ed various spiritual medicines to construct this divine spring. At this place, cultivators could speed up their cultivation and improve their bodily constitutions. It was a wondrous place.

The reason Zi Linglong had decided to reveal her talent and strength was so she could come to this place.

“Linglong, you shouldnt rush when it comes to cultivation. You have great potential, but youre young. You need to gain more experience. Try to stay in the Golden Core Realm a little longer and enter the extreme state. If you can reach the fifth or sixth extreme, itll be extremely helpful in the future if you want to become an immortal or live a long life…” The Sect Master advised Linglong tirelessly in an affable manner.

Linglong listened to him and nodded like a chick pecking grain from the ground. Then, she walked to the pit and sat down cross-legged before activating her cultivation method and triggering her phoenix bloodline. With that, flames began to surge around her as her body emitted a divine pressure. Her body quickly absorbed the Nature Fluid from the spring as a vortex began to form near her.

“What a speedy absorption rate!” The Sect Masters eyes lit up when he saw this.

Gu Hai asked worriedly, “Will she be okay?”

“Ill be here if anything happens,” the Sect Master said reassuringly, “Moreover, there are other Elders here as well. Well notice it?immediately if somethings amiss. Dont worry.”

Gu Hai could only nod. Then, he asked again, “Will the spring dry up if she keeps this up?”

“If she does that, Ill be incredibly happy,” the Sect Master replied.

However, he did not know that he could not laugh even if he wanted to when he saw what happened later.

At night.

Jiang Ming was still on the rooftop. He watched the stars as he drank the tea he brewed.

A gust of strong wind blew past the mountains, but it became a gentle and cooling breeze after it passed through the Formation. It felt like he was being caressed.

At this time, Jiang Mings eyes suddenly lit up. “Its time!”

[Ding! Congratulations on living on Chuyang Peak for a year and carrying out at least one menial task each day. Reward: 100 years worth of cultivation, ten Enlightening Tea Leaves, three Shadowless Needles, and five Enlightening Stones]

Jiang Ming smiled when he heard the system notification. “These are some generous rewards.”

100 years of cultivation was incredibly precious, after all. The ten Enlightening Tea Lives were useful as well. Even the Sect Master would fight for something like this.

[Ding! Shadowless Needle: Invisible when used. Can be used to kill a person discreetly. Cannot be reused. Comparable to a high-grade item]

“Comparable to a high-grade item?” Jiang Ming inhaled sharply. Not even Gu Hai possessed something of this grade. He was certain Gu Hai, a First Seat, only possessed two low-grade items.

“Its a pity that theyre not reusable. However, theyll come in handy since they can kill discreetly. If I have no choice but to make a move in the future, Ill have another option available to me…”

Jiang Ming held the Shadowless Needles carefully in his hands after he brought them out.

I should try and master how to use them first…

It was not difficult to master how to use the needles. With the needles, he was confident about going against Dao Seed experts. He was certain he could even kill them.

Not bad. Not bad at all!

Jiang Ming was in a good mood as he brought out the Enlightening Stones.

[Ding! Enlightening Stone: after activation, the users mind will be one with nature. The user will be able to understand the workings of the world and gain insight into the worlds laws. It only lasts for an hour]

The effect was somewhat similar to being in a meditative state. He was happier to receive this compared to other items. It was like an enhanced version of the Enlightening Tea Leaves.

“Did the system give me this because Im too slow at learning spells and mastering special abilities?” Jiang Ming wondered out loud as he rose to his feet and stretched his limbs.

He raised his hands and grabbed at thin air, acting as though he had the universe in his hand. “When I master the knowledge of the sun and moons cycles, Ill turn the sky into my farm!”

After saying that, he turned around and looked at the ten Mu of farmland with a smile on his face. He had a long road ahead of him to reach his objective.

When Jiang Ming finally returned to his room, he sat down cross-legged on his bed.

He knew it was now time for him to achieve a breakthrough.

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