Chapter 9: 81st Extreme Golden Core

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Time was the least valuable thing to a cultivator.

It had been close to one year since Jiang Ming awakened with the system. Time flew past in just a blink of an eye. He was like a new person now.

Name: Jiang Ming.

Cultivation base: Golden Core (81st Extreme).

Cultivation method: Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Spell: Ten Thousand Sword Technique, Cold Breeze Sword Technique, Timely Spring Rain, Rolling Earth Dragon, Wood Control, and others.

Special Ability: Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi.

Item: Human Path Records, Basic Formation Almanac, Basic Talisman Almanac, Noble Robe, Flowing Cloud Sword 80 years of cultivation base, and others.

After nine months, Jiang Mings cultivation base was still at the Golden Core Realm. However, he made it to the extreme state and reached the 81st extreme.

There were 81 Daoist motifs wrapped around his Golden Core. There was hardly any space left. This was the true limit of the extreme state.

What Gu Hai said about nine Daoist motifs being the limit was merely based on hearsay.

Previously, Jiang Ming obtained the ninth Daoist motifs before he manifested the tenth Daoist motifs on his Golden Core. At that time, he could feel that he was still very far from reaching his limit.

It was only after Jiang Ming reached the 81st extreme state that he felt it was the limit. He could sense there was no more room for improvements in the Golden Core Realm. He could hardly believe it himself that he reached this stage.

As for his combat strength, Jiang Ming felt that he could kill his master, Gu Hai, with a single palm strike now. He had obtained more cultivation rewards through the system but he kept them so he could use them all at once when he wanted to achieve a breakthrough. Currently, he had 80 years worth of cultivation saved up.

He had also mastered several spells that would help him with his menial tasks and manual labor. From that, he was rewarded with the Ten Thousand Sword Technique.

The best thing he had obtained so far was the Enlightening Tea Leaves. That was a reward he received from living a carefree life on the mountain for six months. When he consumed the three leaves he had been given, he achieved some minor accomplishments in comprehending the Formations.

Currently, he also had a basic mastery over the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi as well. He only became aware of how terrifying this special ability was after he mastered it. The Ten Thousand Sword Technique and Cold Breeze Sword Technique paled in comparison.

At this moment, dark clouds covered the late evening sky. The distant rumbling of thunder heralded heavy rain.

The wind howled and raged, but Jiang Mings Formation kept all disturbances at bay.

“This is an amazing Formation, Senior Brother!” Zi Linglong said. She sat next to Jiang Ming on the rooftop as she watched the wind blow against the trees.

The rooftop was now decorated with many plants. A pavilion had also been built. Vines climbed up and twined around the pavilions pillars, giving it a tranquil and elegant appearance.

“Thank you. Its set up by me, after all. Thats an assurance of quality of itself,” Jiang Ming said. He held a teacup in his hand as he rocked back and forth lazily on the recliner. He sipped from teacup occasionally as he observed his junior sister. He was amazed by her changes over the past few months.

She was notably taller compared to a month ago. She was now a slender, elegant, and beautiful young girl.

“Why, thank you. It is set up by your Senior Brother, after all. Thats like an assurance of quality!” Jiang Ming rocked the chair as he held a teacup in his hand from which he occasionally sipped.

He glanced at his Junior Sister.

He was amazed at the changes she was showing throughout these past few months.

She was notably taller compared to a month ago. She was now a slender, elegant and beautiful teenage girl. There was something sweet about her innocence as well. The most remarkable change was the improvement in her cultivation base, which was surprising even by Jiang Mings standards. Perhaps, she had awakened her phoenix bloodline, the rate at which she was improving had exceeded everyones expectations. In the beginning, she was only at the peak Foundation Establishment Realm, but now shes already in the Golden Core Realm. That was right. She was now a Golden Core cultivator. She broke through three days ago.

When Gu Hai had learned about this, he had leaped 3,000 feet up into the air and nearly sprained his back.


Lightning streaked across the sky, sending a ripple through the mountains. Soon after, the rain began to pour down. The sky was growing darker as well.

“Senior Brother…”


“Do you plan on staying on this mountain forever?”

“Yes! I have nothing to worry about here. I dont have to fight or compete for anything. I can live a carefree life here!”

“But theres only three of us on the mountain. Dont you feel lonely?”

