Chapter 5 – Come on, Stretch out your hand

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 5 – Come on, Stretch out your hand.


When she returned to Ningshui Bay after school that day, the first thing Shi Luo did was to take out the skirt and put it in the bottom of her drawer.
She would never see it again in her life.

Ye Xunxun was also scolded.
She was inexplicably put on the blacklist by Shi Luo for a whole day.
She didn’t see the light until more than 8 p.m.
that evening. 

Originally, she was still waiting happily at Shi Luo’s profile.
She didn’t want to send a message in the blink of an eye just to be unsuccessful.

When her friend request with full desire of survival was finally approved, her first sentence was: [Hello…]

Shiluo: [?]

Ye Xunxun: [Are you the kidnapper? [panic.Jpg]]

Shiluo: [?]

Ye Xunxun: [Must have been done during the self-study class in the morning? I knew it! When our little princess suddenly lost contact, I knew it must have been taken away by you.
Please treat her well.
Don’t hit her with your hands.
If you hit her, you must be gentle.
Don’t hit her face.
Her face is precious.
The facial mask has thousands of good things.
I know you moved me from the blacklist because of my relationship with her.
If you ask me for ransom, I will give it! I’ll give you everything!]

If it wasn’t for the fact that they have been at the same table for three years, Shi Luo would almost have been moved to tears by her but she knew what is the virtue of the great writer who wrote dog blood novels in class all day was.

Before she could speak, Ye Xunxun actually began to send “ransom money”.
Red envelopes came in one after another, and Shi Luo accepted them one by one.

The maximum amount is 1.68 yuan, which is not enough for her to buy two packs of spicy strips.

At this moment, she suddenly did not worry about finding out what she was doing.
Holding her mobile phone, she quickly entered the role: [Does she worth so much money? No, she looks like a fairy.
I think it is invaluable.]

Shi Luo was the only one who had no skin or face to boast about herself like this.
After laughing for a long time, Ye Xunxun replied to her: [I can take out this point.
To tell you the truth, my relationship with her is quite ordinary.
If it is more than five yuan, you’d better tear up the ticket.]

The “ransom” is still in full.
Shi Luo didn’t hold her breath, so she immediately called her name: [Ye Xunxun!]

Ye Xunxun almost spilled milk on her newly bought keyboard laughing.
In order to avoid entering the blacklist again, she had to appease the little fairy with frizzy hair: [Ahhhh! Baby! I stole an electric car to redeem you!!]

Shi Luo pouted: [That’s not what you just said.
Besides, can an electric car redeem me?]

It’s only 0.1 seconds before you enter the blacklist again.

It seems that Ye Xunxun had a premonition of her own crisis, so she had no choice but to move out the only name that could hold Shi Luo down: [Otherwise, I will inform the Tang family overnight.
Do you know about the Tang family? It is the wealthiest family in Hengshi City, Your goods are the most beloved and precious child bride of his son Tang Qishen.
As long as you tell him, he will be willing to pay as much as you want without blinking an eye.]

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It has to be said that Ye Xunxun’s trick is really effective.
Shi Luo originally wanted to fight with her for another hour.
As a result, the words “most beloved”, “most precious” and “he is willing to give up” hit her in the face.
It seems that Ye Xunxun was very successful in pleasing her.
Not only did she not want to quarrel, but she was also a little happy for no reason.

She casually threw her mobile phone aside, grabbed the quilt under her body, covered her face, rolled on the bed several times, and wondered what she was doing.

A few minutes later, Shi Luo finally remembered the business.


Although the episode in the morning was not exposed by Tang Qishen, she knew when she sobered up that her little trick was not enough in front of him.

This realization made her go to the Tang family for dinner.

The little girl thought for a while and decided to show her kindness, flatter him, and bribe him so that he could forget it as soon as possible.

After all, Ye Xunxun is a fan of writing novels.
She is full of Mary Su’s ideas.
When she heard Shi Luo say this, she immediately began to call out this little idiot with a smile on her aunt’s face.

The proposal of Ye Xunxun is to send the breakfast cooked by herself.

Shi Luo immediately questioned: “But I can’t.
I haven’t even seen an egg shell.
Besides, in my novels, it’s usually only male and female friends turning to lovers who deliver breakfast.
This is not the relationship between me and him.”

