Chapter 15: The Great Harvest Is Near

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Zi Linglong naturally had no qualms challenging the Tower of Trials.

“Linglong is amazing! To think that Huo Yun, the first disciple of Lieyang Peak, was sent flying with just a single strike. Dong Fanglie, that son of a b*tch, must be fuming with anger!” Gu Hai suppressed his unease and speculations and laughed after hearing about how powerful his disciple was. He was also shocked that a ten-year-old child was a Golden Core cultivator defeated Huo Yun, the first disciple of Lieyang Peak. Huo Yun was a genius who had been cultivating close to a century, after all.

“Its all thanks to your guidance, Master!” Zi Linglong said obediently.

“If you didnt awaken your phoenix bloodline, I could be the best teacher in the world, and it still wouldnt matter,” Gu Hai said. He did not claim undue credit.

“Thats why you shouldnt bother me about my cultivation in the future, Master,” Jiang Ming seized the opportunity and said with a smile, “If I were talented, everything would go smoothly like it does for Junior Sister. She reached the Golden Core Realm in less than a year. Look at me! My talents are mediocre. I wont reach that realm even if I cultivate my entire life!”

“Youre negating and giving up on yourself.” Gu Hai scoffed. “You think its pointless to cultivate just because your talents are mediocre? You dont think youll ever be an expert? Do you think experts will remain powerful while the weak remain weak? Remember, Ming, cultivation itself is defying the heavens. Cultivators go against the convention, breaking their limits, and win against the heavens. I wont deny a talented person will improve quickly, but if youre diligent and persistent, you can achieve great things as well. If you give up now, then theres no doubt youll end up mediocre. When youre 100 years old and are buried underground, will you be content with how you lived your life? Moreover, youre only 19 years old, but youre already a 7th Stage Qi Cultivation cultivator. You may not be the best, but you can also be considered a genius…”

“Im not giving up on myself, Master,” Jiang Ming smiled wryly.

Gu Hai did not seem to be in a good mood. He picked up his chopsticks and sent more food into his mouth. With that, his dark expression seemed to lighten. “I have to admit that youre cooking is improving day by day. This is really delicious.”

Linglong giggled. “Master, I think youre not being fair to Senior Brother. I mean, Ive never seen other disciples chop wood, fetch water, or clean the courtyard without using mana when theyre Senior Brothers age. Ive never seen them plant crops over days and months. Dont you think these things show Senior Brothers determination as well? I dont the other disciples can compare to Senior Brothers perseverance.”

“Hmmm, you have a point.” Gu Hais hand that was holding the chopstick paused in midair. He stroked his beard and looked at Jiang Ming as he said, “Are you tempering your character by doing these things?”

“I genuinely like labor and menial tasks,” Jiang Ming replied sheepishly.

“Youre hopeless! I really shouldnt have asked!” Gu Hai said indignantly. His chopsticks left afterimages in the air as he picked up more food. He finished his meal in no time at all and returned to the main pavilion.

Jiang Ming was stunned.

Zi Linglong pouted. “I cant believe he didnt leave anything for us at all!”

With this, Gu Hais voice rang from afar. “Cook something else for your junior sister!”

Zi Linglong covered her mouth and giggled. Then, she said softly, “Ill find some spiritual items that can help improve your cultivation base. Well cultivate and become immortals together.”

“Dont worry. Your senior brother isnt that weak,” Jiang Ming said as he ruffled her hair, “Wait here. Ill cook you something.”

After dinner, the duo spent some time together. They watched the stars twinkle in the night sky as the moon cast its light on the lands.

Light glimmered at the other Peaks in the sect as well. Some of them were from disciples casting spells, some were from them flying, and some were only lighting up the night sky with their mana for fun.

Despite the dazzling lights in his surroundings, Jiang Ming had grown numb to them.

When Jiang Ming woke up the next day…

[Ding! You had a good nights sleep. Reward: Ten days worth of cultivation]

Jiang Ming was delighted by this notification.

As usual, he chopped wood, fetched water, cleaned the courtyard, made breakfast, and went to the back of the mountain.

