Chapter 12: The Empress Strikes Again

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Name: Yue Cheng

Gender: Male

Cultivation base: Dao Seed Realm

Background: First Seat of Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes an Elder of Yinmo Sect).

Relationship: -30

Status: After his disciple, Linghu Yin, told him that he had lost on Chuyang Peak, he sent his disciple to the Restraining Tower as punishment. He predicted that Dongfang Lie would seek revenge and send his disciple, Huo Yun, to Chuyang Peak. He summoned his junior brother, Zuo Han, and instructed Zuo Han to kill Jiang Ming and Zi Linglong after Huo Yun was done. He intends to make Dongfang Lie the scapegoat. After Gu Hais two disciples die, Gu Hai will definitely seek revenge from Dongfang Lie. He wants to kill two birds with a stone with his plan.

Jiang Ming inhaled sharply upon reading Yue Chengs status. “How vicious!”

Jiang Ming could not help but give Yue Cheng a thumbs-up for his plans. If he and his junior sister were ordinary cultivators, they would have died. If they died, Dongfang Lie would have a hard time defending himself. Even if Dongfang Lie knew Yue Cheng was behind the matter, Dongfang Lie would have no evidence to support his claims.

“Hes coming for us in broad daylight. This isnt the kind of boldness that ordinary men possess.” Jiang Ming was rather impressed by Yue Cheng. In the end, Chu Yang Peak could only blame itself for declining to such a state. Apart from the First Seat, there were only two disciples on the Peak. There was no elder to manage the Peaks affairs at all.


With just a thought from Jiang Ming, the Human Path Records flipped again. He wrote another name down on the page mentally.

Name: Zuo Han

Gender: Male

Cultivation base: Purple Mansion Realm.

Background: Elder of Jiuyang Sects Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes actually an elder from Yinmo Sect)

Relationship: -93.

Status: Hes heading toward Chuyang Peak under his senior brothers orders. He plans to deliver the killing blow after Huo Yun leaves.

“I knew it…” Jiang Ming shook his head. Zhiyang Peak had already turned into the devils nest, but no one has realized it yet/

Perhaps, there are those who are aware of it but have yet to take action due to a lack of evidence. Theres also a chance theyre also preparing to make a move themselves… Jiang Ming thought to himself. In any case, he had no way of verifying it.

Since his relationship value with Zuo Han was -93, there was no doubt that Zuo Han would definitely kill him given the chance.

“Since hes just a Purple Mansion cultivator, it should be easy for me to kill him,” Jiang Ming muttered to himself. Despite his words, he did not feel very confident. Let alone fighting an expert, he had never fought a battle before. He felt a hint of anticipation rise in his heart when he thought about this.

Just as Jiang Ming turned around, he saw a figure speeding over.

The figure came to a stop in the air, cupped his fists together at Jiang Ming, and said, “Huo Yun, Lieyang Peaks first disciple, has come for a visit.”

Huo Yuns voice had yet to fade, but he had already landed on the greeting platform. This was a special privilege only enjoyed by first disciples; they did not need to take the stairs up the mountain.

Jiang Ming leaped off the rooftop and walked over. According to etiquette, he had to welcome Huo Yun.


At the same time, the Human Path Records flipped itself open again and showed him Huo Yuns information.

Name: Huo Yun

Gender: Male

Cultivation base: Core Formation Realm (Golden Core).

Background: First disciple of Jiuyang Sects Lieyang Peak.

Relationship: 49

Status: Hes under his masters orders to come here and apologize before challenging Chuyang Peaks first disciple.

Jiang Ming could not help but smile after seeing Huo Yuns information.It seems like First Seat Dongfang is really unwilling to suffer even a little bit of loss. However, I have to admit his behavior is commendable. He sent his disciple here to apologize first before challenging me. These are all in line with the sect rules…

Jiang Ming was rather surprised by his and Huo Yuns relationship value. 49 meant that Huo Yun had a somewhat good impression of him.

At this time, Zi Linglong flew out and landed next to him. Then, she asked in a lowered voice, “Should I kill him?”

“Lets see what happens.” Jiang Ming smiled faintly in response.

Huo Yun furrowed his brows slightly. The two disciples of Chuyang Peak might be talking softly, but someone with his cultivation base could easily hear their conversation. He studied Zi Linglong carefully, but he could not get a feel of her at all. Nevertheless, he had his guard up after learning his junior brothers, Jia Guang, cultivation base had been destroyed by the little girl.

“Senior Brother Huo,” Jiang Ming called out as he cupped his fists together at Huo Yun.

“Senior Brother Jiang,” Huo Yun said without beating around the bush, “Earlier this morning, my junior brother, Jia Guang, came here to provoke Chuyang Peak without my masters knowledge. Its reasonable that he had his cultivation base destroyed. As punishment, my master has also expelled him from Lieyang Peak. In any case, this incident is Lieyang Peaks fault. My master sent me here to apologize,” Huo Yun said. Then, he brought a jade box out and opened it, revealing a translucent spiritual crystal inside. He handed it over and said, “This is a middle-grade spiritual crystal. Please accept it as a token of our apology.”

