Chapter 22: System Update

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Name: Jiang Ming

Cultivation base: Purple Mansion Realm.

Cultivation method: Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Spell: Ten Thousand Sword Technique, Cold Breeze Sword Technique, basic Formations, basic Talismans

Special ability: Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi, Great Akasa Steps.

Innate Talent: Immortal (Primary Daoist Body)

Item: Human Path Records, three Shadowless Needles (high-grade Artifact), Noble Robe (low-grade Artifact), Flowing Cloud Sword (top-grade Weapon), 13 Enlightening Tea Leaves (high-grade), five Enlightening Stones (rare)

His cultivation base was now the Purple Mansion Realm.

The basic spells were longer listed under the spells he mastered. In their places were Formations and Talismans. Since they were considered spells as well, he was not surprised.

His special abilities remained unchanged.

Finally, there was something new: innate talent. It referred to the innate he possessed.

“I have the innate talent of an immortal now?” Jiang Ming was surprised. Although he knew could be considered a genius, he was still an ordinary genius at best. Someone like him was not rare, let alone peerless. However, his current innate talent was a completely different story.

This must have something to do with me cultivating the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra. As my cultivation base improved, my constitution changed as well. When I reached the Purple Mansion Realm, I underwent a complete transformation overnight. The Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra can change a persons overall constitution. Its really amazing! Jiang Ming was shocked by his own inference. Not only did he possess an incredibly powerful body, but his mind was sharper than before as well. His perception of his surroundings had?improved dramatically as well. All these changes were the results of his improved constitution and mind.

With just a thought, Jiang Ming summoned the information of his innate talent.

In the beginning, Innate talent was ranked from one to ten stars. One star was the lowest rank. Qi Cultivation cultivators usually had this rank. On the other hand, those with ten stars were usually at the?tenth cultivation realm. Above this was the innate talent of an immortal. This indicated that the cultivator had the potential to become an immortal.

Naturally, this was just a general guide. It probably did not apply to geniuses who defied reasons.

Jiang Ming looked at his Purple Mansion, the foundation of his innate talent of an immortal, again.

His Purple Mansion had a diameter of 10,000 meters. It was now half-filled with liquid mana. Half of the cultivation he had gathered was half gone.

There were two stages in the Purple Mansion realm. The first was when one expanded ones sea of consciousness to the Purple Mansion, and the second was where ones mana took liquid form to fill the Purple Mansion. When the mana was filled to the brim, one would be considered to be at the peak of the Purple Mansion Realm.

Now, it was time for him to make preparations to break through to the Dao Seed Realm.

The Dao Seed referred to the seed of Daoism. A cultivator had to comprehend the character and Sambodha of all creations before forming their own Dao Seed. It was impossible to reach this realm just by amassing mana alone.

It would be too difficult for a cultivator to reach this realm without contemplating the mysteries of the world that existed since the dawn of time. Many exceptionally gifted cultivators were stuck at this stage.

Nevertheless, Jiang Ming was not worried. After all, he had the Enlightening Tea Leaves and the Enlightening Stone.

The Enlightening Tea Leaf was ranked high-grade according to the ranking system of spiritual medicine.

Based on his knowledge, spiritual medicines were divided into low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, top-grade, and medicine king.

On the other hand, the Enlightening Stone was ranked rare.

A rare item referred to special items found in the world. Due to their different effects, their values ranged considerably. For example, although a Jadeite Stone could be considered rare, its value was pitiably low.

The value of an Enlightening Stone was comparable to a weapon.

I have 13 Enlightening Tea Leaves and five Enlightening Stones. I wont have a problem reaching the fifth realm of cultivation, the Dao Seed Realm! Jiang Ming thought to himself as he enjoyed the morning scenery, feeling refreshed.

He focused his gaze and could clearly see the energy in the surroundings. He could even see the outline of the barrier of the Grand Formation that protected the Jiuyang Sect.

“Is this one of the Primary Daoist Bodys abilities?” Jiang Ming wondered. When he had a better look, he could see the mountains were shrouded by wave-like energy. The energy seemed to be one with the sky and the ley lines.

Jiang Ming was in awe. If he spent time carefully observing the mountains, he was confident about comprehending the immensity of the mountains breadth, boundlessness, and majesty.

“Did I unknowingly awaken my Dharma Eyes?”

Jiang Ming turned to the other side, looking at the verdant and lush forest. Dense vitality qi swirled between the trees under the sunlight. The trees and soil that depended on each other looked dazzling under the cast of the sun.

Jiang Ming was amazed.

Then, he turned his attention to the huge sun. He narrowed his eyes and saw a small translucent sphere that shone down on the lands and all creations. He knew that those were photons.

At this moment, the sun suddenly enlarged before his eyes before his field vision was filled with a huge and boundless fireball that carried with it great pressure and the power to burn everything down.

At this moment, he seemed to be capable of seeing various elements of fire such as the suns true fire, pure sun Sambodha, poison fire, and thunder fire among others.

It seemed to be the root and source of all fire.

At this moment, Jiang Mings suddenly felt like his soul was on fire as though it was threatening to reduce him to ashes. He hastily closed his eyes to calm down.

As the source of civilization, the sun is really extraordinary.”

Jiang Ming heaved a long sigh. Then, he retracted his power. At this time, he had already formulated a plan in his mind. He was in a wonderful mood.

“My Dharma Eyes and the grand path before me, Ill one day ascend to the heavens!” Jiang Ming said to himself before he waved his sleeve and leaped off the rooftop.

Jiang Ming went to the kitchen. He quickly made a simple but delicious meal. He made it a point to have breakfast every morning.

[Ding! Congratulations on making a delicious breakfast. Rewards: 20 days worth of cultivation base]


Jiang Ming was in a good mood. Without using his mana or special ability, he fetched water from the other side of the mountain, chopped wood, and cleaned the courtyard. He was rewarded for this with close to three months worth of cultivation.

Then, he leaped up into the air and landed next to the pavilion on the rooftop. He looked at the farmland at the back of the mountain. He had yet to plow the land but decided to rest for now even if he knew he would be rewarded for plowing the seven Mu of land.

He suppressed the restlessness he felt from an unfinished task and lay on the chair. He murmured to himself, “Since Im determined to live an ordinary life, I should strike a balance between work and rest.”

Then, he called up the Human Path Records.


He was not certain of its grade, but the Human Path Records had gained a new function. The front page now had special markings as well.

[New addition: Friends. Anyone with a relationship value of 60 and above will be added to this page]

[New addition: Enemies. Anyone with a relationship value of -60 and below will be added to this page.]

“This is a nice function. Ill be notified if someone is planning to harm me in the future. Interesting!” Jiang Ming was delighted. “However, this gives me déjà vu. It reminds me of QQ.”

When Jiang Ming flipped to the Friends page, he saw more than 20 names. There were Sect Master Yan Yan, Zhang Junbao, Chang Yiming, and the others. Toward the end of the list, he saw Momos name as well. Their relationship value had increased slightly to 63.

“Senior Sister Momo is an interesting character!”

On the other hand, he had one enemy: Jia Guang of Lieyang Peak. Their relationship value was now at -88. This meant that Jia Guang hated him to the bone. However, his cultivation base had already been destroyed. Hence, Jiang Ming paid him no mind.

Jiang Ming also discovered Linghu Yin was no longer listed in the Human Path Records. There was only one possibility for this: he was dead.

After flipping through a few pages, Jiang Ming arrived at Zi Linglongs face.. A shocked expression quickly appeared on his face.

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