16 Years Apart

Ava\'s Strange Prophecy

”Yeah, so it was more of an emergency aid than an actual vacation. ” Ian concludes the story of why the sudden travel had to occur, ” but hey, we
e back in town and so many things have changed….well except for Carol that is. ”

”Hey!! ” She drags his Hair and that almost caused them an accident, ”you take it back or all of us die!! ” She didn like it when everyone said she looked the same. She has grown a lot!

”Don be so nasty on her Ian, her tits did grow bigger this time around. ” The both snicker before high five-ing each other, such lecherous youths

”Pay no attention to them baby, I can get you your fav ice cream If you
e interested! ” Ryan tries to make her feel better and at the sound of ice cream and the thought of chocolate upon chocolate, she couldn help but light up, ”Ian didn let me get rest either. ” He heaves a heavy sigh,

”I can understand, so what about Dave? ” She pokes naughty fun but Ryans face squeezed at the mention of his name, ”did something happen? ”

”We broke up a month ago…he was cheating as I had suspected. But forget about that, I have fantab news for you! ” He squeals and Carol follows suite. Ian and Ava just roll their eyes in unison and they plot to ditch them somewhere far away like the Sahara desert.

”OMG tell me what is is!!! ” She chokes the words our of Ryan, literally,

”Calm down sister! ” He anticipates before deciding he was done punishing Caroline with the suspense, ”we got accepted into FlyHigh college!! ”

”what?!! ” Both girls exclaim but Avas was actually of shock and Carolines was of excitement,

”So I guess well be seeing each other often huh? ” Ian tries his luck once more but it isn enough to move the goddess of chaos, ”I got in for statistics and Ryan got in for music and dance. ”

”There is no way Im going to be going to classes with you everyday!! ” She nervously laughs, thats the last thing she would want since she knows hes never going to stop bothering her.

”Im so happy for you guys!! ” She hugs the life out of Ryan, ” so we
e still going to be the unstoppable four when we get to college!!! ” She squeals once more and Ava is seriously contemplating jumping out if the car after saying her last prayers.

”I know right!! We
e even going there right now, right Ian? ” He exhumes a small pocket knife and holds it at his brothers throat. A nervous sweat drips down Ians forehead,

”Can we reschedule? I have a lot to do for Mom ya know? ” He tries to plead his case but this part of his brother scared the living shit out of him. It was still a shocker how sweet and innocent Ryan could actually have the potential to be a serial killer.

”You already promised me that we do all of our stuff today so kindly take a left turn or your head goes out the window. ” he smiles like a freak and his brother had no choice but to obey.

”I feel ya man, carol dragged me out if the house too, but hey, i guess we can get ice cream after this right? ” She nudges Ians side, expecting him to cough up some cash for them. He sighs heavily, its okay the rich guy said.

They arrived at the college and as expected; it was flooded with students from left, right and center.

”Well here we are! ” She announces and hops out of the car as the wxcitem6had built up inside of her, she couldn wait for everyone to highlight, she was already bolting into the large building.

”Carol wait for me!!! ” Ryan chases after her, Ian and Ava heave a heavy sigh until Ian pulls his arm out after noticing the flock of eyes that gravitated to his darling Ava. She gladly takes it to dispel the hurt . It could only do so much.

But at least now there was some level of intimidation.

Rhwy walk all the way to the clerk and it directs them to the departmental office where they would get other documents and verifications done. The youths are given a screening date and are advised to come early the next day to get their screening done.

After hours in the college it is finally time for a break as all the Jew applicants take a stroll or find something to eat. Ian huffs in exhaustion, stretching his muscular arms as far as behind his head,

”Man, all this school shit always gets me exhausted!! ” He heaves another heavy sigh before wrapping an arm round Ava, so many eyes were already prying on her body and ao many lips were moving as to how smoking she looked.

e not the only one, I can eat a mountain of food Id I see one! ” She yawns loudly, ” so what are you going to treat me to hm? ” She enjoys his friendly touch,

”Why not my dick down your throat? ” He whispers in her ears and this puts drowns on the faces of other passer-by, she cackles at his attempt,

”Why don you buy me something and we can think of going in a date later? ” She had to admit his attempt worked but she knows him all too well, they both knew each other. They would decide to ** the whole world than stay in a committed relationship. And they both vibes on that level, comically.

