16 Years Apart

Ava\'s Strange Prophecy

Ava laughed like the maniac she was, her sister had just clumsily bumped into someone and from the looks of it he wasn entirely pleased as she was slapped across his form; she wasn the only one that found it funny, his companion seemed to share the laugh with her, and the humor also.

They pull themselves up and Carol looks down timidly, all of her expensive clothes and shoes that she begged Ava to buy for her were thrown as far as easy was to West,

”Im so so so sorry, it was an accident and I wasn looking where I was going, ” she apologizes profusely as she tried to pick all of her luggage, the man bends to help her with a black expression,

”Next time keep your eyes on the road… ” He reaches for the left leg of a heel that she was also going for, his fingers accidentally touch her and he recoils immediately like he had touched venom, ”but I wasn looking either so I guess we
e both at fault. ” He finally grabs the shoe and rises to his feet, he apparently was a rather tall man and his dark hair and shimmering blue eyes made him appear like a fallen angel with a deep past.

Carol tries to shut her mouth but since she couldn Ava does it for her,

”Please try to forgive us, shes very cluncily when it comes to spending money. ” The last part came out as a snarl and all Carol could do was snicker like the money licker she was, ”we apologise for wasting your time, we would leave. ” She collects the bags from Carol and carries them like a champion.

The girls in a swift motion are out of the mall and the men just stare at them,

”Such an interesting couple. ” One of them compliments before giving a tight tap at his comrades back, ”so you ready to go shopping for that ring? ” He grins at his friend but the noirette was interested in the piece of jewellery on the floor just a few inches from.his feet.

He bends to pick it up and notices it was a necklace, it had the initials Carva on it,

”It must belong to one of them….. ” He gives it a thought before peeping out of the entrance but they were no where to be seen, so he does the next logical thing; he keeps it. Hopefully he would bump into them another time and give it back.

”That was awkward, ” Carol fans the steam from her face as Ava laughed at her phone, they had gotten another Uber and they were on their way home, ”I had no idea he was even there, Im starting to feel he is actually a spirit. ” She made sure all of her precious items were there,

”I guess I didn lose anything. ” She huffs triumphantly before giving a hard look at her sister who was too interested in the numerous tattoo designs.

With a firm pinch, Ava is brought back to reality,

”Its nice to see you in one piece but here you are trying to piece me apart. ” She remarks with an eye roll only for Carol to place a kiss on her cheeks, she flares up a bit before slapping a nasty grin on her lips,

”is someone trying to repay the favor? You
e going to have to do more than that. ” She turns on her flirting mode which puts worms in Carols guts.

”Ava I love you but there is no way you are getting close this kitty, its for my future hubby and you know that!! ” She stamps her foot down and folds her arms,

”Ill kick you out of the car if you don give me tits, ” she blackmails making Carol heave a heavy sigh,

”Only for ten minutes!! ” She warns her older sister,

”Its more than enough to become something else. ” She whispers that part as her eyes are glued to her screen, a call lips up on her phone and its Ellie, she turns to her sister,

”your brother better not be doing anything to my sister. ” They both laugh at her joke, Ellie wasn the one to call so she picks it and begins dialogue with her little sister.

As they talk, Carol subconsciously touches her neck and realizes that the sign of the sisterhood they shared was gone. She takes a very big gulp and searches all her bags and purse for it but its no where to be found. She breaks down into a nervous sweat, that was most her prized possession, a birthday gift given to her by Ava when she turned 14.

Oh no!! This was a disaster!! Ava always lived it when she wore it but now its gone how on Earth would she feel? Carol searches one more time without making it look like she was panicking or she misplaced something; but alas, she still couldn find it.

Maybe she left it at home? No, it was with her when she was trying the clothes…..she must have left it at the mall!!! She face palms herself, no wonder Ava always called her an airhead. She was so forgetful.

But she also doesn remember taking it off, then it mustve dropped. But where? Then she remembers the incident, probably it was with one of those men? Maybe they swiped it from her neck when she wasn paying attention? Thieves!!

She turns to her sister who seemed to be enjoying the pleasant convo, how on Earth was she going to break this one now? But Ava wouldn freak out Right? Right?!

