Chapter 13: First Kill

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Name: Zuo Han

Gender: Male

Cultivation base: Purple Mansion Realm.

Background: Elder of Jiuyang Sects Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes actually an elder of Yinmo Sect)

Relationship: -96.

Status: Hes come to Chuyang Peak under his senior brothers, Yue Cheng, orders. He plans to deliver the killing blow after Huo Yun avenges his junior brother. Hes now watching from a spot 7 kilometers away northeast of Chuyang Peak while he waits for a chance to strike.

“Great. His hatred toward me has increased. It seems like hes hell-bent on killing me,” Jiang Ming muttered to himself. Upon reading Zuo Hans information again, killing intent rose in his heart.

With the information from the Human Path Records, Jiang Ming knew where Zuo Han was hidden. He could sense Zuo Hans presence now as well.

He glanced back and saw that Zi Linglong had already returned to her room. After a brief moment of hesitation, he raised his hand and launched the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi. The sword qi was formless, and it could be easily hidden. This ability was very stealthy.


Halfway up a distant mountain.

Zuo Han stood with his back facing the mountain as he rested his hands on his back. His eyes were fixed on Chuyang Peak. At this moment, he was lost in his thoughts.

“Senior Brothers plan is really impressive; it can kill two birds with one stone. Dongfang Lie looked down on Gu Hai, to begin with. Now that a conflict has arisen between the two peaks, Gu Hai will go mad if I kill his two disciples after this. Dongfang Lies disciple went to the Chuyang Peak and had his cultivation base destroyed. Hence, he sent his first disciple to Chuyang Peak to challenge its first disciple. At that time, well say that Dongfang Lies first disciple accidentally killed Gu Hais two disciples during the challenge. Gu Hai will definitely lose his mind and not let Dongfang Lie go. Finally, after years of planning, one of the Peak will fall into our hands. One of our people will definitely get promoted after this. Moreover, this plan will also suppress Lieyang Peak. If Dongfang Lie is punished, on top of Chuyang Peak, we might even get Lieyang Peak. With that, Jiuyang Sect will definitely be ours. With that as a stepping stone…” Zuo Han muttered to himself as an expression of delight appeared on his face.

However, his expression of delight was quickly replaced by one of shock when he saw Huo Yun was sent flying back.

“How can that girl be so powerful? Impossible! Does she possess a special bloodline? This must be it. This also explains why that old geezer, Gu Hai, stopped recruiting disciples after that great incident. At that time, he only brought two disciples back to the sect. To think, he was just trying to mislead everyone. What a shame, Gu Hai. You almost got away with it. Do you think you can reach the heavens with a single leap? Ill send you to the abyss of hell!” Zuo Han said as his killing intent grow stronger.

When Huo Yun finally left, he knew it was time for him to make his move. However, when he focused his gaze, he discovered that Jiang Ming was staring straight at him. He watched as Jiang Ming raised his hand and pointed his finger. He was slightly puzzled by this. Following that, without any warning, goosebumps erupted on his flesh as a biting chill suddenly penetrated his heart.

He hurriedly erected a protective barrier around himself as his chest glowed with light.


A sword qi flew over and landed against Zuo Hans protective barrier and exploded. Then, it tore through his Protective Robes, a top-grade weapon, and pierced his body.

The sword qi tore Zuo Hans internal organs apart and destroyed his sea of consciousness.

With that, Zuo Han died immediately.

The sword qi exited from the back of his body and landed against the mountain with a loud boom. The impact of the explosion shocked heaven and earth, and a shockwave swept over the entire Jiuyang Sect in just an instant.

Following that, energy surged in the sect as figures shot out and flew toward the source of the commotion.

Jiang Jin started when he witnessed the might of his sword qi.

“How powerful!” He was really shocked that he managed to kill Zuo Han with just a strike. Zuo Han did not even have time to defend himself. Most importantly, Zuo Han was a Purple Mansion cultivator.

“Did I grow stronger again or is this the destructive force of the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi?”

