Chapter 2 – Don’t wear it so short again

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 2 – Don’t wear it so short again


Her face was taken for granted, the young man knew that she was deliberately looking for trouble.
He looked down at her uniform skirt gently blown by the breeze, and coldly refused: “It’s inconvenient.”

Shi Luo’s delicate eyebrows twisted.
Just before rebutting, she heard his voice say, “I’m sweating.”

Knowing that he had the habit of running in the morning, she glanced at him and felt that she didn’t care: “It doesn’t matter…”

Tang Qishen pursed his lips.
His face was still calm.
After a while, he had no choice but to turn his back.
Shi Luo was happy and showed a smile.
She skillfully stretched out her hands around his neck, jumped up, and her soft body stuck to his broad back.

He walked a short distance behind her back.
He was surprisingly talkative this morning.

Shi Luo was secretly happy.

You know, she was already ready to bow down and admit her mistake.
Now she doesn’t have to rack her brains to write a review and beg for mercy.
However, after two or three days of cold war, he took the initiative to soften his attitude to find someone.

This is almost once in a blue moon.

For a while, Shi Luo felt that she was too important.
Her head was little floating when she was happy.

She tilted her head and naturally rubbed her cheek against his back.
Her eyes narrowed slightly, looking comfortable.

At that time, Ningshui Bay was no longer lonely in the morning.
The oncoming breeze blew her light skirt, and her white slender long legs loomed.
Occasionally, a neighbor in the community will look sideways.
Tang Qishen held her small thin legs tightly in his hands for a few minutes, and his eyebrows tightened deeper.

A moment later, the boy stopped in silence.
His voice was deep, with a slight emotion said: “Come down first.”


Without waiting for her to react from the comfort, he turned around and held the girl directly to the wide flower edge stone on the roadside to stand firm.

Tang Qishen is tall and straight.
Shi Luo is still a head short even if she steps on a stone.
The young man’s eyes were clear and his emotions were unpredictable.
Shi Luo looked up at him with innocent eyes open, and was at a loss for a moment.

Is it possible that he cheated her out of the house to settle accounts later in the open?

This is too cruel!

The little girl who felt that she had recognized the reality shrunk her mouth, carried her hands behind, clenched them together nervously, hung her head, let her hair fall, and gave up.

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A few seconds later, he was still indifferent and silent.

Shi Luo couldn’t help looking up and peeping.
He took down the zipper of his sweater with one hand.

Subconsciously, she raised her eyes and glanced at the collar.
The young man’s fingers were long and bony, and there were faint blue meridians under his cold white skin.

What is there to say?

This kind of gentle scum’s hand, even if it doesn’t do anything, as long as it is casually put in front of you, it feels extremely lustful.

Shi Luo’s unpromising red ears turned even more red and she did not open her eyes at ease.

Tang Qishen zipped down his sweater cleanly.

The next moment, the clothes that had been honestly worn on the body for the last second were wrapped around Shi Luo’s slender waist in the blink of an eye.

The broad black sweater also carried the light body temperature of the teenager.
The long and large hem dropped from the waist to her delicate calf, almost wrapping her whole lower body.
Even if the wind blows again, the white legs will not be seen.

During this period, Tang Qishen didn’t want to ask the beautiful girl at all.
He acted carefully and domineering.
Shi Luo glanced at this stupid fit, and couldn’t help wondering what the dog man’s aesthetic is.

Before she raised her head, she heard a dull male voice floating over her head: “Don’t wear it so short again in the future.”

9102 years old brother, what are your old-fashioned ideas

He used to take care of her like that.
But today, Shi Luo felt a strange feeling in her heart.
She always felt something was wrong.
Her white earlobes were red.
She returned to him uneasily: “I know.”

The eldest brother obviously did not have the consciousness to analyze the girl’s mind.

He lowered his eyes slightly, nodded casually, and then turned his back to her: “Come up.”

Shi Luo made a little fuss for a while.
Two seconds later, she was defeated and threw herself on him again.
Because the young man took off his sweater coat.
There was only a pure white cotton T-shirt inside.
Shi Luo lazily leaned her chin against his shoulder.
She could smell a faint smell of sandalwood in her nose.

This is his unique smell.

It is said that the smell is commonly known as coffin incense.
Coupled with his cold face and personality like a coffin, Shi Luo thinks this statement has a scientific basis.

She smelled the sandalwood incense ever since when she was a child.
She should have been very familiar with it.
But now that she is leaning closely on his shoulder, she feels that her cheeks are inexplicably dry.

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They were silent along the way.

It was so quiet that they could almost hear the faint breath of both sides.

The teenager below her has a steady pace, strong shoulders and broad backs, and seems to have a sense of security.

Shi Luo concentrated for a moment and could not help thinking of Fan Yuzhe’s previous jokes.

“You are so powerful that you can’t wait to destroy every little ancestor’s ceiling.
In the future whoever dares to marry you will have to tear their bones open.”

She subconsciously circled Tang Qishen’s neck with her hands, and then her imagination floated.
She was not sure whether she could tear down Tang Qishen’s bones, but with his strong body, he could kill 800 of her in one blow.

Does this count as a form of domestic violence?… Shi Luo was in a trance and casually stuffed the toast she brought out into her mouth.

For the first time in her mind, She felt that the distance between the two villas was close.
If it could be farther away, would he be able to carry her longer?

