16 Years Apart

Getting Into Trouble

Ava couldn handle it anymore, she was moving out, and she was taking Ellie with her. She valued her hearing and the only way to Save that was to get away from Carol; she couldn believe her own mother sold her to this nut job.

But Carol was too excited and she was bursting with the flavors of happiness, she was the most excited person in the room. The kids just watched her as she drooled and fantasized her new life in college and all the boys she would meet. But Ava didn really care. It only meant more work for her.

Carol jumps on Ava and they are sent knocking into the ground, Ava being the cushion of course, her sister was too much for her these days.

”Ava aren you excited?! ” There were literally stars in Carols eyes, *we actually got accepted!! ” Another unruly screech and Ava could swear her ears were beginning to bleed, ”

why aren you excited? ” Her eyes droop before she punches her sister in the gut, ”you
e no fun at all!! ” The force of the hit make her bend in response, almost making her cough but she dies choke on her own spit.

”Im excited but I won scream for the whole world to hear me, remember you have neighbors especially old man John and his angry dog spotty, you don want to wake them up now do ya? ” She pushes Carol of her and rises to her feet, ” maybe you should sleep with the dog Tonight? ” Shegl grins at her sister,

e always so salty, when was the last time you blew off your lady load? ” She pouts at her sister before going to the kitchen to see what she could eat for dinner but lo and behold, Ava had already done all the work. Her mouth began to water as she saw the pots filled with delicacies; those cuisine classes she took really paid off, ”I love you too much. ”

She whimpers.

Ava laughs a little, Carol is easily swindled by money and food, have those things and you got yourself a human being.

”But that still doesn mean you shouldn been as excited as I was, I mean…..we actually got into FlyHigh college!! ” She grabs a chicken leg and rips off a large part of its flesh, ”thats the most prestigious college we would ever get into!! ”

”prestigious or not, something tells me Im still going to be rusticated. ” Ava rolls her eyes before serving dinner for everyone, ”I heard the rich go there and last time I met a rich guy he was more than a full donkeys anus, I can imagine handling a school full of them. ”

Her dry remark makes Carol burst into a fit of laughter.

”Hey! They might be nicer this time around! We so need to check up on the diabolical twins, they also applied and I really hope they got in too!!! ” She squeals again before snatching her dinner from Avas hands, so much for thank you.

Dinner is fine and Cherry is nowhere to be seen, she was chilling at a hotel, trying to forget the events at work, and Ava who was meant to be babysat was actually the one doing the entire babysitting.

When dinner was over, the girls hoped into Carols room to get a good nights rest. Ava was already tipsy, her face was flushed because of the little alcohol she had with the spicy chicken breasts. She falls to the softness of the mattress and takes in the rush of lavender that decorated Carols room from head to toe. She lets out a loud moan before pulling her sister on top of her,

”Im horny, ” she admits with little to no shame,

”should I order a ** boy for you? ” She snorts before pushing herself off her sister, Ava snickers at the thought,

”Thats if you don mind watching live porn. ” She cackles at her own joke before letting our an unruly burp, Carol shakes her head at her; she needed Deliverance.

”You should get some rest, maybe you had a little too much to drink. ” She takes off Avas shoes and dumps them some place them away from the bed, she sits down and rubs the soles of her feet and that lead to a very loudly soft moan from Ava.

”Babe lets **, our secret. ” The little sensation Carol gave her was enough to turn her on, her feet were extremely sensitive,

”I will tase you if you touch me miss Kenniston. ” She throws her shoes to one corner and takes off her clothing bit by bit, Avas eyes were on her frame like a hawk and she couldn hide the lewd smirk that fought to make itself known, it was….scary.

”Mind turning around? ” Her grin goes wider making Carol dump a fluffy pillow on her face to break her sight, she changes into nightwear and jumps on the bed beside her tipsy sister, ”go to bed, we have to go to FlyHigh to sort out the rest of our details, last thing I want is having to do that when lectures have begun. ”

”Aren you going to help me with my clothes? ” Ava pokes dirty fun and Carol laughs,

”Go to sleep Ava!! ” But she wasn ready to let that happen as she had already glued to her sister, ”Ava what is up with you?! ” She couldn stop laughing, she was always a character when she got tipsy.

