Chapter 1: The Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

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Jiuyang Sect, Eastern Region of Qingzhou Province.

Clouds swirled above the mountain range as rays of multicolored light, which made the sun dim in comparison, shone on the peaks.

Chu Yang Peak.

“Who would awake from the grand dream? Ive known about it all my life!”

Jiang Ming opened the windows and gazed at the swirling clouds in the distance and the verdant trees that swayed with the rhythm of the wind. He stretched and inhaled deeply before exclaiming, “This feels great!”

He could see the occasional glint from a blade in the sky, flying cultivators, and spiritual beasts. This was a scenery one would expect from an immortal sect.

“This is the life!”

There was no need to buy a house, no need for work or overtime, no boss breathing down his neck, and no need for betrothal gifts. He could sleep until he naturally woke up. This was truly great. He felt as though he was dreaming.

With just a thought, a virtual screen popped up before him.

Name: Jiang Ming

Cultivation base: Foundation Establishment, Perfect.

Main cultivation: Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Spell: Cold Breeze Sword Technique, Wind Control, Timely Rain, Fire Talisman, Fireball.

Special Ability: None.

Items: Human Path Records, Flowing Cloud Sword, Flowing Cloud Ring, God of Cooking Almanac, Farming Almanac.

This was his system.

Jiang Mings innate talent was average at best. He was already 18 years old, but he was only at the 6th Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm even though he had not taken a single day off from cultivating. He was neither outstanding nor poor in the sect. He was average; nobody paid attention to him at all. Nevertheless, he preferred it this way.

However, three months ago, the system suddenly awakened.

That morning three months ago was similarly refreshing.

When he got up from his bed…

[Ding! Ordinary Life System. Loading completed. There can be boundless excitement even in an ordinary life. Freedom will be yours if you maintain your ordinariness]

[Ding! Obtained a beginners package]

Jiang Ming was momentarily stunned. When he regained his senses, a smile appeared on his face. “This must be some kind of cheat. However, whats this Ordinary Life System? Can I max my level with just a tap of my finger?”

[Ding! Youll be rewarded?for performing ordinary tasks. Youll have to rely on yourself to discover the details]

Jiang Jin smacked his lips together. “Well, its better than nothing.”

“System, open the beginners package!”

[Ding! Congratulations! You have obtained the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra, the Human Path Records, the ability to conceal your cultivation base at will, enhanced vision, and 10 years worth of cultivation]

[Ding! The items have been stored in the storage space. You can retrieve them at any time]

“Grand path what? Almighty Sutra Method? Human Path Records? Arent you an Ordinary Life System? Whats with all these rewards with names that definitely arent ordinary?”

[Ding! A mighty force is needed to maintain ordinariness!]

“Why dont you turn me into an immortal while youre at it? Ill make being an immortal an ordinary thing.”

There was no reply from the system.

Jiang Ming was not bothered by the lack of reply. He thought about it for a moment before he finally shook his head. He decided not to dwell on the systems origin and purpose.

“System, activate the concealing ability!”

[Ding! Ability activated! Tips: You can choose how much of your cultivation base you want to conceal]

This was not difficult to understand. It meant that he could conceal his 6th Stage Qi Cultivation Realm and make it appear as the 2nd Stage, 4th Stage, or he could conceal it completely.

“System. Retrieve the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra!”

The next moment, an extremely profound cultivation method surfaced in his mind. Due to the sheer amount of information, the system automatically hid the more advanced parts of the cultivation method. He was only shown parts suitable for those at the Qi Cultivation Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm.

Jiang Ming knew that the more advanced cultivation methods would be revealed to him as his cultivation base improved in the future.

After comprehending the cultivation method, his mana began to circulate on its own. Before he knew it, his mana had transformed, and he had reached the first threshold of the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra. His bodily constitution had changed as well.

“This cultivation method is amazing!” Jiang Ming was shocked when he came to himself.

His manas attributes were completely transformed.

Although his cultivation base had dropped from the 6th Stage to the 1st Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm, he did not feel any weaker. On the contrary, he felt stronger than before.

“My 6th Stage mana isnt even a match for my current 1st Stage mana?!” Jiang Mings eyes lit up. Although he was at the 1st Stage now, he was as strong, if n

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