“I dont feel lonely at all. I have you and Master with me. Moreover, its not like I have nothing to do. I have to make breakfast for you, tidy the place, chop the wood, fetch water, patrol the grounds, fish from the river, or hunt in the woods. Every day is blissful to me. Do you feel bored here, Linglong?”

“Im never bored when Im with you, Senior Brother.”

Jiang Ming laughed. “Im surprised. You used to like playing outside. You can visit Jiaoyang Peak if youre bored. The senior sisters there like you.”

“Alright! If it doesnt rain tomorrow, Ill visit Jiaoyang Peak. Will you come with me, Senior Brother?”

“Ill pass.”

Soon after, the duo returned to their respective rooms.

In the room.

“Three more days, and itll be a year. I wonder what rewards Ill get…” Jiang Ming was looking forward to this a lot. The rewards he received when he reached the third and sixth months were generous. He wondered how generous the reward would be when he hit the one-year mark. No matter what, he was sure to benefit from it.

Then, he closed his eyes and tempered his mana. He could manipulate his mana with higher precision now. Following that, he continued to meditate on the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi.

In the early stage, he could only conjure up one formless sword qi at a time. However, the impact from the strike left him stunned. The next step for him was to launch two sword qi at once. The early stage would be considered completed once he could release nine strikes in a go.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Jiang Ming shuddered. A terrifying Sword Consciousness erupted within his body, but it seemed to be restrained by some mysterious power. Hence, it could only vibrate in the confined space.

When it was getting late, he stopped cultivating. He covered himself with a blanket and went to bed.

This was his routine.

Nothing could wake him while he was asleep, but he would wake up at the fifth of the five night watch periods.

The next day.

The sunlight was still dim.

Jiang Ming received a few days worth of cultivation for waking up. It was not much on its own, but once he accumulated enough, it would be spectacular.

The courtyard was in slight disarray due to the heavy rain last night. He tidied it up before he went to the back of the mountain.

There were now some fruit trees. Zi Linglong had asked their master for low-grade spiritual seeds previously to plant the trees.

There was also ten Mu of farmland. Aside from the restricted area at the top of the mountain, he had utilized most of the land. He had one Mu of vegetables, one Mu of oilseed rape, three Mu of paddy, three Mu of spiritual wheat, and two Mu of medicinal herbs. They could harvest whatever they wanted to eat here.

The lush and verdant view of his farmland never failed to lift his spirits.

The paddy and wheat were ready to be harvested. This was the advantage of this world. The crops could be watered with spiritual rain and their growth could be boosted by spiritual gems. There was no need to worry about droughts. He could even keep the wind at bay. Moreover, there was no such thing as the four seasons here.

The only shortcoming was pests, which needed careful attention from him. However, he had learned to deal with them and took it in his stride.

Since the medicinal herbs grew from spiritual seeds, they grew at a slower pace compared to ordinary crops.

Jiang Ming placed his hands on his back and strolled along the farmland, reveling in his work. He felt very pleased with himself.

When he noticed a pest, he would flick his finger and launch a sword qi to kill it without harming the plant at all. His control was very precise now.

Despite his progress, he had hidden his cultivation base and was passing off as a 7th Stage Qi Cultivation cultivator. That was right. He had adjusted his cultivation base accordingly to show that he had made a little progress.

To others, his progress was not terrible, but it was nothing impressive. It was only above average at best. However, this was unacceptable for a first disciple. Nevertheless, he did not care. He was content.

Jiang Ming looked at the buildings on the other side. He had been entertaining an idea in his mind for a long time now. That plot of land that the buildings occupied could be used for farming or rearing livestock. However, he shook his head and dismissed the idea in the end. If he demolished the buildings, his master would never forgive him.

“What happened back then?” Jiang Ming wondered to himself. During this time, he had been secretly investigating Chuyang Peaks sudden decline in the past. He wanted to know Gu Hai had given up on himself. He and Zi Linglong, whom Gu Hai brought back from the mountains, were Gu Hais only disciples. Why did Gu Hai not recruit more disciples?

After strolling for a while, he headed back to prepare breakfast.

As usual, Zi Linglong returned to her cultivation after breakfast.

Meanwhile, Jiang Ming was about to go fishing when he saw a few figures approaching their peak. They were dressed in disciple robes, but they did not ascend the mountain from below. This was a blatant sign of disrespect.

Jiang Mings expression turned cold immediately.

“Here comes the vanguard.”

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