”Yeah Im so hungry, I hope they have good food here. ” Ryan lips his phalanges in Carols to claim her from all the prying eyes. The twins lived the girls and the last thing they would want is nasty guys checking their babes out.

Well, they were nasty but you get the drift.

They entered the canteen after ten minute they walk from the main building, the canteen was situated a the far left of the building and as expected it was already flooding with students; both freshers and oldies.

They site an empty seat of four and head to it, they look around before seeing the menu plastered on the wall,

”Ill go check it out, ” Carol rises to see what the school had to offer, but its not even up to five minutes when a pack of hungry boys make their way towards her, she turns around to see them surrounding her like a wall, ”oh!! May I help you? ” She asks nervously as she backed the wall.

”Nothing, you seem new here. ” The tall brunette, who seemed to be their ring leader spoke out, ” you
e such a cute little birdie, what are you studying darling? ” He goes as far as playing with her strand of hair, it makes her shiver and the boys snicker at her innocence.

Ava turns left and right wondering where her sister couldve vanished to, until she sights a wall of boys covering a small figure. Her blood boils, they haven even been screened and they
e already picking on her, thats it.

She drops her shades and walks over to the gang, she taps the leader and drags Carol out of their hedge,

”Shes my girlfriend, whats it to ya? ” Ava pushes his chest and the he is indeed surprised at the audacity she possessed,

”I was just saying hi, whats it to ya? ” He tries to threaten her with his big stature but Ava is not even flinching,

”I don want your stinky small ass near her or I swear I will break your pretty face. ” And her warning had attracted eyes,

”And who the ** are you to tell me who I can like and who I can huh bitch? ” Low murmurs are heard, ”I don even want to fight you cause you
e just a weakling, so Id rather you excuse me, ” he tries to hold Carols hand but Avas right grip made him freeze instantly,

”Im the bitch that will put you in a hospital bed if you touch her. ” And that was when the rumours got louder,

”Ava stop this immediately!! ” She snatches her hand back from the youths, ”lets just leave please!!

You promised me you would come to college with me and you already want to ruin your chances, lets just leave! ” She drags her away from the scene before it gets messy. Very messy.

”Whats going on babe? We just got here and you
e already fighting everyone! ” Ian drags her over to his side before she murdered everyone, ”babe its college not the Mortal Kombat arena, you know these kind of things are unavoidable. Hes just a dumb guy tryna shoot his shot. ”

”Ill shoot his balls off if he comes near Carol and I don give a damn about who he is! ” She snarls before gulping down her water, ” she didn have to corner her, he couldve made his shot at a distance but he came at him with his half brained lackeys and he thinks my sister is easy….hes going to get it alright. ” She was fuming from all orifices.

Ryan couldn stop the laugh that escaped his lips, he always found Ava quite adorable when she was angry, she looked like a cute devil about to spill the blood of its unsuspecting victim.

”Relax Ava, at least if when you do start session you
e free to kill him anyway you deem fit, and in the meantime you can start investing $500 every month, well make sure we get you the best lawyer. ” Ryan winks at her and his soppy joke was enough to calm her down.

e right, when can we start? ” She has the devils grin slapped on her face.

”No one is Killing anyone! Ava remember you promised me you wouldn do anything stupid so Im reminding you. I don want you to get rusticated so early. ” She pleads.

”Im still going to get rusticated anyway. ” She smirks but the look Carol had on was enough to get her soft, ” fine, no fighting, but if he does something Ill rip his balls out and put em on the black market. ” She finalized before rising, ”Ill order, what do you guys want? ” She turns to Carol since she saw the menu.

