Chapter 25: Sly Junior Sister

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Jiang Ming stopped cultivating when it was late in the evening. He rose to his feet and looked at the starry sky with a strange expression on his face as he muttered to himself, “It shouldve taken a cultivator decades or centuries to obtain their Sambodhas from contemplating the mysteries of heaven and earth. Even then, most full-fledged Purple Mansion cultivators cant even gain one Sambodha after cultivating their whole lives. However, I… In just a night, I obtained the Abundant Sambodha and the Suppression Sambodha. I wonder if its due to my Daoist Body being in sync with nature and the world or its due to the Enlightening Tea Leaves…”

Jiang Ming naturally did not know the answers to these questions now, but he knew that he was extraordinarily powerful now. He had obtained two Sambodhas in just one night; no one would believe him if he told them about it. It was an inhuman feat.

“After obtaining a Sambodha, I can turn it into a Dao Seed after my Purple Mansion is filled to the brim. With that, Ill directly progress to the Dao Seed Realm. Sambodhas vary in strength. A Sambodha can be turned into a Dao Seed that will propel me to a higher realm even if its potentials and powers vary…”

Jiang Ming began to think about the Dao Seed Realm.

At the Purple Mansion Realm, cultivators would discover and develop their potential. At the Dao Seed Realm, they would be laying their foundations.

There were not many records about the Dao Seed Realm in Chuyang Peaks library. However, the ones available emphasized one thing: a cultivator could only cultivate one seed. If cultivators possessed multiple seeds, they risked their seeds conflicting with each other. Moreover, it would take a long time for cultivators to gain insight with multiple seeds, affecting their cultivation progress.

Following that was a crucial point: the Nascent Soul Realm. Cultivators would turn their Dao Seeds into primal souls. If one had two seeds, did that mean one would have twin souls? However, it was stated one could only have one soul.

“However, the entire point of the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra is to let cultivators learn every cultivation method in the world and form an almighty Dao foundation!”

Jiang Ming continued mulling over this matter. He was in a dilemma. He had already gained Sambodha and could turn it into a Dao Seed. All he needed to do was wait for his Purple Mansion to be filled before he could progress to the next realm and continue to raise his strength. However, this went against the intention of the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra. If he followed the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra, he would have to master every cultivation method under the heavens and fuse them. Just thinking of this filled him with uncertainty. It was one thing to have unlimited potential or talent, but was it possible to master every cultivation method under the heavens? How much time would he need to achieve such a feat? What should he do if there were conflicts between his Dao Seeds?

Perhaps, these problems could be solved, but he did not have anyone to guide him. He had to forge his own path. If he were to encounter a problem during the process, he would be in deep trouble.

As Jiang Ming looked at the stars, he recalled a sentence he had liked in the past.I stand on both banks of the river of stars, holding the revolving sun and moon in my hands as I gaze into the boundless distance of the universe.

Jiang Ming shook his head and cleared his mind of his doubts. Then, he tidied his robes before he sat on the recliner and leaned back.

Jiang Ming slept outdoors in the pavilion on the rooftop. The starry sky was his blanket and the ground was his bed.

The next day.

After completing his morning chores, Jiang Ming went to the back of the mountain and plowed the remaining plots of land. He was not in a rush so he took his time to think about what to plant next.

“The rice and wheat would last for a while so itd be a waste to grow them again,” Jiang Ming muttered under his breath. After a moment, his eyes lit up as an idea appeared in his mind. “I can make wine! With this, I wont be wasting any of my crops!”

Jiang Ming looked at the two Mu of herbs. They were growing too slowly for his liking. He carefully inspected them and got rid of the pests he found.

After he was done, he returned to his room and read a book as he drank tea. He was living the carefree life he wanted.

In the afternoon.

Jiang Ming brought his fishing rod to the lake on the other side of the mountain and began to fish.

[Ding! Congratulations on catching a fish! Reward: three days worth of cultivation]

[Ding! Congratulations on catching a 1st Stage Qi Cultivation crayfish. Reward: 30 days worth of cultivation]

Time passed slowly.

At night.

Jiang Ming continued contemplating the mysteries of heaven and earth.

A fortnight passed in just a blink of an eye.

In the morning.

On the rooftop, Jiang Ming saw two figures speeding toward him. Before they descended, a crisp and sweet voice rang in the air.

“Senior Brother!”

Jiang Ming smiled. “Linglong! Did you miss me?”

As soon as Linglong descended, she rushed into Jiang Mings arms. She hugged him tightly and rubbed her face against his chest. “I did! I really miss you, Senior Brother!”

Jiang Ming smiled and ruffled her hair with a smile on his face. “Im glad you didnt forget about me!”

After Gu Hai landed next to his two disciples, he smiled as he stroked his beard. He seemed to be in high spirits.

Jiang Ming pulled away and held Zi Linglongs shoulders before he studied her. “Alright, let me see… Did you grow taller again?”

Indeed, Zi Linglong had grown taller.

At this time, Gu Hai sighed loudly as he took a seat. Then, he poured himself a cup of tea from Jiang Mings teapot before he said, “Some people are really heartless. Although their master is standing next to them, they wont even greet their master…”

Jiang Ming sighed as well before he nodded and said, “Thats right. Some people are really heartless. They can even leave a child alone to fend for themselves…”

Linglong laughed when she heard her master and her senior brothers banter.

Gu Hai rolled his eyes before he said, annoyed, “You should respect your elders! Anyway, did anything happen while we were gone?”

“Not really.” Jiang Ming shook his head. Then, he asked, “Has Zuo Hans murderer been found?”

“Let alone the murderer, we cant even find a single clue. Weve searched the sect thrice but we couldnt find anything at all. Its really strange,” Gu Hai said, “I wonder if the murderer left after he killed Zuo Han…”

“That seems to be the only possibility,” Jiang Ming said with a nod. Then, he looked at Linglong and asked, “How are you? Did anyone give you a hard time over there?”

“No! Everyone treated me very well! The Sect Master wants me to become his disciple. However, since youre here, Senior Brother, this place is my home. I wont become his disciple!” Linglong said with a hint of disdain, “He tried to entice me with Weapons, Artifacts, spiritual crystals, and medicinal pills, but I only rolled my eyes at him. When he kept pestering me, I told him that Id stop cultivating there if he didnt stop!”

“Then?” Jiang Ming asked, amused.

“Then, he shut up, of course!” Linglong said, looking pleased with herself, “Im the only person who has cleared the Tower of Trials since the founding of the sect so everyone in the sect wants me to join them. Several Grand Elders even came out of seclusion to reprimand the Sect Master for disturbing my cultivation. They also said that Id be given all of the sects resources. You shouldve seen the Sect Masters face. It turned pale and green! It was hilarious!”

Gu Hai laughed before he said in delight, “He wont be able to take my disciple away from me! Ming, you really shouldve seen his expressions. Whenever I think about it, I think it can make me laugh for a year. By the way, keep a distance from that old fart, Linglong! If you have the chance, you should take advantage of him!”

Linglong nodded and slyly said, “Alright! Ill get him to give me all the good stuff he has and give some of them to Senior Brother!” Then, she continued to say excitedly, “Look, Senior Brother! I brought back some things for you. Youll need these Qi Maintenance Pills. There are also Foundation Establishment Pills. You can lay your foundation after you reach the peak of the Qi Cultivation Realm. I also bright you high-grade spiritual items, spiritual liquid, and high-grade defensive tools!”

Warmth suffused Jiang Mings heart as he watched as his junior sister produced items after items. He thought to himself,Shes really the apple of my eye!

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