”What do you think our romance lifes gonna look like when we enter college? ” She lets out another burp and Caroline is shaking her head in disappointment, ”I know you
e a sucker when it comes to your heart and I have a feeling you will fall in love with one of the lecturers. ” She snickers at the thought.

”Ew Ava!! Why on Earth would that happen?! ” She slams a pillow on her sisters form making her chuckle lightly,

”Imagine being **ed by your own teacher Carol, her sensual would that be. ” Ava whispers into her ears and Carols face burns with red heat,

”STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!! ” she attacks Ava with the pillow multiple times but it is only making her laugh, but she was desperate; anything to get her to stop spewing nonsense from the wine-covered lips of hers.

”And so shall it be!! ” She pins it to the shooting star that falls across her window, ”the universe has granted my wish hummm, ” she chants like a safe, ” I can wait to see who it would be, ” she snickers loudly.

”Well if Im falling in love with someone old enough to be my uncle then you
e going to have a very complicated love life!! ” She bites back but Ava only laughs harder,

”Im already complicated enough, goodnight Carol. ” She pecks her sister good night before passing out.

What kind of prophecy was that? She would definitely get back at her…. she put nasty thoughts in her head. But what would happen if she actually fell in love with one of her lecturers? Why would that even happen in the first place?! Ava was just saying nonsense and she would definitely put her in her place.

Morning comes and the sun is just up in Avas eyes, she. Groans a little as she rubs her sore head, it must have been the effe t of the alcohol,

”Carol? ” She reached out to the other side of the bed but all she felt was the comfort of one of the pillows when Im fact, it shouldve been a piece of tasty ass. She groans even louder; what a great way to start the morning!

She pushes herself her feet and travels down the stairs to look for her sister wherever she was, she smells food and goes straight to the kitchen. Seeing the damsel in a apron brought a sense of relief to her brain; its been so long since she made something.

”Good morning bubble butt! ” She slaps the nickname on her before slapping her ass, ” breakfast looks good. But not as good as you look. ” She flirts to no end,

”I thought you wouldve be normal when you wake up but I guess— ” she begins, but she never lands,

”Since when have I ever been normal?! ” She bellows in her crazed laughter as she spread out her arms, feeling her sovereignty, ”the great goddess would always cause chaos wherever she goes!! ” Another mad mans laugh and Carol concludes on selling her on Amazon.

Hopefully someone will place an order eventually.

Her phone beeps and she smiles cynically at the message that appeared on her screen,

”Guess someone is paying us a surprise visit. ” She grins even wider at her screen and it gets her sisters attention, she tries her best to see who Ava was talking about but she didn give her a chance, ”you would have to give me kiss for it first. ”

She flirts to no need, puckering up, expecting Bliss in her brain but all she got was a spoonful of Custard in her mouth.

e hungry Ava, not horny. ” Carol snorts mockingly before taking the breakfast to the table, Ava shrugs her shoulders before following her to the dining room, ”we have to eat early and start processing all our documents, we have a lot of work to do today and we can be having surprise visits. ” She sounds like her mother now and it made her chortle,

e just saying that because you got accepted. ” The brunette rolled her eyes in a fem manner,

”okay fine, but I have to take Ellie to mom first, I don know when aunt would be back and I doubt if you have any idea, we can leave Kai alone at home. ” Her tone becomes serious after she steals a pancake.

Maybe she was just hungry.

e right, no sign of mom since we last spoke, can Kai tag along with Ellie? They give a lot and I don think it would be wise to take him with us. He gets stressed easily. ” Carol sets the table, ” Ellie!! Kai!! Breakfast is ready!! ” She calls them downstairs and they kids make their arrival but Ellie is on Kais back.