Another deep sigh escapes her lips and the journey back home is silent. When they eventually reach the house, Ellie jumps on her sister first thing to squeeze the air out of her lungs,

”I was only home for two hours Ellie!! ” She laughs it off and kisses her before setting her on the couch, she adjusts the device she always wore, making sure it fitted perfectly, ”I hope no one hurt my princess? ” Ellie frowns a little and points at Kai who was busy texting on his phone,

”He….has…been there for over 15 minutes, ” she takes another hasty look, ” I don ….know who he is talking to, we were supposed to play Kirby after this but hes….been on the phone for so long. ” Ellie pouts cutely as she expectantly waited for Kai to be done. Avas face had puffed up as she tried her best not to explode in laughter,

”Ignore him, boys are stupid, ” she throws a little dust just to make her sister better, ”once he is done he will play with you all day, but for now, ” she exhumes the bag from behind her back, ”I brought you something, ” she sings before dropping it in front of her sister, ”tell me if you like it. ”

Ellie gently brings out the gifts and her eyes begin to water, she was very happy with the dress and never in her life had she gotten something this beautiful, she would look like a princess. She chokes more air our of her sister and begins to son,

”Ellie its okay…don cry…. we
e family remember? ” She smoothens her golden locks that she admired so much, ”I wouldve gotten you more but Carol spends a lot and she almost dried me. ” She whispers and Ellie snorts.

”Shes a lot like Kai, all that big knows how to do is eat. ” They both roll their eyes in unison before sharing a laugh, Ellie bolts inside to try the dress and she comes out without the device she always wears; it was payback time.

Time flies and the sun was already beginning to set,

”No mom, I think Ellie likes it here. I mean Kai is keeping her company and I doubr if dummy head could do better. ” She rolls her eyes only to hear her brother scoff, she was on a video call with Madeline and she looked exhausted.

Apparently she was delayed and Cherry still made her spend money unnecessarily; she should really consider replacing her best friend.

”If shes fine with that then I don have an issue, tell her we
e going out tomorrow so could you be a darling and drop her at the amusement park for me? I don want her going alone these days….. ” Maddy trails off and Ava knows what it meant instantly.

There were a lot of people who didn like the Kennistons, and her ex husband was one of those peeps. So many assaults and she couldn place her kids at risk anymore.

”Understood, shell be there by nine, is that chill with you? ” Ava moves locations and she is in the kitchen trying to finish the dinner she was making for the family, ”what about aunt Cherry? ” She takes a slice of meat,

”Well lets say Cherry is very busy with our boss at the moment, he is giving her a hard time and she feels like quitting, even I feel like quitting. ” She rolls her eyes, ” its been over eight hours And i can hope shes alright at least. ” Maddy takes off her jacket, ” just tell Carol she would be back soon….I just saw her text. ”

”Alright, Ill call you later…Im getting messages from the crew and I doesn look to good, love ya. ” She ends the call to answer the issues with her business, being a young entrepreneur is so hard but the best thing about it is the pride you will have in your capabilities. She was proud of herself.

”Come on Ellie!! Please put it on, Im sorry!! ” Kair begs her but she refused to wear her gadget, she didn want to hear his voice. Kair had no idea what to do, she needed the hearing aid to hear him but as punishment she didn want to hear him. And he didn understand sign language well enough to communicate with her.

But he still tries anyway, she begins to smile awkwardly before closing her eyes, and that is when Kai groans in frustration.

”Big sister Ava!! Big sister!! ” He calls for the tattooed teen that was preparing dinner, ” Ellie won put on her hearing aid!! ” He tries to get her in trouble.

”Well this is America Kai, shes free to do whatever she wishes!! ” She takes her sisters side and Kai is already whimpered, Ava lets our a cackle before exiting the kitchen. She takes Ellies hands from her eyes and with a few hand gestures shes able to convince her sister to take the aid from the boy.

She ruffles her hair when she puts it back on but it felt like she still wasn ready to listen to him, Kai had a sweet but goofy look on and she couldn help but listen.

”Leave me for so long again and I will never talk to you again!! ” She barks at him before dragging him to play PlayStation with her. Ava smiles at the both, they would make a really good couple.

As she traveled to the kitchen to finish off the meal she couldn help but wonder how lucky she couldve been to have a perfect family. Two families in one. She couldn have asked for more.

She senses….no….she is deafened by Carols unrully screech, she sounded like an excited succubus and she is Tumbling down the stairs searching for her sister. She runs into the kitchen to give Avas ass a hard slap.

Her cheeks reddened but she liked this kind of fun, ”someones trying to bite more than they can chew. ” She smirks like the pervert she is but Carol just rolls her eyes before screaming at her again, ”I hope you have enough money for hearing aid!! ” Ava screams back before snorting and returning on to the pan.

”Don you ever check your phone?! ” She pokes Avas head and it hurt, ”check your phone this instant!! ” She grabs her sisters phone and with a few clicks thrusts the device in her face, ”look at it!! Looook!!! ” She desperately so wants Ava to see the good news.

Away squints her eyes to read the bit of information her sister was forcing down her brain,

”Accepted? ” It was slammed on her application in red ink and the admission letter was attached to the file. Carol screams so loudly Ava had to run out of the kitchen but that doesn stop her from screaming, ”can down Carol!! Its just an admission letter!! ” She screams out but her voice is drowned by Carols high pitch.

e going to college!!! WERE GOING TO COLLEGE!!!! ”

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