Chapter 10: Instant Defeat

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The few figures sped toward Jiang Ming. Despite not having a clear look, he had a good guess about who they were.


The Human Path Records flipped open.

Name: Linghu Yin

Gender: Male

Cultivation base: Early-stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm

Background: Disciple of Jiuyang Sects Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes a disciple of the Yinmo Sect).

Relationship: -82.

Status: Under his masters, Yue Cheng, instructions, he incited a few disciples from Lieyang Peak to provoke Chuyang Peak. He looked for his friend, Jia Guang, and said that Chuyang Peak has declined. He also said that its First Seat, Gu Hai, has a terrible cultivation base and is not worthy of being a Peak Master. He also said Chuyang Peak has two disciples who are not even in the Core Formation Realm. He said those on Chuyang Peak are a waste of space and resources. He instigated Jia Guang by saying since Chuyang Peak Master is shameless, they should challenge Chuyang Peaks disciples for the sake of Lieyang Peaks First Seat.

“Linghu Yin…” This was the first time Jiang Ming had thoughts about killing someone.

A few months had passed since he last saw Linghu Yin, but it seemed like Linghu Yins cultivation base did not improve at all. In fact, this was common among cultivators. It took years to make minor improvements in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

As for their relationship value, it seemed to have improved slightly. Nevertheless, the value of -82 still meant that Linghu Yin would kill given the chance.

As for Linghu Yins status, he felt rather speechless after reading it. Indeed, schemers would choose to instigate others to achieve their goals.

Clearly, Linghu Yin and Zhiyang Peak were going to borrow Lieyang Peaks hands to act.

Although Jiang Ming did not descend the mountain often, he was aware of the general situation outside.

Lieyang Peaks First Seat, Dongfang Lie, was a stubborn person with a fiery character. He disdained Chuyang Peaks Gu Hai the most and had proposed on multiple occasions to strip Gu Hai of his rank. However, his proposal?had never been approved due to various reasons.

With this, it was only natural that Dongfang Lies disciples did not have good impressions of Chuyang Peak. However, since Jiang Ming and Zi Linglong spent most of their time on the mountain, the others could hardly find chances to look for trouble.

Master didnt return even though it rained heavily last night. He must be held up by something. Is Yue Cheng trying to take advantage of this? Is that why he sent Linghu Yin to cause trouble? With this thought in mind, Jiang Ming hurriedly rushed back.

When Jiang Ming returned, Zi Linglong was already there. At this moment, her expression was frosty, but flames of fury burned in her eyes. When she saw Jiang Ming, her expressions eased; it was as though the thunder subsided and the storm had passed. She smiled and called out softly, “Senior Brother!”

“Weve got company,” Jiang Ming jogged over and said, “I might need to trouble you again.”

“Leave this to me! Theyre all clowns!” Zi Linglong said. She did not mind dealing with these people at all.

“However, you wont be able to keep your strength a secret now.”

“I never wanted to keep it a secret in the first place.”

“Alright. Do you what you must.”


The duo briefly conversed as six figures landed on the greeting platform. The person in the lead had long hair, sparkling eyes, and was dressed in a blue robe. Although he was handsome, his arrogance twisted his features. He lifted his chin slightly and smiled disdainfully when he saw Jiang Ming. Then, he asked, “Are you Jiang Ming of Chuyang Peak? Im Jia Guang of Lieyang Peak.”

The others looked at the duo with disdainful expressions on their faces as well.

“Someone should teach you proper etiquette!” Zi Linglong said furiously, “The sect rules clearly state that disciples should ascend the mountain via the steps if they want to visit, and you should address the first disciple as your senior! You flew here and addressed my senior brother by his name. This is a blatant provocation. You should be punished according to the sect rules!”

Jia Guang scoffed. “Eight out of the nine First Seats are in the Dao Seed Realm at least. Chuyang Peaks First Seat is the only one in the Purple Mansion Realm. Moreover, he only just entered the Purple Mansion Realm. Dont you feel ashamed? The other peaks have at least 100 disciples each. Look at Chuyang Peak with its two disciples. Youre mere children! Moreover, I heard Chuyang Peaks first disciple spends his day chopping wood, fetching water, and farming. Chuyang Peak is an embarrassment to Jiuyang Sect. What a joke!”

“Youre leeches, wasting the sects resources!”

“Any random Elder from Lieyang Peak is more qualified than Gu Hai!”

“Thats right! Youre dragging the entire sect down!”

