You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 3 - Jason Alfredo

Alicia Donald is a 24 year old lady with rare beauty . She is always th center of attraction wherever she goes because of her uniqueness, she has reddish-brown fiery hair, she had a well sculptured face which is beautifully adorned with cat-shaped dark green eyes that resembles a rare emerald found at the bottom of an ocean. Her most prominent feature is her red heart shaped lips and also her pointed nose and skin as tender, smooth and white as snow. She looks like an angel that descended from the sky but behind this beauty is a strong woman filled with immense passion to make a name for herself though she is underestimated because everyone thinks all shes got is beauty but those around her know better.

Alicia studied law at Oxford University in the USA, she met her best friend there and they became besties ever since. Alicias parents died when she was at the age of 10 as a result of a fire outbreak caused by a gas explosion, as an only child she was left alone , her relatives abandoned her after her parents burial so she lived on the streets. At a young age she sold sweets by the roadside and one day a woman she sold sweets to left her purse at the stall and Alicia ran after her and returned it .

The woman checked her purse and the contents of the purse was intact she then asked Alicia some few questions and when the little girl answered intelligently and boldly she became fond of her and took her to the orphanage where she works as a nurse. She grew up there, and at the age of 18, she applied for scholarship and after passing the exams she was given the scholarship.

She started schooling at Oxford University, she met Kelly at a place she learned to learn self defence in school after an incident were she was harrased by some boys. She admired Kelly because she felt was like her too after they had a discussion and Kelly told her about her life and how she was abandoned by her mother after her fathers demise all for her mothers lover.

Kelly was also studying at the same university but she studied business management. Kelly graduated before Alicia and got a job at a big company. Alicia strive with determination and at last she graduated as the best graduating student. She sat for her licensure exams and came out the best in the universiy. She worked as an I tern at a law firm but due to some circumstances the firm liquidated and she became jobless but after applying to many firms and companies she was a ephedrine despite her degree and excellent results because she lacked experience but surprisingly the biggest company in America and one of the most recognised in the world accepted her and called her for an interview and she was given a job to work as one of the lawyers of their legal department. Alicia thinks that this is a blessing but she doesn know that once she step into that building her life will change forever.

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