You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 6 - First Day At Work (2)

Around 6am In The Morning In Alicias Apartment

”Wake up Alicia! ”Kelly said as she pinched Alicia who was still sleeping. Alicia slept late after continuously practicing how she would introduce herself at work when she gets there. ”Ouch ” she cried out but after regaining consciousness she screamed ”OMG Im freaking late Kelly you should have woken me up earlier ” ” l tried but you weren bulging, forget that and go freshen up so you would get there on time and I will drop you off ” Kelly said while dressing for work. ”Oh thank you, what would I do without you ”. Alicia said , ”now stop your sweet talks and get ready ” Kelly replied.

By 7am they were on their way to A.F.D Ltd, around 7:30 they were already in front of the high and massive building after passing series of security checks, at the mere glance of it, the building screams wealth, elegance and someone would understand why it was the best and unbeatable. From outside she could still see some employees, everyone was on corporate attire and thank goodness she listened to her bestie and wore the piece of suit which was selected by Kelly but she felt it exposed her curves, she really didn like much attention. ” ”Oh Kelly, you are a life saver, I am so happy I listened to you and wore these clothes else I would be looking odd in the midst of these people ”, ” no problem girls code l always have your back ”. Kelly also added ”You are beautiful so why hide your beauty in those long skirt, hoodies and covering your beautiful eyes with the old fashioned glasses,this is your second job after graduation you need to look matured and elegant not like a novice okay ” Kelly continued telling her that she shouldn be nervous since Alicia already started sweating, after some words of encouragement Alicia got the courage she needed, bade Kelly goodbye and stepped inside the building.

Immediately she entered all eyes were on her and so many were already curious to know who this beauty is. Alicia noticed this too and that was what she has been avoiding. She knew that she had taken a great step in her life, she reminisce her past, how she toiled to get to where she is now, she also remembered her parents and she promised herself that she would make them proud , that has been her motivation and will continue to be.

”Hello Miss l am the new recruit of the legal department, please direct me to my department ” she smiled while speaking to the receptionist. ”Good Morning Miss, actually Madam Jane have been expecting you and she is over there ”. Alicia turned back to where the receptionist pointed at and she saw an elegant woman probably in her early 50s waving at her . ”Good Morning Ma, l am… ” ”Alicia Donald the new recruit of the legal department said the woman I already know you since the Human Resource department referred you to me for orientation ”. ”Sorry for my manners, I am Mrs Jane Williams the head of the Legal department ”, ”No thats not a problem Ma ” Alicia said. ”I would really appreciate it if you call me Mrs Jane or Madam Jane dear ”, Mrs Jane said sweetly, ”ok Mrs Jane ” Alicia said also smiling.

”Lets get straight to business Alicia ” said Mrs Jane seriously and Alicia wondered how this woman could easily change from being a sweet woman to a strict boss lady. ”Oh my goodness I think l need to be more conncentrated with my work cause the people here are quite on another level ” she mused to herself then she replied ”Yes Mrs Jane ”in a serious manner and confident one too.

Madam Jane secretly smiled, she knew this girl wasn a easy one. She actually lied to Alicia it wasn the H.R department that referred her but The C.E.O, Mr Jason Alfredo himself. She really liked the girl just meeting her and she was sure that her first impression of her would last.

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