16 Years Apart

Caroline And Ava; Carva.

Music blares from each angle, it was barely 8 am in the morning but a certain youth was having fun busting down some moves; her hips whined and twined like a creeping wine on a orey and her feet slid across the floor in a familiar fashion.

She messed up her entire room as she danced her heart away, it would have been helpful if she used some headphones but instead she turned on the speakers and let the music blares everyone from sleep land into reality.

She jumps on her bed and does a flip off it as she performed to a rock song, playing her invisible guitar, she seemed particularly happy about something but the inhabitants of the house knew better, she did this every morning; you could say she was the roaster of the family that always woke everyone up, but instead of crowing she made unnecessary noise with her weird taste of music.

”No cherry, we don need another marketer on the team, were handling things just fine— ” the brunette tried to cover her ear to prevent the noise from making her deaf, but there was nothing she could do, she hears her teammate laugh over the phone,

”you know how she is, its impossible, can we please swap daughters? ” She begs.

”Sorry Madeline, I love Carol too much and I also love my sleep, besides they
e so many other things you need her for, she wakes you up every morning remember? ” Cherry sneers over the phone as she made herself a cup of coffee, she could hear the music from the phone and it felt like the reckless teen was right in her house acting out her rock performance.

Maddy couldn stand it anymore, her ears were bleeding from the noise, ”Ill give you $100 if you can house her for three days, ” she was ready to spend money to get rid of her own daughter,

”Make it $200 and we have a deal, ” Cherry said as enjoyed her morning coffee. Maddy gave it a hard thought but when she heard the guitar solo she quickly gives in,

”Fine!! But shes coming over today, ” she drops the line before her friend could give her a reply, she straightens her trouser suit and her hair, she was ready to do a mothers job, ”Ava!!!! Ava!!!! ” But it was no use, she could barely hear herself so how would she hear her calling?

Thank goodness they didn have elderly neighbours, they wouldve been kicked out of the estate for being so unruly, the only plus is that the house walls retained most of the sound that was heard inside. There are reasons for that but it also proved helpful since she knew she gave birth to a lousy teen.

”Ava!!! Its almost 8 am, come downstairs already, ” she gives up on shouting and returns to her coffee, she couldn wait for her to enter college and give her the peace she deserved.

”Morning mom, ” her not so big arms wraps around her waist as she bends to kiss the black haired child that gave her the good morning hug,

”Morning darling, how was your sleep? ” She guided him to the table and served him a bowl of oats in a matter of minutes,

”It was nice till Ava started playing her music again, ” he comments and laughs a little to himself, ”you have work today?? ” He points out to the fact that shes already dressed, his eyes were drooping and she pecks him to comfort him, ”you promised, ”

”I know and Im sorry, its only going to be for a few hours, its important, ” she places another kiss again and eyes the staircase; she didn want to go up there and get deafened by the music, so she looks at her son, ”Levi can you please tell your sister that we
e all awake now? ” Her smile is caustic and he knew that his mother was sending him to the front of the battle.

”You owe me for this, ” he grumbles and zooms upstairs. Because of Ava everyone would take all her money due to favors she asks them. First Cherry and now her own son, her daughter was always so expensive to manage.

Levi nears the door and he could already feel himself losing his sense of hearing, he knew knocking would be futile, he had known his sister for 13 years of his life and besides knocking was not a thing in the house and if you perhaps saw anyone naked then consider yourself blessed.

He barges in to see a rather funny but hilarious sight, Ava was busy shaking her ass and he couldn help but laugh at how silly she looked. She had an ass but it was still funny. He always found twerking girls funny. So in pure hysteria, he grabs a book, the latest Oxford dictionary, in all its thickness, and slams it on her ass.

The first thing that happens is her falling and her whelping, the next is his Hysterical laughing, the next is her chasing him downstairs with the dictionary for sweet revenge.

”Mommy save me!!! ” He runs behind his mother for protection while Ava had the expression of a wounded lion, ”she wants to hurt me and you know very well that I don like English, ” he laughs at his own joke and his mother couldn help but smirk, Ava was fuming though.

”Mom move!! He has angered the goddess and he will be punished!! ” She aims for his head but Maddy stops the dictionary with only a palm and little effort,

”Whatever he did was fine to me, as long as you
e downstairs, now would you go have a shower and eat breakfast? ” She smiles caustically and Levi busts some ass moves to tease his sister, she couldn help but smirk,

”I see you
e going to work, you
e in danger Levi, ” she smiles like the devil before jogging upstairs to turn off her music and freshen up. When she was gone, mother turns to son,

”What did you do to her that made her chase you with a Dictionary?! ” She pulls on his ears, ”I said get her to stop not anger the great goddess, ”

Levi snatches his ear back from her grip, ”at least I got her to stop! She was busting ass moves so I helped her burst it! ” He cackles like a madman and Maddy couldn help but laugh, she aims for his head about to give him a knock but the teen swerves one side and makes his escape after stealing his bowl of oats.

