You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 6 - First Day At Work (2)

her mobile phone, once she saw the caller ID, she was happy, Alicia called her. She wanted to do so but was afraid that she may call at the wrong time, ”Oh finally you answered, I have been calling you for a while now ”Alicia said.

”Sorry, I took me so long to pick up the phone I wasn with my phone when you called I left it in the office and I just came back from a meeting, how is your first day at work going?, I hope you haven met any boss bitch trying to make your life miserable over there cause with just one phone call Id there to beat the shit out of that person ”.

”Honestly it is going better than I expected, I sent you pictures of my office and I also have a private room inside the office too. It looks very beautiful ”. Alicia said enthusiastically ” Ok let me check it out now ” Kelly said and after checking it she continued ”it really looks great I never thought your boss could be this generous or is this the calm before the storm? ”Kelly asked with wide eyes, ”No his workers seem to be nice so there is a really high possibility that he is and besides you don know him directly to talk like this, it is unethical to listen to rumours Kelly ”, ”okay my lips are sealed now, come back early , ok bye ” Kelly said while putting her hand across her lips, ” ok bye I have to prepare for a meeting with the board ” Alicia said before hanging up. After the call was cut off Kelly took a report and went out of her office.

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