Yes My Lady

The Dance of the Seven

Im waken by the rustling sound of paper. I sit up in my bed to see a man in the back of my room looking through the books on my shelf. I get up out of my bed holding a dagger in my hand, a gift from Liam, incase something like this happened again. I pointed it at the intruder and stood confidently, but my hands shook as I gripped the weapon in my hand.

”Intruder speak before I am to move to action, ” I say, and he stops dead and turns to see me standing there.

Hes unfazed by my action, witch I can admit, a girl in her nightgown is not a very menacing sight. However instead of fighting me, he places the open book he was holding down on my desk.

He bows to me, witch, is something you don expect a intruder to do, even if he breaks into the castle.

”My Princess, ” he greets.

”Who are you? ”

”Blue bound towards eastward sky, ” he speaks the code of James the Blue Ice River.

”You aren him, ” I say the shake in my voice is now very audible.

”I am not, but thats what I was told to say if I ever saw you, James was my brother. ”

”Who told you the code? ”

”Scarlet, ” he says, and I assume he speaks of Scarlet the Southern Red Flower.

She was the only one James spoke to as a friend, to the rest of us he was a warrior.

”I didn know he had family, ” I say, ” he said he would rather not speak of his past, so I respected his request. However that is not the point, why are you here? ” I ask firmly.

”To find out what happened to my brother, ” I look to the book he took off the shelf, the records for the seven warriors.

”I, well I thought they delivered the story to you when the body was returned. ”

”They did, but I don believe their story, I know better than anyone else that he would not be so easily defeated by a mere bandit. He was one of the seven, part of the group of the strongest warriors on this continent. ”

Im silent as I look at him, ” this is all you have come here for? ” I ask.

”Yes, I don mean to hurt or frighten you. I only wish for the truth. ”

I lower my weapon as I speak to him, ” you will not find it in that book. ”

”So I was right, it was a lie! ”

”It was not entirely false, but there are only three people who know. ”

”Who? ” He asks eagerly.

”All you need is I, the others I will speak off, but if I tell you, you must not repeat the story. ”

”Why? Don people deserve to know the truth. ”

”It is looked down to speak ill of the dead, we only put up the lie to protect his name. ”

”Why shall he be spoken ill of? ”

”Everyone in this kingdom will speak ill of a trader, ” I confess the reason for the lie.

”A trader to the crown, this must be the lie you tell me! ”

”Unfortunately it is not, not even my father knows of his crime against the crown. It was my intention to have him buried as the man he was, not the one he was persuaded to be, ” I tell him.

He looks thoroughly confused, ” Listen closely to what I say, for this story will never be repeated again, or known by another asides from myself, my guards, and now you. ”

—— One year ago ——

I get up from bed, today was my birthday, the day when I am allowed to do as I please with out being yelled about my duty. I wear a long dress in a deep blue, my favorite color. It had delicate spaghetti sleeves and I wore a cream silk scarf around my shoulders. I walk out my door to see Liam waiting outside my door. Liam the Candle in the Deep Wood, he was the green warrior of the seven, the second strongest warrior among the group. He was known for his skill in duel wielding swords, however in the castle he was known for his relentless flirting, and especially with me.

”My lady, ” he bows, the forest green cape that he wore on his back invaded his sides, ” looking radiant as ever, ” he compliments me giving a smug smile.

”Liam, since Im not obliged to my duty I can say, shut up, ” I answer playfully.

”Aw, my love, ” he jokes, ” you hurt me so with your harsh words, ” he stands up straight to walk beside me down the hall.

”Remember them well, because it will be another year until I can enforce them again. ”

”I think only for the next hour, I cannot stand a year without seeing you blush at my comments. Like you are now, ” he adds the last part a little after.

”I feel as though you use me to flatter yourself. ”

”What can I say, I am not spared the male pride. ”

”On the contrary, ” I comment, ” I think you possess more than the average man. ”

”I would say not, it is that you are my only target of affection, my dear. ”

”Again with the names Liam, ” I say looking up at him this time, ” I hope you can restrain yourself when it is time for the ball later today. ”

”Im sorry, Princess, it is only that I get distracted by your beauty, and it slips out now and then. ”

”You little Casanova, ” I give him a playful shove.

”Princess, ” he says stumbling only a step, ” quite a violent act you just committed. ”

”What, do you plan on arresting me sir? ”

”Maybe I must, it is against the law to attack a royal guard and especially the princesses guard, ” he smiles.

”Well youll have to catch me first, ” I say as I take of my shoes and start to run down the hall, my bear feet hitting the cold floor.