“Senior Brother Huo, you shouldnt have…” Jiang Ming said as he gestured to Linglong to accept it. It would have been an insult if Lieyang Peak had given them a middle-grade spiritual crystal as a token of apology. A middle-grade spiritual crystal was acceptable. This was just a matter between the Peaks, after all.

“Please come in, Senior Brother Huo,” Jiang Ming said as he turned to the side.

“No, its fine,” Huo Yun said as he shook his head. Then, he hesitated briefly before he added, “Since Jia Guangs cultivation base has been destroyed, despite his wrongdoings, its still a humiliation to Lieyang Peak. Therefore, as the first disciple of Lieyang Peak, I have to do something about it. Id like to challenge you, Senior Brother Jiang.”

Huo Yun felt rather embarrassed after saying these words.

Zi Linglong scoffed. Then, she stepped forward and said, “How ridiculous. You have no right to challenge my senior brother.”

After saying that, Zi Linglong no longer restrained her aura. Energy surged out immediately, causing the air to ripple and distort. Then, she said, “Youre a good person. Its unfortunate you have a master with such a short temper. Lets do this. Ill fight in my senior brothers stead!”

Zi Linglong clenched her hand as a red sword materialized.

Meanwhile, Huo Yuns expression turned grim upon sensing Zi Linglongs aura. He felt slightly shaken by it. When he looked at the young girl with such a powerful aura, he inexplicably felt as though he was facing an insurmountable towering mountain. He even had a strange urge to fall to his knees and worship her.

After a brief moment, Huo Yun took a deep breath to suppress the fear within himself before he said, “Junior Sister Linglong, from what I know youre only ten years old, but youve already possessed such a profound cultivation base. You must be in the Golden Core Realm now, right? Youre truly talented. Even the young geniuses of the sect cant compare to you. Why do you hide your strength?”

“Im challenging the Tower of Trials tomorrow,” Zi Linglong said indifferently before she made her move.

Using her sword as a medium, she launched thousands upon thousands of sword qis using her spiritual qi toward Huo Yun. There were so many sword qi that they looked like raindrops.

Huo Yuns expression changed immediately, and he hastily retreated 100 meters. He watched as countless sword qi merged into a towering sword qi in just a blink of an eye. He flew up and waved his hand before he channeled his mana into his sword to parry the attack. Alas, he was sent flying from the impact of the collision and crashed against the mountain face.

“So powerful!” Jiang Ming exclaimed. Nevertheless, he knew if he were the one who faced that attack, it would not even leave a scratch on his skin even if he did not defend himself.

Huo Yun, the first disciple of Lieyang Peak, could not even withstand a strike from Zi Linglong. This showed how terrifying she was.

Shes only ten years old, and the rapid improvement of her cultivation can be explained by her bloodline awakening. However, how can her attack be so powerful as well? Moreover, shes wielding her sword like a veteran. Is she a child of destiny? Heavens chosen one? Jiang Ming felt like scratching his head when he thought about this.

Jiang Ming knew if his junior sister was truly the child of destiny, she would definitely be a prominent figure in the future. However, this also meant that she would attract trouble to herself. He sighed.In any case, shes my beloved junior sister, and Ive watched her grow up. Ill kill anyone who dares to bully her.

This thought had only just appeared in Jiang Mings mind when he saw Huo Yun flying back. A trace of blood could be seen on the corner of his lips, and the expression of shock on his face had yet to fade.

“You came back for more?” Zi Linglong frowned.

“No!” Huo Yun hastily shook his head. Then, he said with a bitter smile, “Youre too powerful, Junior Sister. Im no match for you. If I may ask, how do you usually cultivate?”

Zi Linglong did not respond to Huo Yun. She only stood silently behind Jiang Ming.

Upon seeing this, Huo Yun was not angry at all. Instead, he looked at Jiang Ming and said, “Senior Brother Jiang, I have a feeling youre concealing your cultivation base as well…”

“Im just an average cultivator,” Jiang Jing said with a smile, “Is that all?”

“Yes. I should report back to my master now,” Huo Yun said as he shook his head. Then, he added, “The sect values geniuses. Once your strength is revealed, a Grand Elder from Zhiyang Peak will definitely come for a visit. After all, Jia Guang came today because he was instigated by Zhiyang Peaks Linghu Yin. Anyway, I should take my leave now. Farewell. Ill visit again another day.”

Huo Yun left after cupping his fists together at Jiang Ming and Zi Linglong.

Jiang Ming nodded and returned the gesture. He looked at Huo Yuns back as he said with a smile, “Hes very direct…”

Zi Linglong nodded.

Jiang Ming turned to look at Zi Linglong and said, “Alright, you should return to your cultivation. Im going to enjoy the scenery here for a while before cooking a delicious meal for you tonight.”

“Really?” Zi Linglongs eyes lit up immediately.

“Of course!” Jiang Ming nodded with a smile.

“Alright! Ill go cultivate now!” Zi Linglong said excitedly before she skipped away.

Following that, Jiang Ming looked in the other direction.. In just an instant, his gaze turned frosty as a light glinted at the tips of his fingers.

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