Thinking more, her mind was not focused on eating.
The crumbs of the toast fell to Tang Qishen.
The young man turned his head coldly and said in a deep voice, “Luoluo.”

She had just regained consciousness.
Her cheeks were half red.
She quickly apologized: “Ah, I didn’t notice… Did you eat?”

Tang Qishen: “….”

“Fairy has eaten, one bite can live a long life.”

Tang Qishen’s face was full of the expression “If you say one more word, I’ll leave you by the roadside on the spot”.

Whether she liked it or not.
Seeing that he didn’t say anything, she couldn’t help pouting behind his back to show her dissatisfaction.
When she recalled her disordered thoughts just now, she immediately felt that she had lost his head.
There was no domestic violence.
Who wanted him to marry her? A dog man with such a temper would have been a ghost if he could find a girlfriend.

Not to mention she is so precious.

After much deliberation, she still felt angry.

At this time, the girl who was still lying on the back of others and refused to come down and could not help but start to weep: “Brother, if you have a girlfriend in the future, you must inform me.
I will buy three incense sticks for the first time to light them and mourn for her in advance.”

“No, I will do it three times a day.”

When Tang Qishen heard the sound, his feet stopped for a moment, and then he continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.
His tone was still cold.
It seemed that the topic had nothing to do with him: “I’ll thank you for her first.”

Shi Luo is dying of anger.

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She doesn’t know why.
The little ancestor, who has always been invincible in quarrels outside, can’t get any benefit whenever she meets Tang Qishen.
She is always angry with his understatement.

She puffed up her cheeks and simply stuffed the toast she did not finish eating into Tang Qishen’s mouth.
She gnawed her teeth and said, “You’re welcome.”

She chattered all the way.
When they came to the gate of the Tang family and saw Mother Tang in the garden, she began to quarrel shyly to come down and walk by herself.

Tang Qishen frowned, followed her wishes, put the girl down from his body, and then gently placed her on the platform: “Didn’t you say your feet hurt?”

Shi Luo tilted her lips, took down his sweater and threw it back into his arms.
She smoothed the slightly wrinkled skirt.
During this period, the boy beside her kept silent.
When she looked up again, she suddenly caught his eyes.

The girl was stunned for a moment.
The next second, it seemed that he read some amazing emotions in her eyes saying: Go upstairs and see how I can deal with you.

Shi Luo shrank back, scared of someone.


Tang Qishen has been cold and heartless for a long time.

Shi Luo was dazzled by his initiative to bow his head early in the morning, and made a great deal of trouble with him.
When she sat down at his desk and thought of regretting and trying to recover, it was too late.

In the past few days, the young lady didn’t write a single paper.

At that moment, Tang Qishen looked at the paper he had previously marked for her with a displeased expression, there was no correction in it.

It is obviously useless to apologize at such a critical juncture.

Before she could speak, Tang Qishen took the red pen he had put on the table and circled a few sentence patterns that were full of mistakes to change the original text.
The words could not be refused: “Copy it ten times first and recite it while writing.”

Shi Luo’s small face suddenly became a mass of mourning and whispered, “my foot hurts…”

The implication is that it’s already so miserable.
Don’t copy it.

However, Tang Qishen didn’t seem to have any plans to pity her.
He casually put down the corrected paper, then pointed the pen on the table with his finger, and didn’t pity her: “Do you copy with your feet, or do you say your head is on your feet, huh?”

Listen, is this what people say?

The lawless little ancestor took up her pen and began to copy.
Seeing that she was no longer talking nonsense, Tang Qishen did not open his mouth to mock her.
He stood at the table and stared for a moment.
Then he remembered what she had just said.
His eyes moved down slightly.

The upright young man automatically skipped the long white and slender legs.
At last, his eyes stayed on her delicate ankles for a moment, turned and left the bedroom and walked downstairs.

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When he came back, he brought a plate of snacks and two cups of milk.

When he approached, he found that the girl with her back to the door and her head buried in copying didn’t treat herself badly.
With a pen in one hand and a snack brought from home in the other hand, she kept eating.

Tang Qishen’s thin lips were slightly pursed, and he glanced lazily at her bulging schoolbag, which was full of snacks.
He was almost angry and laughed: “Did you come for a picnic?”

Shi Luo hemmed and hawed, but did not intend to respond positively.

Afraid that she was thirsty, he put the milk on the table and pushed it in front of her.
Shi Luo took a drink and naturally stuffed it back into his hand to complain: “It’s not sweet.
I like to drink sweet milk…”

“It’s bad for you to drink sweet food all the time.” Of course he knew what she liked.
The boy looked at her, then looked at the milk she had drunk in his hand, shook his head helplessly, and the corners of his lips seemed to tick up slightly.
He habitually drank up the rest, and then handed her another cup of sweet milk, took his own competition question, and sat lazily opposite her.

As soon as Tang Qishen sat down opposite her, Shi Luo was not calm.
When she looked up a little, she could see his pretty face.

Even though she saw it ever since she was young, she still has no idea how to look at it.

When the nib stayed on the exercise book, a mass of black ink came out.
When Tang Qishen gently touched the table with his index finger, she came back to her senses.

“Ten times is not enough?”


The author has something to say:

Many years later, Tang Qishen solemnly bought a small skirt for Shi Luo.

Shi Luo with a straight face answered: “A great man once said that she should not wear such a short skirt again!”

Tang Qishen: “It’s okay to just wear it in front of me.”

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