”A rabbit starting a hunt with a wolf, how amusing, ” he says, ” Ill give chase. ”

He starts to run after me, his long legs let him gain ground on me quickly. I giggle as I round a corner, at this point he should have caught me, but I can tell hes holding back, so I can have my fun with him. I look back at him, as I run then I feel myself hit something like a wall, but it was too soft, and warm to be.

I feel myself bounce back on inpacked, I wait to hit the floor, but instead a pair of strong arms catches me. I open my eyes and see Cloudio, Cloudio the black star, he was the strongest of the seven the most skilled swordsman on the continent. He was also my personal guard assigned by my father, a job given to the most powerful of the seven. He was gifted the job, Liam, however, separately took his own oath to protect me. Making his choice separate from his duty.

”Princess, I know you are not obligated to your duty today, but please do be careful, ” Cloud says to me and lets me go.

”And Liam, you know better than to run around blindly, ” Cloud says to him, ” there is no excuse for your behavior. ”

”Cloudio please do not punish him, he only played along because I asked, ” I tell him.

Cloud looks down at me, ” I will let it slide by your request, my lady. Anyway, we need to get you to the taylor, they sent a request, since they need to finish up the last details of the dress while you wear it. ”

I sigh and let my head hang back, ” your such a party pooper Cloud, ” I say.

”Why. Bold words my lady, ” Cloud tells me.

”I know, Im allowed to its my birthday. You should have heard what I had to say to mister Casanova in green. ”

”Im sure it was something to see, ” he replies offering me his arm.

I finish pulling my heals into my shoes, and place my hand in the crux of his arm. He walks me to the taylor, Liam walking next to us arms crossed.

”I was hoping for a different type of reply, ” Liam tells Cloud.

”Im sure you were, ” Cloud says in response, ” it sounds like she put you in your place. ”

”I shoved him actually, ” I comment.

”Does his behavior push you to that state each time? ” Cloud asks in concern.

”No, it was an innocent act, ” I say.

”Thats what you tell him, I nearly fell over. ”

”Hes lying, ” I tell Cloud.

”I know, I believe you Princess, ” Cloudio answers.

”Come on Cloudio, ” Liam says, ” I thought you would be on my side. ”

”I am part of no side, ” he tells Liam, ” but I tend to trust our Princesses word over yours. ”

Cloud stops walking and Liam walks over and opens the door. Cloud leads me inside Liam following after.

”Good Morning your highness, ” the tailors bows, then stands up, ” I know this isn something you want to do right now, but I only need you for a moment. ”

”No thats alright, ” I let go of Clouds arm and take the tailors hand, he walks me up to the stand.

”Ill help you change my lady, ” the tailor says and I look to the boys who stand there watching.

”Gentlemen if you would, please, ” I spin my finger.

Cloud turns around, and then Liam follows reluctantly. I look forward into the mirror again.

”Are you wearing a chemise, my lady? ” He asks.

I shake my head no, ” all right let me fetch you one, ” he says leaving.

He returns with the white, silky under dress. He unzips the back of my dress and it slips to the floor. I take the chemise from his hand and slip it over my head and let it fall into place. He then adds a large skirt that consisted of, mostly, layers of the same half shear fabric. It gave the dress volume without having to were a hoop skirt, the bottom of each layer had lace patterning. He then added a white shirt on top it was silky, and caught the light beauty.

”Wow, ” I comment running my fingers over it.

”Its amazing isn it? ” The tailor asks.

”The fabric is beautiful. ”

He comes around the front and adds a vest like piece, he tied the laced ribbon to fit my chest.

”I knew I would need to adjust these, stand still if you would Princess. ”

He re-distributed the ribbon and made sure it laid flat. He finished and ties it, he then wrapped a belt around that, it sat on my waist. It covered the end of the ribbon were he had tied it, attached to the belt were long columns of fabric that came to a point at the end. At the bottom was a pattern that reminded me of the design of my tiara.

”What do you think? ” He asks.

”Its magnificent, ” I say turning to look at if from different angles.

”Oh, wait I almost forgot, ” he removes my necklace and drops it into my hand before putting on a shear cape on me.

It attaches at the front of my neck, and covered my shoulders, but at the same time it was highlighting the dress, making you look at it.

”Perfection! ” He smile and I froze looking in the mirror.

The door to the tailors opens and a foot soldier walks it, ” Sir Cloudio, and Sir Liam, the other 5 have started to arrive and the king requests you take care of them. ”

Liam speaks, ” who will stay with the Princess? ”

”Don worry, ” the soldier adds, ” the king said that it was time for her to get ready, so she won be alone a second. ”

”Go ahead, Ill be fine. Have fun you two, ” I tell them before I turn to speak with the tailor about my shoes.

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