You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 4 - New Recruit

”The boss is here, now everyone go back to your sitting positions ”, said one of the employees, ”yes thats true, he just arrived ” another said. The C.E.O of A.F.D Ltd, the biggest shipping Company in America and on the top 3 list in the world, Jason Alfredo entered his Company. As he walks in most ladies squealed on their inside due to happiness of seeing his handsome face It is rare seeing him entering the building through the front, he always uses the back to enter, Some people in the building want him to take notice of them while some others keep their heads low but overall none can look him straight in the eye because he looked so intimidating.

Walking into the building she he looks very elegant and handsome, his muscular body threatens to pop out of his well fitted three piece navy blue tailored suit made by the best designer in the world Danny Mark from Italy. His perfume engulfed the whole place that, most ladies were already getting wet fantasising and having lewd imagination about him. His black hair as dark as night contrasting with light blue eyes which with one glance you feel he knows your deepest secrets, his high nose , pink kissable lips which makes him seem like a sweet boy but behind this features lies a cold hearted man with a dark and suffocating aura that has turned his back on love because of one dreadful event that he would never forget.

Whenever he steps into his Company he is superior and controls everything including the lives of his enemies. When he remembers how he toiled to get to this point despite coming from an affluent family he chuckles but this isn a good laughter but that of someone that is very lonely and have chosen to build strong walls to resist any form of love to penetrate his heart .

Jason Alfredo is a 30 year old man,the first child of his parents,he has a younger sister carie who is currently abroad cause she is taking a special course to aid her career. His parents died on the same day and the cause of their death is hidden to the world but some rumours where spread that they died in an accident only his grand father and little sister knew what really happened.

He entered the business world at the age of 19 under his grandfathers supervision before he retired. He isn the social type and talk less, he has two best friends Liam and Dave. He dominated the business world within the span of 6 years and is very feared by all. Everyone wanted their daughter to be his wife and many ladies will do anything to be in his bed but it was never recorded that he has been with any woman and because of this some saw him as gay. He has acquired immense wealth and this money still didn make him happy , he was very lonely but hated the word the only thing he thinks will make him happy again which is Love.

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