“If Gu Hai isnt an old friend of the Sect Master, he wouldve been removed from his post long ago!”

“Hes nothing but a crazy drunkard!”

Jia Guang grew more excited as he spoke. Jiang Mings expression of anger only served as his fuel.

“According to the sect rules, any disciple who insults a First Seat will be executed,” Jiang Ming said frostily.

“Executed?” Jia Guang laughed. “Whos going to do that? You or her? Dont make me laugh. Moreover, how are you going to prove I insulted a First Seat? Whod believe you? Oh, dont bother threatening me with your master, Gu Hai. No one cares about him.”

“Senior Brother.” Zi Linglongs expression was icy. She looked at Jia Guang as though he was a dead man walking. However, she did not make a move. Instead, she looked at Jiang Ming.

“Insulting our master is no different from insulting us,” Jiang Ming said tonelessly, “However, its inauspicious to kill someone on the mountain. Lets just destroy his cultivation base.”

“Alright!” Zi Linglongs eyes flashed.

After a slight pause, Jia Guang laughed as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. “Both of you are going to destroy my cultivation base? Jiang Ming, sorry, I mean, Senior Brother Jiang, you only know how to farm, and youre only a 7th Stage Qi Cultivation cultivator. Zi Linglong, youre just a girl. Both of you really think you can destroy my cultivation base?” He spat on the ground after he finished speaking.

“Thats it.” Zi Linglong walked over.

Jia Guang laughed again. He tilted his head slightly and said to Linghu Yin, “See? Isnt this better than challenging them? With just a few words, I can make them come to us. It wont be our fault if they get hurt. After all, were just defending ourselves.”

Then, Jia Guang looked at the others and said, “Listen up! We came here to pay our respects and planned to ask that old geezer Gu Hai to share his cultivation knowledge with us. However, not only did his two disciples not welcome us, but they even insulted us. We wanted to leave, but they wouldnt allow us to leave. They wanted to destroy our cultivation bases. With that, we had no choice but to defend ourselves. In the process, we accidentally hurt them. Yes, it was an accident. We barely used one-tenth of our strength, but they were injured.”

Then, Jia Guang said mockingly, “Hes a first disciple, but hes so useless. No wonder Master often complains about Gu Hai wasting the sects resources. Both he and his disciples dont make any contributions to the sect at all.”

“Thats right! The duo wasnt sensible and tried to look for trouble without reason,” Linghu Yin chimed in mockingly. He cupped his fists at Jia Guang as he silently stepped backward. Despite his words, he thought to himself,Idiot! Zi Linglong is terrifying. Youd be lucky to end up crippled. Youre the perfect tool for me to make that dumb mule Dongfang Lie leap into a fit of rage and vent his anger on Chuyang Peak. If we can snatch the position of another First Seat…

Linghu Yin could not help but smile when he thought about these things.

At this moment, Zi Linglong made a move.

Zi Linglong is only ten years old. How powerful can she be? Jia Guang sneered. Although he could not sense it, he was certain she was only at the 4th Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm at most. He waved his arm and erected a barrier before him, planning to use it to block Zi Linglongs punch.

“What?!” To Jia Guangs horror and shock, the barrier shattered when Zi Linglongs fist connected with it. It was too late for him to react. He might have been careless and underestimated her, but even if he were prepared, the outcome would still be the same.


Jiang Guang reeled from the punch. He bent forward like a shrimp. Blood spurted out of his mouth as he cried out. What was most terrifying was that he felt his Dantian explode due to the forceful push of her mana. Just like that, his sea of Qi shattered, and his cultivation base was destroyed. He screamed in despair as he fell off the mountain.

“Youre not going anywhere!” Zi Linglong said when she saw Linghu trying to make a run for it. With a swift strike of her palm, she destroyed his cultivation base and sent him flying off the mountain as well. Foundation Establishment cultivators were like ants to her.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The others were still dumbfounded when Zi Linglong turned to them. She slapped them before sending them flying off the mountain as well. However, she did not destroy their cultivation bases. Then, she placed her hands on her back and looked down the mountain. She said haughtily, “Take the two of them away! I dont want them to taint Chuyang Peak with their presence!”

Jiang Ming frowned.

Zi Linglong turned around and made her way back to Jiang Ming. Her domineering and arrogant aura vanished and were replaced by innocence. She grabbed his arm and swung it lightly as she asked, “How did I do, Senior Brother?”

Then, she blinked her big eyes at him as though she was waiting for him to praise her.

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