They were so adorable together that even Ava had to cope,

”She didn wanna get out of bed so I had to drag her out. ” He laughs nervously as Ellie tightened her grip around his body. The boy was way bigger than Ellie, he was apparently growing fast and Ellie was bite sized from birth but Kai was growing faster than the others.

”Thats the way she is; she loves it when she gets attention. ” Ava ruffles her sisters hair before they settle down for breakfast.

The day is moving fast and Ava drops Ellie and Kai with her mom and her dummy head brother. She made sure to pull his strings before going back to Carols house, buying herself a popsicle as she came back.

When she opens the door to the house she could see her sister struggling to keep her hair in a bun, she sticks the treat in her mouth before helping her with her hair,

”Thanks. ” She smiles a little and her hair is ready, she turns back to see the popsicle and she snatches it out of her mouth and sticks it in her mouth, ”its officially mine, ” she walks to her handbag to take out her phone and check the time, it was almost noon.

Her eyes dart to her sister to still see her in some shirts and an old tank top, Ava scratches her armpit unapologetically and uses the free hand to pick her nose; Carol cringes visibly, no one she had no love life.

She scratches her hair like it were filled with dandruff and flips it to one side making her look rather badass,

”Are we ready to go? ” She grabs her phone from the table where she mindlessly dropped it and she wears a goofy smile,

”Ava, we
e not fighting today, go change into something presentable. ” She orders,

”But this is presentable!! ” She hated dressing up to go out,

”No its not, go change it immediately!! ” Her shout forced the older one to sluggishly climb the stairs and look for something more presentable to wear.

She comes down with a black and white stripped tank top and some crazy jeans, for maximum badass-ery effect. She flashes some of her jewelry and her single earring, she was ready to go.

Carol nods In approval and as the girl crossed the door and locked it, they were greeted with a very very long whistle and a cackle following after.

”Some babes are looking delicious today!! ” The blonde adjusts his shades, he was dressed it Jean material, from his jacket to his pants, he only wore a white cotton too underneath the jacket, ”Im in the mood to smash, you up for some Ava? ” His lewd joke makes the goddess wave off the blush that crept up on her cheeks.

”Um sis, so we know these guys? ” She wondered if it were a couple of hook ups but the question that she asked made Ava erupt in laughter.

”Hey Carol!! You look good, come stay with me!! ” The other blonde waves over to her and oats his space at the back as he texted on his phone. Carol was beyond confused, she had no idea who the cute blondes were but what she could tell was that they
e identical twins.

”Uhhhh, Im scared. ” She takes a huge step back and that was when the first one couldn hold his laugh back,

”Did she have memory loss or what? ” He asks his precious Goddess,

”she hasn had fun in ages so shes aging slowly. ” They both snicker at her joke, ”its been a while since we last saw you, you just left for puerto Rico so suddenly and you didn even tell us until you got there. Why don you pull the shades down? ” She punches him in the shoulder.

”puerto Rico? Whats going on? ” She demands to know but when the guys do the face reveal, her eyes and mouth drop, ”oh my God!!! TWINNIES!!! ” she hugs the first one with all the strength she had in her,

”So now you remember me? ” He feigns hurt but she just laughs it off,

e so tall now!! And so muscular too!! ” She teases him but he pushes her away and goes to his Goddess, ”Ava will be we be committed and you know it! ” They share a laugh, and she takes a mock bow,

”Your ride is damn good!! ” Ava checks out the smooth Chevrolet in front of her, the blue streaks on the white body was just a whole different level, this was definitely money, ”you gotta get me one of these too! ” She hitches on to his arm while Carol joined the other twin at the rear seat to attack him with hugs and kisses.

”Ill get you everything you want when you decide to marry me, ” he winks at her, but he knows Ava all to well; she will never commit.

Ian was the one who admired Ava so much, while Ryan was the one who was more into Carol. Ian happened to be older than Ryan with two minutes and as expected they were closer than a banana to its peel.

He guides Ava into the front seat like the gentle man he is. He gets in and revs the engine,

”So is this our surprise? ” Carol tugs on her sisters hair,

”yup!! And off we go!!! ” And the car zooms off.

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