Chapter 7: A Nest of Devils

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Name: Jiang Ming.

Cultivation base: Core Formation Realm (Real Core)

Cultivation method: Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Spell: Cold Breeze Sword Technique, Wind Control, Timely Rain, Fire Talisman, Fireball.

Special Ability: None.

Item: Human Path Records, Basic Formation Almanac, Basic Talisman Almanac, Flowing Cloud Sword, Flowing Cloud Ring, God of Cooking Almanac, Farming Almanac.

Jiang Mings attributes did not seem to have changed, but he was experiencing huge changes every day. Currently, he was nearly at the peak of the Real Core Realm. The next step was to temper his core so that it would gain the attribute of immortality and turn into a Golden Core. After obtaining the Golden Core, it would determine the length of his lifespan.

He scanned through his status, barely paying any attention to it. He looked at the Human Path Records that would display the information of the people he met.

Name: Jiang Momo.

Gender: Female.

Cultivation base: Late-stage Foundation Establishment Realm

Background: Disciple of Jiuyang Sects Jiaoyang Peak (Note: Shes actually from the Bishui Sect).

Relationship: 59.

Status: Completed the investigation on the situation at Chuyang Peak.

Jiang Ming was speechless when he saw their relationship value. Based on Momos earlier behavior, he had expected their relationship value to be at least 60, if not 70. 59 did not even reach the passing mark.

Their relationship had a value of 59. That was an awkward number.

From the way Momo acted just now, he would have thought that their relationship was at least a 60, if not 70. To his surprise, it did not even reach the passing mark.

“Bishui Sect?” Jiang Ming frowned. That name did not ring any bells. “Is she a spy or did she leave the sect to join Jiuyang Sect?”

He had no way of knowing, but he had no intentions of pursuing this matter. As long as it did not affect him, he would not intervene. He did not care about anything else nor did he have the capability to care. It was best to maintain a laissez-faire attitude.

“Investigate the situation at Chuyang Peak?” Jiang Ming chuckled. “Did you come for the Bishui Sect, Jiaoyang Peak, or yourself? It seems like you werent being friendly because of our relationships as fellow disciples. I hope you wont have funny ideas, Momo.”


The Human Path Records flipped to another page that displayed Linghu Yins information.

Jiang Ming felt even more speechless after he read the pages content.

Name: Linghu Yin.

Gender: Male.

Cultivation base: Early-stage Foundation Establishment Realm

Background: Disciple of Jiuyang Sects Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes a disciple of the Yinmo Sect).

Relationship: -88.

Status: Heavily injured by Zi Linglong and has escaped back to Zhiyang Peak.

“What a surprise. Theres one from the Bishui Sect, and theres one from a devil sect. This means theres a lot of spies in Jiuyang Sect…”

Jiang Ming felt chills running up his spine. He had heard of devil sects before. They were mentioned in many books. The devil sects were hunted down and eradicated; none of them existed. At least, not openly.

If it were not for the Human Path Records, he would not have suspected there was someone from a devil sect near him.

The negative relationship value shocked him as well.

“Although you were beaten quite miserably, I wasnt the one who beat you. Why are you holding a grudge against me?”

This value indicated that Linghu Yin would not rest until got his revenge.

“I hope you wont force me to act, Linghu Yin.”

After committing Linghu Yins name to his memory, he planned to monitor Linghu Yin every day through the Human Path Records.

After a moment, he mentally wrote the nameYue Cheng on an empty page of the Human Path Records.

Name: Yue Cheng.

Gender: Male.

Cultivation base: Dao Seed Realm.

Background: First Seat of Zhiyang Peak (Note: Hes actually an Elder of the Yinmo Sect).

Relationship: -33.

Status: Listening to his disciple, Linghu Yins report

“The f*ck?!”

Jiang Ming was thoroughly shocked. Chills ran up from the base of his spine to his brain as goosebumps erupted on his flesh.

