nose flashing, dazzling, like the compatriots and sisters of the Golden Horn King in Journey to the West.

Shi Luo recalled the person she had just asked and turned to look at the class.
Wen Yu shrank in her seat.
Her expression seemed to be a little unspeakable.
In short, it was not too optimistic.

Black and straight-haired girl followed her eyes to explore the classroom and saw Wen Yu’s position.
Her seat was leaning against the platform.
At the moment, she was burying her head and did not dare to look there.
Black and straight-haired girl seethed and led several people behind her to the platform, smashing several girly pink love letters on Wen Yu’s desk.
The words were aggressive: “You are still young yet you already have many tricks.
You like to rob other people’s boyfriends, don’t you? Well, do you dare read this thing you wrote in front of your classmates?”


Summer Cherry Blossom:
The author really likes to name and describe people(women) by their hairs; ponytail girl, seaweed(curly) hair, mushroom head, and now this black and straight haired girl hahahhaha.
That’s a short chapter 15 part 1, next part will be posted on Wednesday! See you~

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