Ye Xunxun really wanted to pry open the young lady’s head with a smile to see what structure was inside.
She had already moved the Civil Affairs Bureau for both of them.
Unexpectedly, she was told by her that they were not in this kind of relationship?

However, Shi Luo really thought so.
She used to rely on Tang Qishen when she was young.
In fact, she never seriously thought too much.

Finally, at the strong suggestion of Ye Xunxun, she still planned to send back breakfast.
Because the young lady who doesn’t touch the spring water has no survival skills, she can’t make breakfast so she just simply made a fruit juice instead.

“The juicer will always work, won’t it? Let your aunt Qiao teach you how to wash the fruit, throw it in, and turn on the electricity.”

Shi Luo ran to the kitchen, put on an apron and practiced juicing all night.

The little lazy man who always likes to sleep in got up early the next day in order to kiss up early.

She asked for fresh fruit from Aunt Qiao, squeezed a full cup of banana milk, and then ran to Tang Qishen’s house with her school bag on her back.
When she arrived at the gate of the Tang family villa, there were already servants watering and pruning flowers in the courtyard.

At this point, Tang Qishen used to run in the morning on the greenway of the community.
Shi Luo went to the swing and sat down and waited.
She didn’t sleep much last night and got up too early in the morning.
At the moment, she is not very energetic.

When Tang Qishen came back, he saw the picture of the little girl nestled in the swing.
The beautiful little fox’s eyes were gently closed and she was holding a cup of yellow things in her hand.

Tang Qishen raised his eyebrows and unconsciously stepped down when he walked past.
It seemed that he was not too willing to wake people up.

When she woke up again, he had already carried her to the back seat of the Bentley.

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Had it not been for the meticulous Tang Qishen in his school uniform sitting next to him, Shi Luo would have thought that the joke she made with Ye Xunxun last night had come true, and the kidnappers had finally attacked her.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help asking: “Brother, if I was kidnapped, would you spend a lot of money to redeem me?”

The girl was full of expectation and stared at him with bright eyes.

Tang Qishen glanced at her, and then from an angle she couldn’t see, he slightly hooked his lips: “No.”

“?” At that time, Shi Luo didn’t remember that she was coming to flatter him at all.
“Get off, I’ll get off right away!”

“You get off.
There is no bus on this section of the road.
You don’t even want to take a taxi.
It’s eight kilometers away from your school.”

Shi Luo felt that she had to listen to her ancestors’ words at the moment, endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens, and never mention getting off the bus until she died.

Tang Qishen was so difficult that he no longer kept a straight face and smiled: “With your tossing ability, I think they will regret every minute after tying you.
They would rather send you back from the capital.”

“It’s harder to raise me than to go to jail.” She followed his words.

“Isn’t it?” Tang Qishen seemed to be in a good mood, and said more than usual: “If you don’t eat this or that, you will lose your temper plus you can’t write the paper.”

It’s hard to keep.

The driver in front is an old man of the Tang family, but even if he has stayed in the Tang family for so many years, he still has to lament the power of Miss Luo.
It seems that only in front of the little princess will Young master Tang, a son who should not be approached by strangers, be willing to say two more words.

“Why did you come here early in the morning?”

“Oh.” She remembered that she still had something to give him, but they had just quarreled, and now she was reluctant to give it to him.
“Give alms to you.
I squeezed it myself.
I practiced for a long time last night.”

The expression on her face was irrepressible complacency, and there seemed to be a kind of flattery.

Tang Qishen could not help laughing: “What did you squeeze?”

“Banana and milk.”

He suddenly looked down at Shiluo’s hand and said, “Come on, put your hand out and I’ll count.”

“Count what?”

“I’ll count your fingers to see if they are still there.
If you can use the juicer.
It’s amazing.”

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On the other side, the student union office in the high school Department of Hengshi No.
3 school is busy.

Wen Hao, the new student president, took office today.

The new president interprets this sentence incisively and vividly.
Wen Hao coveted this position from the beginning of high school.
He didn’t succeed until the end of the second year of high school because of various reasons. 

His desire for performance was extremely strong.
At this moment, the villain was successful.
He had just come here and criticized many students who had worked together in front of many younger students.