“Its time for the harvest!” Jiang Ming was rather excited as he looked at the bent stalks of the paddy and the wheat. Once he harvested them, he would be rewarded. After a moment, he quickly suppressed his excitement.

His junior sister was going to the Tower of Trials today, and as her senior brother, he had to be present.

“System, will I still receive rewards for persistence if I leave Chuyang Peak?”

[Ding! So long as you stay and work during the day, youll still be rewarded]

“Great!” Jiang Mings mood improved upon hearing this.

Currently, the Elders were still looking for Zuo Hans killers around the distant peaks. Alas, they were destined to fail in their quest. Who would ever suspect the culprit was just a Qi Cultivation disciple?

Jiang Ming patrolled his farm before he returned to the courtyard again.

After he dealt with everything, he met up with Gu Hai and Zi Linglong.

“Ive already notified the Sect Master and the other First Seats that Linglong will be challenging the Tower of Trials. Well witness the birth of a rising star!” Gu Hai was beside himself with excitement. He was clearly in high spirits. He chuckled as he continued to say, “No one will say Chuyang Peak is in decline now! I can beat all of them with just two disciples! Lets go! Follow me!”

Gu Hai waved his sleeve as a gust of wind swept out and carried his two disciples with him as he flew.

“We can fly on our own, Master,” Jiang Ming said, feeling rather speechless.

“Youre too slow. You wont be able to keep up,” Gu Hai replied.

“Youre just excited and cant wait to get started, right?”

Gu Hai laughed. “Of course! Ive been enduring for a long time, and now, I can finally hold my head up high!”

“Why dont you recruit more disciples then? Youve always avoided the disciple recruitment ceremony. What happened in the past, Master?”

“Dont ask too many questions.”

“Im the first disciple, and Im also an adult now. Moreover, Junior Sister will also soon become a gifted disciple of the sect.”

“Lets talk about this later,” Gu Hai said. A hint of loneliness could be heard in his voice.

The Tower of Trials was located on Tongtian Peak.

Two towers that vanished into the clouds could be seen from afar, and they glowed with a faint radiance.

The nine-story tower was used by Qi Cultivation and Foundation Establishment disciples while the twelve-story tower was prepared for Core Formation disciples.

At this time, several First Seats were gathered there. There were many disciples as well. All of them turned to look at Gu Hai in unison when he appeared.

When Gu Hai landed, he cupped his fists together and said with a broad grin, “Greetings, Sect Master, everyone! Thank you for coming to bear witness…”

“If its for an exceptional disciple, Id do it every day,” Yan Yan, the Sect Master, said with a smile, “You dont see a ten-year-old Golden Core cultivator every day, after all. This is a first for Jiuyang Sect. Well done, Linglong!”

“Thank you, Sect Master!” Zi Linglong answered in a sweet voice. She did not seem nervous at all.

The Sect Master nodded and looked at Jiang Ming. “Youre doing great as well. You might be a bit too indifferent, but your perseverance is commendable.”

Jiang Ming thanked the Sect Master.

At this time, most peoples attention was focused on Zi Linglong.

Dongfang Lie and Yue Cheng could hardly believe that Zi Linglong was a Golden Core cultivator. At her age, most people would only be starting on their cultivation journey.

I should try recruiting her to Zhiyang Peak. Yue Cheng briefly entertained this thought as his eyes glinted.

Since the others were hunting Zuo Hans killer, they did not wait for long. After a short conversation, Zi Linglong entered the twelve-story Tower of Trials after Gu Hai gave her a few pieces of advice.

“I wonder how many floors shell be able to clear?” Gu Hai was slightly nervous.

“At least nine,” Jiang Ming replied.

At this moment, Yin Yue, Jiaoyang Peaks First Seat, walked over. She was dressed like a middle-aged woman, and there were a few silver strands of hair on her head. However, her skin was supple and smooth.. Her expression was usually as cold as ice, but when she walked over, the ice seemed to thaw, and her expression grew warmer. She said, “Nine? Do you know about the Tower of Trials origin? Do you know how many cultivators made it past the ninth floor? Do you know how many made it to the twelfth floor?”

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