Yue Cheng was a First Seat whose strength was comparable to the Sect Master. To think he was an Elder of a devil sect!

There was a nest of devils at Zhiyang Peak!

The Jiuyang Sect comprised of nine peaks: Taiyang Peak, Chuyang Peak, Shaoyang Peak, Laoyang Peak, Jiaoyang Peak, Lieyang Peak, Haoyang Peak, Zhiyang Peak, and Chunyang Peak.

Taiyang Peak was considered the leader of the peaks since its master was the Sect Master.

Each of the peaks was given autonomy. Apart from the declining Chuyang Peak, the other peaks were improving day by day.

“Why would a devil sects elder become a First Seat in the Jiuyang Sect? It sounds so farfetched. I dont understand this at all!”

After thinking for a while, Jiang Ming still could not figure it out so he decided to leave the matter aside for now.

Then, he wrote down the names of the other First Seats on the Human Path Records. Fortunately, the others were not outsiders; they were genuine members of the Jiuyang Sect.

“The Bishui Sect and the Yinmo Sect. I wish I didnt find out about this. Now that I know, I feel really uneasy. Im still too weak. I need to cook more and farm more!”

Jiang Ming could not help the unease that rose in his heart. How he wished the Human Path Records could show a persons past. Alas, it did not have the function yet.

The Jiuyang Sect was rather stable. There were no strange happenings, no reports of disciples suddenly going missing in the last eight years. The Sect Master was powerful and the disciples were healthy.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Ming felt slightly better.

“My brain is hurting from all this thinking.”

After a moment, Jiang Ming studied the contents of the Basic Formation Almanac. He planned to focus on Formations and become a Formation Master. He wanted to set up a peerless Grand Formation on the mountain to ensure everyones safety. There was also Linglong. He had to take care of her.

Jiang Ming closed his eyes and comprehended the information from the almanac. He had learned about Formations previously, but he had barely scratched the surface with his knowledge.

Jiang Ming diligently studied the almanac, determined to work hard.

Zhiyang Peak.

There were throngs of people in the numerous halls scattered across the mountain. It was clearly much livelier than Chuyang Peak.

Inside the highest hall.

“Master, Zi Linglong is only ten years old, but she easily injured me. Shes clearly abnormal. Can we do something with this information?” Linghu Yin inquired softly.

Yue Cheng had the erudite air of a First Seat. He stared at his disciple and said coldly, “Did you forget that I told you not to trouble the Chuyang Peak without my permission!”

“But, why, Master?” Linghu Yin was puzzled. “That old geezer, Gu Hai, is clearly unfit to be a First Seat…”

Linghu Yin stopped talking when he saw Yue Chengs gaze turn colder.

“You imbecile! Get out,” Yue Cheng said frostily.

Linghu Yin shuddered and hurriedly retreated.

“Chuyang Feng, Gu Hai, ten-year-old Zi Linglong!” Yue Cheng muttered under his breath as he closed his eyes, “You were lucky previously. I shouldnt act for now. I have to stay out of this. Ill wait…”

Chuyang Peak.

Jiang Ming opened his eyes when the sun was setting.

“This is the basics of Formations?”

He felt slightly heavy-hearted. Although this was just basic knowledge, it surpassed the information contained in the books on Chuyang Peak.

“This is much harder than farming…” Jiang Ming sighed.

“Why cant I master this with a single tap of my finger?”

After complaining to himself, he left his room to prepare dinner.

As usual, Jiang Ming was rewarded for cooking dinner.

He went to the rooftop after he was done cleaning up to gaze at the stars.

At this moment, Zi Linglong was not cultivating. She was sitting next to him.

The night was quiet.

When it grew colder and colder, the duo finally returned to their respective rooms.

After returning to his room, Jiang Ming extracted the cultivation he earned today. When he was done, he was only a step away from reaching the Golden Core Realm.. Apart from that, his body had also grown stronger again.

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