During the 3rd break, Tang Qi Shen came over.

Who knew that it happened when the student president was training people.
Wen Hao is also considered a second-generation rich.
He does’nt worry about eating and drinking, but he weighs more than 200 catties at 1.7 meters.
He looks tall and sturdy, honestly it is a little terrifying. 

But in the end he can’t compare to Fan Yuzhe who are rich and wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about the future.
His parents had always hoped their son will become outstanding, so he can’t wait to seize any opportunity to express himself, so that he can raise his eyebrows to his parents. 

This kind of person has been holding back, and he has finally had a little power and prestige.
When criticizing people, they are fierce like gangsters fighting and the weaker people are so scared they don’t even dare look up. 

Ji Gai is the least timid one among the officers.
His family’s conditions are not very good.
He is a student with excellent performance and extreme poverty.
He can’t compare with a rich family like Wen Hao.

In many things, Wen Hao was deliberately nitpicking to the bone, and he started to scold anything when he finds a reason.

Ji Gai couldn’t help to occasionally remind him in a low voice: “The director ordered this to be done—-”

“Did I say it or not? Did you listen to me?! Now I am the student council president! Even Tang Qishen is in front of me, he’s a **** that will honestly have to call me president!”

Tang Qishen was a thorn in his heart, even if he was reluctant to admit that he gave up this position, the fact could not be changed, so he liked to use his name when he was scolding people.

Unexpectedly, the office door was opened as soon as he finished speaking.
Wen Hao was stunned for a long time, and when he came back to his senses he realized that the director and Tang Qishen were coming together.

“The ability is not great, but the authority is not small!” The director was about to explode with anger.

When he listened to Wen Hao’s bunch of words, it is clear that he is using his powers to bully others into filth.
He didn’t know if he was blind, where did he find such a student to take his place.

Tang Qishen was silent in the back, Ji Gai was scolded and wronged and was hiding in the corner of the bookshelf to wipe his tears.

Tang Qishen and Ji Gai were in the same class, and probably knew the ins and outs.
The young man pursed his lips and walked quietly to his side:”You should wipe your face.”

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Ji Gai used his tall figure to block all the gazes that probed him.

“Student Brother Shen…”

The director was already chasing out Wen Hao, and finally Tang Qishen nodded and was willing to take on the title.
He said he will replace Wen Hao.

This time, Wen Hao was anxious: “Director, why do you have to give him the position? My academic performance is not bad, and I am a year higher than him.

Tang Qishen didn’t have the heart to listen to him.
He walked away after awhile, thinking about the sleepy bug that he carried into the car from the swing frame in the morning, he glanced at the bottle of banana milk that he subconsciously brought out of the classroom in his hand and said lightly: “Then let’s talk based on grades.”

Director;”???” I think you can just replace him.

Tang Qishen’s thin lips pursed slightly, and his expression showed no emotion: “You can test whatever you want.”

“Okay.” Wen Hao’s palms were all sweaty.
Since Tang Qishen pushed the right to choose to him, he can’t blame him for being rude.
“Then the provincial quality inspection paper just released a few days ago will be used so that it will save the director the trouble of issuing another paper.”

What he said did not forget to flatter the director, all the expressions on his face were, what is written is a must.

Just kidding, at the end of the second year of high school, a round of review for the sprint for the college entrance examination had already been conducted.
They had just commented on the provincial quality inspection paper a few days ago.
In the content of the third year of highschool, Wen Hao felt that he was a ghost if he could lose.

Of course the director understands this truth, he glanced at Tang Qishen,and then at the shameless Wen Hao, just as he was about to say something, he heard the cold young voice behind him say, “Okay, you work hard, I’m free.”

The author has something to say:

Tang Qishen: Luoluo is cooking for the first time, I want to carry the banana milk with me all the time.
It is such a buff bonus.
Luoluo: You call juicing cooking?????

At this time, an unknown brother Lu Chengxiao passed by: Yo is this bottle a pendant? You have been shaking hands and showing off all morning….
Tang Qishen: Luoluo squeezed it by herself.
Master Xiao:….I don’t remember asking.

Wen Hao, the new student council president: I’m bound to win!!! Compare grades with me??? Watch me crush you!!!
Tang Qishen: You work hard, I am free.`

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