You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 9 - Carie\'s Arrival

At 8am in the morning, a private jet arrived at Waves Airways, America from Menias Airport, England. Stepping out of an exquisite blue private jet is a beautiful lady with blonde waist length hair matching her brown orbs, she is blessed with beautiful curves on the right places that worth to be envious of. She is the only daughter of the wealthiest family in America, the only grand daughter of The Great Master Alfredo and to be daughter in law of The West family. Carie is a renowned cardiologist, she left her family which is just her brother Jason and grand father three years ago with the excuse of studying a course which she had of course topped the entire institution and came out as the best but the truth is that she left due to heart break resulting from an unresolved misunderstanding between her and her fiancee. She went abroad without giving him the opportunity to explain himself cause when ever that scene plays like a broken tape in her head she feels really broken.

She came down from the jet elegantly while smiling at the flight attendant and pilot, she is a kind and sweet lady who has respect for people even those who are not her class but she isn a goodie good shoe, she has of course has the blood of The Alfredos running through her viens. She really wanted to meet her brother and grandad, she misses them alot including her fiancee although she doesn want to see him even if she knew it was inevitable since he was one of her brothers best friends. She is very beautiful and is very proud of the fact that she could make heads turn and the d**k of men twitch just at mere glance of her.

Carie looked around her and couldn see her brother, she wondered why her brother didn arrive too pick her. ”Perhaps he didn get the time, but I sent a text to him, I will just take an ubber home ” she said when she turned around to pick up her bag she saw a familiar pair of beautiful grey eyes staring intensely at her, she felt her heart skip a beat as she tried to hold onto his gaze.

” What is he doing here, I don know what to tell him, Oh goodness why is he the first person I met or is he here for me?, no I doubt he would have the time to spend on me he would rather be with that bit*h, but why is he here, oh carie your head is gonna burst I should just call an ubber ”carie mused.

Lims POV.

”Oh sh*t, why does this feel so awkward, I hope this time around she would let me explain cause I really miss her a lot , she ran away from me without letting me explain and I decided to give her time but not this time around, she is mine and I will get her back ”, Lim thought to himself. Lim continued looking intensely at Carie and he saw the way she tried to hide her blushing face from him, he has been living in complete torture for three years of not talking to her because she blocked him from her life but her kept tab on her by keeping his men to monitor her while she was in England. He also dealt with those bas***rds that tried to mess around or come close to his Carie. He is very possessive of her and he really want to clear up their misunderstanding and get married soon. He slowly approached her ”seems like she want to take a cab can she see I came to pick her, she is still as dumb as always ”he said, within fleeting seconds he was right before her and said to her ” Baby love how are you doing,it has really been a long time since I saw you, I came to pick up so I asked Jason to stay behind while I pick you up, aren you happy to see me? ” ”Thats enough lets go ” Carie said while rushing into the Black Maybach parked . The driver helped in putting her bags into the car and she thanked him. Noticing this Lim got jealous that she thanked the driver but didn thank him for picking her up. The car became silent and a blazing cold aura filled the car coming from a jealous man was wasn given any attention . The driver was getting nervous by the minute and carie was also getting uncomfortable because the car had this suffocating aura. Lim suddenly ask carie ending the silence ” darling I want us to have a conversation at a private place before going home, are you okay with that? ” Carie was in a blushing mess and her face turned crimson when Lim kept using endearing while talking to her, its not the first time but its a bit too much now, It seems he has not changed through the years but as she remembered what made her travel out she got angry and answered him coldly ”I don think there is anything we have to talk about and I am very tired ”. Lim didn continue the conversation and the car returned to being quiet as each of them in the vehicle stared at the road ahead.

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