Chapter 29: Two Years and Ninth Extreme with Ten Stars

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Jiang Ming held the Enlightening Stone in his hand as he cultivated with the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra.

Liquid mana churned in his Purple Mansion, forming vortexes. Each vortex contained a character. As the mana churned, the flowing Sambodha fused without forming small seeds, which were Dao Seeds.

As soon as the Dao Seeds formed, Jiang Ming was considered to have entered the Dao Seed Realm.

At this moment, the Dao Seeds emitted a strange energy that swiftly melted into his Purple Mansion, further expanding it. This was the second chance for the expansion of the Purple Mansion. If one managed to form a powerful seed, the Purple Mansion would expand even more.

Dao Seeds continued to appear as the liquid mana in Jiang Mings Purple Mansion was rapidly decreasing. At the same time, his Purple Mansion was expanding at a shocking speed.

According to A Detailed Explanation of the Human Cultivation Realms, when Dao Seeds were forming and the sea of consciousness was expanding, forming Dao Seeds from rudimentary, intermediate, and advanced Sambodhas would expand the Purple Mansion by half its size, twice its size, and at least ten times its size respectively. There was no mention of ultimate Sambodhas.

The formation of every Dao Seed was an extension of the seed before it. The more Dao Seeds one had, the larger ones Purple Mansion would be. This was an alluring but dangerous temptation. After all, one would risk ones life doing so.

Master Dao Yan, the author of A Detailed Explanation of the Human Cultivation Realms, had to give up on one of his Sambodhas and give up on further expanding his Purple Mansion to reach the Primal Spirit Realm. If he was not protected by his Nature Fluid, his Purple Mansion would have crumbled, and he would have suffered irreversible damage himself.

A person can obtain mana and extend his life through cultivation, but its not without risks and dangers. The path of cultivation leads to heaven, but every step was fraught with danger.

This saying was not exaggerated at all. The Dao Seed Realm was a fine example of it. Forming multiple Dao Seeds could expand the Purple Mansion greatly and would bring about an explosive increase in strength and combat powers, but if the Dao Seeds could not be fused, it was no different having ones future ruined. As for the Dao Seeds, 99.5% of them would be rendered useless while the remaining 0.5% would stagnate and would never improve.

Since Jiang Ming had?made up his mind, he no longer hesitated. His Purple Mansion expanded rapidly and outrageously. Compared to the first expansion when he was in the Golden Core Realm, the current expansion felt easier. As his Dao Seeds increased in numbers, various characters fused with his Purple Mansion, fortifying it. Eventually, he formed 81 Dao Seeds and completed the breakthrough.

Accordingly, his Purple Mansion stopped expanding. At this time, he barely had any liquid mana left, and what was left turned to mist in the vast space. 81 Dao Seeds hovered in the air, emitting their respective characters.

“My Purple Mansion is now 640 square kilometers wide!” Jiang Ming was stunned. Before this, it only had a radius of 10,000 meters. The expansion was truly outrageous.

“I wonder if anyone could form 81 Dao Seeds? Even if they could, would they dare to attempt such a feat?”

Although Jiang Ming felt pleased, he was feeling uneasy as well. If he could not fuse the Dao Seeds, everything would have been for naught.

Jiang Ming continued living peaceful and carefree days on the mountain. He repeated the routines of his simple life. Occasionally, the system would give him some special rewards such as basic almanacs, combat strategies, spiritual crystals, medicinal pills, Enlightening Tea Leaves, and Enlightening Stones. Mostly, he would be rewarded with cultivation.

Apart from that, he had also begun to use spiritual crystals when he was cultivating. Since his sea of consciousness was too vast, who knew how long it would take to fill it? Using spiritual crystals would help him with filling his sea of consciousness even if the effect was not as exaggerated as the years of cultivation that the system rewarded him with.

