o the Purple Mansion Realm, but he ran into a wall. It was as though a huge mountain stood on his cultivation path. He knew this was normal; the higher ones cultivation base was, the harder it would be to break through.

This stage was especially crucial to him. Advancing to the Purple Mansion Realm from the Golden Core Realm was stepping into a whole new world.

Jiang Ming continued to will his Golden Core to push against the invisible wall in his sea of consciousness. Once he succeeded in breaking the wall, his sea of consciousness would transform into a divine sea, which was unique to the Purple Mansion Realm.

Jiang Ming continued circulating his qi with his Golden Core and pushed against his sea of consciousness. The wall seemed to stand between heaven and earth. The thickness of the wall corresponded with his achievements in the Golden Core Realm. This was the reason he had a difficult time breaking through after reaching the 81st Extreme Golden Core Realm. It was too difficult, and he could only rely on sheer willpower and strength to break through.


When his Golden Core pushed against the invisible barrier again, it triggered endless surging waves. Alas, the barrier only shook without breaking. He continued trying a few times, but his attempts were all in vain.

After a while, he decided to rest and focused on comprehending the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi instead. Unfortunately, he could not calm down enough to do that. In the end, he opened his eyes and looked outside.

The sun was slowly moving west; it was already late afternoon.

“I should go and harvest the crops. I wonder what rewards Ill obtain…”

Jiang Ming rose to his feet and leaped to the back of the mountain.

At the back of the mountain.

The paddy stalks bent low in the golden field. The oilseed rape was also waiting to be harvested. His vegetable farm was verdant and lush, but the medicinal field seemed rather sparse.

“This is the only world where paddy, wheat, and oilseed rape would mature at the same time.”

Jiang Ming spread his senses wide and determined that no one was spying on him. Then, he waved his hand and launched a wind blade across the field. The blade easily cut the stalks of the oilseed rape near their roots.

He waved his hand again and the crops rose and flew into his hand. After shaking them vigorously, the seeds of the oilseed rape dropped to the ground. A gust of wind carried the seeds and the fallen leaves away.

In just a short time, he collected 100 kilograms of oilseed rape. Since this was a spiritual strain, this yield was satisfactory.

Subsequently, Jiang Ming joined his palms together. He manipulated his mana and squeezed the seeds like a compressor. Soon enough, droplets of oil emerged, and he collected them in a jade bottle.

“This is really convenient!” Jiang Ming exclaimed. In just a matter of minutes, he was done extracting the oil from the seeds. “Cultivators truly make great farmers! The efficiency is 100 times better!”

[Ding! Congratulations on harvesting one Mu of oilseed rape and extracting oil from it. Reward: 20 years worth of cultivation and a human spiritual fruit!]

[Ding! Human spiritual fruit: a rare fruit that helps focus ones mind and improves ones comprehension skills]

“This can improve my comprehension skills?” Jiang Ming inhaled sharply.

20 years worth of cultivation was a huge reward in itself. He did not expect to be rewarded with something that would improve his comprehension skills as well. He did know something abstract and abstruse like comprehension skills could be improved.

He clicked his tongue in wonder as he brought the fruit out without any hesitation. He took a bite of the fruit that was the size of a pigeons egg. “Its sweet!”

After he ate the fruit, he could feel a faint trickle of energy entering his mind. It was a rather refreshing feeling. It felt as though his thought process had been accelerated by at least ten times. He exclaimed in shock, “This is amazing!”

Then, Jiang Ming looked at the three Mu of paddy and three Mu of wheat with a burning gaze. However, he did not harvest them immediately. Instead, he sliced and diced the withered stalks of the oilseed rape and turned them into powder before scattering them across the fields as fertilizer.

After that, he finally harvested the paddy and the wheat. He swiftly threshed them. In the end, they weighed about 600 kilograms. He could feed himself for a long time with this. Although the process was slightly more troublesome, it was nothing he could not handle.

[Ding! Congratulations on threshing three Mu of spiritual paddy. Reward: 60 years worth of cultivation and the special ability, Great Akasa Steps]

[Ding! Congratulations on threshing three Mu of spiritual wheat. Reward: 60 years worth of cultivation and five Enlightening Tea Leaves]

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