At this time, Zi Linglong flew over with a shocked expression on her face. When she saw Jiang Ming was safe and sound, she sighed in relief. Then, she quickly asked, “What happened, Senior Brother? I sensed a destructive sword qi earlier.”

Jiang Ming pointed at the distance and said, “Look over there.”

The distant mountain peak had been blown off. It was now a mess of debris and rubble.

Experts from the sect had already gathered there and cordoned the area off.

“I was here thinking about what happened today when the mountain peak suddenly crumbled…” Jiang Ming explained.

“How did that happen?” Zi Linglong asked. She wondered why this event deviated so greatly from the original track.

In her memories, when Linghu Yin came looking for trouble the first time, she and her senior brother had suffered losses. In the end, it was Momo who rescued them. When they told their master about it, he began to spend more time on the mountain and less time traveling.

Hence, she had not been surprised when Jia Guang and Linghu Yin came looking for trouble. After all, it happened before in the original timeline.

In the original timeline, when her senior brother was injured, their master returned at the crucial time. After that, their master went to Lieyang Peak and wreaked havoc there. In the end, the matter was never resolved.

She knew the events were not 100% similar since she had interfered, but things still followed a general trajectory. However, where did the destructive sword qi come from? It definitely did not appear in the original timeline. Otherwise, based on its force, she would definitely remember it. She could tell it was a top special ability.

Another thing that confused her was her senior brothers cultivation base. According to the original timeline, his cultivation base should be at the 8th Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm now, but that was not the case. Although he was carefree, liked silence and solitude, he should not have been so lazy. She was confused by his current cultivation base that was lower compared to the original timeline.

Did something change because I interfered? Did I unknowingly hurt his self-esteem when I awoke my phoenix bloodline ahead of time? Is that why he gave up on cultivating? However, it really doesnt seem that way…

In fact, Zi Linglong did not care about the deviations of events. As long as she was strong enough, she believed she would be able to handle anything that came her way. However, since this concerned her senior brother, she naturally cared very much.

Zi Linglong made up her mind and thought to herself,I should find Senior Brother some medicinal herbs to help him improve his cultivation base.

At this time, Jiang Ming and Zi Linglong saw a group of people circling the mountain as though they were searching for something. Those people only looked at the duo briefly before they resumed their search.

“Lets go, Linglong,” Jiang Ming said as he made his way back to the courtyard. Then, he continued to say, “Master should be back tonight. You should tell him youre going to challenge the Tower of Trials tomorrow. Youll be safer if the sect pays attention to you…”

“Alright, Senior Brother,” Zi Linglong replied obediently.

Jiang Ming nodded before he left to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, several First Seats hovered above the distant mountain as they surveyed the mountain peak.

After a while, they came to several conclusions. First, the sword qi that damaged the mountain was a peerless ability. Second, the attacker must have a grudge against Zuo Han. Otherwise, the attacker would not have risked coming to Jiuyang Sect to kill Zuo Han. Moreover, for the attacker to kill Zuo Han so easily without giving Zuo Han a chance to call for help, the attacker had to be a Purple Mansion cultivator at least. Third, the attacker was not hostile toward Jiuyang Sect. Otherwise, the attacker would not have stopped at killing only one person. Fourth, they were almost certain the attacker must have a formidable background.

At this time, they thought it was imperative they find out who the attacker was. Otherwise, they would not feel at ease. They wondered how the attacker made it past the sects Grand Formation. Was there a spy in the sect? Could it be possible that the attacker was still in the sect? They also had to find out what Zuo Hao was doing near the Chuyang Peak.

After drawing these conclusions, realization dawned on Dongfang Lie, and he narrowed his eyes immediately. Fury rose in his heart, and he was tempted to lash at Yue Cheng. After forcing himself to calm down, he smiled coldly and asked, “Were you trying to frame me, Yue Cheng?

“Frame you?” Yue Cheng seemed perplexed. He cupped his fists together at Dongfang Lie and asked, “Why would you say something like that, Senior Brother Dongfang?”

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