Jiang Ming did not neglect to master the Great Akasa Formless Sword Qi and the Great Akasa Steps as well. He even used these two Special Abilities to slowly gain insight into various derivatives of spatial abilities such as the Spatial Wave Sambodha, Spatial Cut Sambodha, and Spatial Movement Sambodha.

When he gained insight into the Boundless Sea Sambodha, he felt as though he had been slightly enlightened. He could now fuse Dao Seeds with water elements.

There were 64 Dao Seeds with the water element. Among them were the Drizzle Dao Seed, Light Rain Dao Seed, Rainstorm Dao Seed, Sudden Rain Dao Seed, Droplet Dao Seed, Misty Rain Dao Seed, Extreme Cold Dao Seed, Ice Blade Dao Seed, Snowflake Dao Seed, Fog Dao Seed, Boundless Sea Dao Seed, Optimal Water Dao Seed, and Wave Dao Seed.

Jiang Ming tried to fuse them using the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra and managed to do so without much trouble. After the fusion, he managed to form the Water Dao Seed.

“I did it!” Jiang Ming exclaimed in delight. He wondered if it would be so easy fusing the other Dao Seeds as well. Perhaps, fusing all the cultivation methods under the heavens was not so impossible, after all.

“Fusing all the cultivation methods will leave me with one Grand Path…” Jiang Ming felt like his understanding of the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra had deepened as well.

The next few days passed by uneventfully.

Zi Linglong would return to visit him every now and then. Each time she visited, Jiang Ming could see the huge changes in her.

Similar to before, he would also flip through the Human Path Records daily, especially to check in on Yue Cheng in case he tried something funny.

During a certain rainy morning.

Jiang Ming stood on the rooftop, resting his hands on the railings. The rain that fell parted to the sides, unable to touch him.

He looked into the distance through the misty rain. The mountains were majestic, and the scenery was beautiful.

When he looked to the side, he saw the paddy stalks were bent low while the wheat stalks swayed with the wind.

The entire mountain had been converted into farmland, including the land where the abandoned buildings used to stand. All in all, he now had 100 Mu of farmland.

When the rain stopped and the sky cleared, it would be time for him to harvest his crops. The spiritual herbs he planted had matured as well.

Jiang Ming muttered to himself, “In ten days, it would be three years since I gained the system. Time sure flies!”

Cultivators rarely counted the years. Even decades were just a short time to them.


Jiang Ming called up the Human Path Records out of habit and flipped to Zi Linglongs page. This had become part of his daily routine.

Name: Zi Linglong

Gender: Female.

Cultivation base: 9th Extreme of the Golden Core Realm

Background: Disciple of Jiuyang Sects Chuyang Peak

Relationship: 95

Innate Talent: Ten stars (primary phoenix bloodline)

Status: Cultivating in Taiyang Peaks Sun Pit. She just cultivated the ninth Dao motif on her Golden Core. She broke the shackles she was born with and raised her Innate Talents to ten stars.

Jiang Mings eyes lit up. He could not help but exclaim, “She was at the 8th Extreme yesterday, but shes already at the 9th Extreme today! As expected of my junior sister! Shes really amazing. Shes the indisputable main character of this story!”

Their relationship value was as stable as ever. Although they did not meet often, their relationship value did not decrease. As expected, he could really depend on her in this regard. It was one of the reasons she was the apple of his eyes.

“The quality of her 9th Extreme Golden Core improved as well? Her constitution is now the primary phoenix bloodline! An Innate Talent of ten stars is considered the top among humans. However, as my Junior Sister, she cant stop here in the human world. At the very least, I expect her to reach the ranks of the immortals!”

Jiang Ming was in a wonderful mood. His mood improved further as he thought to himself, “She should be done with her cultivation for now since shes reached the 9th Extreme of the Golden Core Realm.”

He placed his hands on his back as the rain continued to fall and the clouds sailed in the sky. Soon enough, his information appeared before his eyes. His eyes lit up as his confidence grew and his mood lifted further.

“Im now strong enough to protect Chuyang Peak!”

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