”These kids are too much for me. ” But she was grateful, a few years ago her life was horror but now shes so happy and satisfied.

Ava comes out of the bathroom with a towel around her form, her wet hair stuck to her skin as she applied some lotion to it, she grabs the blow-dryer and aims for her head, she admires her brown orbs and the striking resemblance she shared with her mother. Anyone that saw them together believed they were sisters.

Her left arm was decorated with all sorts of tattoos, some she had in common with her mom, and the rest of her body wasn exactly plain; there were permanent drawings with black ink here and there but her left arm was her greatest investment. It defined her as a person. Her history and her future.

She leaves her hair loose and slaps on a crop top and some bum shorts, showcasing the skull she had on her thigh. She pops a few pills she always kept at her mirror and heads downstairs for breakfast. She was a 58 with brown mane and orbs as black as night, her aura was intimidating and her Moto was do not anger the goddess

And everyone in the house knew why.

Ava had a very mature appearance, she was bigger, thicker and intelligent than girls of her age. Where they thought of the latest channel bag and the new hottie in Hollywood, she solved complex maths questions and always found solutions to problems people had. Her life was simple; music, maths and money.

She loved money as much as Madeline did. If you have money then you would never have to window shop. So apparently she was also business minded, it explains how she was able to have so many tattoos of the finest, all of them she bought herself except for her very first; the lousy heart that was drawn just above her breasts.

Madeline had one too and it was a sign of the unbreakable bond they shared. Ava is only 19 but speaks like shes 39, a great combination of beauty, brains and brawl. Violent is an understatement for this thug.

She reaches the end of the stairs and attacks her mom with kisses, ”morning Mama, ” she steals a spoon of her oats before going to the toaster, ”so whats the occasion? ” She asks as she popped bread in it and left it to get some bacon,

”Boss wants to give us a special project, and you know I can say no to money, ” Madeline jokes and they share a laugh, ”Ill only be gone for a few hours, Levi was already giving me those eyes, he thought I wouldn come back if I went. ” She laughs to herself as she wipes at her phone, checking on some tattoo designs,

”Well its only normal for him to feel that way, youve been really busy and he just wants to spend time with his boss mama, ” she flips bacon as she called Madeline by her title, ”and Ellie had been complaining too, its rare because she barely talks, they need your presence. ”

”I know and I want to make it up to them, but you know we need the money, there are a lot of things we still need to settle in court and the lawyer isn going to pay himself, ” she drops her phone a bit frustrated,

”he wouldn just let me live my life in peace!! ” She pulls her brown hair in frustration.

”He can win the case, hes just wasting his money, but I understand your concern. I got some grands If you ever need to borrow, but for now please just spend time with your kids. ” She sits down at the table to have her breakfast.

Madeline looked at her daughter, she was proud of her, she had something small she ran so she was well off to even leave the house and start her life by herself but she always wanted to be close to her family.

”Ava, you
e my biggest asset, Im going to miss you when you go to college, ” she wipes the tears away from her eyes,

”Mama don cry, we haven even seen the admission letter and you
e so sure Im going to get in, are you clairvoyant? ” Ava jokes as she stuffs bread and meat in her mouth with zero regards to manners; also something that was absent in the house.

”I just love you a lot and I want you to be happy, ” she laughs the tears off,

e so cute when you
e this emotional, ” Ava teases as she shifts closer to her mom to embrace her tightly, ”I love you so much; you
e my world. ” She kisses her cheek and forehead which makes Madeline smile,

”I sold you to cherry for $200 though, ” she whispers,

”What?!! Again?!! ” Ava pushes her mom away as she cackles hysterically, she takes her breakfast with her feigning hurt,

”Oh come on!! You don let us sleep o great goddess! And besides Im having a visitor over and I don want anyone at home, ” she whispers the last part and Ava knew what that meant but it still didn give her the right to sell her off. And for only $200!!!

”Can you do your sins in a hotel, we have equal rights to the house too ya know? ” She rolls her eyes and finishes her breakfast,

”But the house is still in my name, and Ill do my sins in my house thank you very much! ” She grabs her phone and her purse, slinging a set of keys in her middle finger, ”Ill be back before noon, I better not see your ass here when I get back. ” And she is out the door.

Ava shakes her head, sometimes she wonders if her mother loved her or not; but it was chill, she would get to be a burden to her sister. Caroline would not hear the end of it.

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