”I want spaghetti, I hope they have vegan food here. ” Ryan finally drops his phone, he turns to Caroline and she nods, ”great!! Get me anything without meat! ”

”I want lots of meat. ” Ian speaks up and the visible cringe of disgust is evident on his brothers face, he chuckles darkly, ”and if you can put yourself in the plate too. ” He winks at Ava but she just rolls her eyes comically.

She turns to her sister and she reads her expression; whatever Ava ordered was fine for her.

Soon she is back with food, she drops it on the table and her eyes scan the surroundings, it was a pretty lit cafeteria and there was more than enough room for everyone and even double. She sights the boy and she snarls at him before dropping to her seat. Such an idiot.

They hit the road after lunch and the boys treat the girls to a movie, with Ian constantly picking at Ava, she was beginning to think she should just smash him so he would give her some peace for about two months.

”Carol, are you okay? ” Ryan whispered to her, she had been so quiet since that incident with the boy, ”did he do anything to you? ” He slides his hands in hers to calm her nervousness, she huffs a little and forces up a smile,

”No nothing like that, its fine….. ” She tries to convince him but she was not even able to convince herself. He could see her gaze on Avas back as Ian refused to let her go, ”I have a feeling Ava is going to lose this before we even begin because of me….. ”

”Why would you say that Carol? ” Ryan squeezes on her phalanges but the tears were already beginning to fall,

”Ava doesn really care about school and I practically begged her to follow me to college cause I didn want to have to be without her…..but now thats shes with me…..shes going to be getting into a lot of fights because of me…. its going to be like highschool again. ” She comes to a halt as she wiped her eyes,

”She would be fine, Ava is not afraid of anything remember? ” Ryan tries to calm her but she is still so scared.

”Thats the point; she isn afraid of anything! Nothing at all! What if something bad happens to her? This is college and not highschool, there would always be crazy people and Im just so worried…..what if she goes to jail because of an attempted murder? ” She demands an answer.

”Well hire her a lawyer then to get her out of jail, ” Ryan laughs it off but it dies when his eyes meet the angry expression Caroline had on her face, ”shell be fine; well only get her the best. ”

”She had already been to Juvey before it would be so easily for her to get into jail Ryan….. You don understand, I can lose her because of this! ” She is panicking as usual but Ryan didn really grasp her fear.

”Look, we know her, shell be fine….she is standing right in front of us isn she? ” They turn their gaze to Ava and she is repeatedly hitting Ian with her bag just to get him to stop trying to kiss her, ”see? Shell be fine, the only thing you need to put a tag on is how many people she sleeps with. ” He exhales in exasperation which was finally able to out a smile on Carols face.

”Maybe you
e right…. shell be fine. ” She smiles to herself, she subconsciously touches her neck and it hits her; she lost the necklace….she hadn told Ava yet…she needed to.

The boys drop them at home and they open the door to meet the whole living room covered in paint,

”What happened here?! ” Carol screams at the top of her lungs,

”Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no. ” Ava mimics the ticktock audio that went viral a few months ago, ”Ellie??! ” She calls her sister and they could hear instant giggling.

They journeyed further to the living room to see the kids trying to repaint the walls; but the only thing they were repainting were themselves.

”Kai?! What are you doing? We were supposed to wait for mom to get back before doing this!! ” She snatches the brush from his hand but mischievous Ellie swipes hers on her leg, staining Carol with green paint, ”hey!! Stop!! ” She tries to snatch Ellies but the girl had wheels for legs.

Kair manages to escape while Ellie distracted Carol and the children refused to finish up the work, leaving Ava and Carol to repaint.

”So much for kids….. ” Carol pouts, she wasn a fan of work. Ava chortles, until she glanced at her sisters neck,

”Wheres your necklace? ” She points out and Carol begins to sweat bullets; she finally noticed.

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