You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 9 - Carie\'s Arrival

The members of all the departments arrived in the conference room including Alicia. When Alicia entered all eyes were on her and she felt those curious eyes piercing her. Everyone was curious about her identity and others stunned at her beauty.

The suit she wore expressed her curves and the men were smitten while some women were becoming jealous of her and the way she looked really elegant and beautiful. Then suddenly everyone became silent as the chattering died down, the silence that engulfed the entire conference room was so loud and at that moment if a pin fell it would be noticed by all . Due to one persons arrival the room became cold and the aura changed to something dark. As The C.E.O, Jason Alfredo stepped in with large strides looking nothing less than a breathtaking greek god. All eyes were on him but no one dared to look him directly in the eye.

”Good day Boss ” his secretary Miss Xia said to ease the tensed atmosphere. ”Lets get straight to what we are here for ” Jason said as he glanced at the lady on brown suit sitted close to Mrs Jane. He looked at her with questioning eyes and when Mrs Jane noticed that so she asked Alicia to introduce herself properly. Before that Alicia kept pondering why and how could every one fear this man and she too was getting nervous, when she decided to look up to see him, Mrs Jane had already ask her to properly introduce herself before everyone.

Th moment Alicia looked up and met Jasons eyes it felt like the world stood still and she doesn really know why she feels that she has seen those pair of beautiful blue eyes before but she couldn pinpoint where exactly, she concluded that maybe it felt familiar cause she had seen his picture before.

Those eyes that seem to drag her into a deep ocean and she felt bare at his intense gaze. Jason looked at the lady before him he knew she wouldn recognise him. He too was bewitched by her beauty but he knew that she was someone he should stay away from but that didn mean he won teach this little cat a lesson for what she did. To be really honest with himself he didn take what she did at the bar to heart but life has been really boring for him especially now that he has fulfilled all his dreams of beating everyone in the business world and becoming the King of the business world he is just looking for something interesting to do or someone to play with and she caught his interest. Alicia stood up and said ”I am Alicia Von Donald, the new recruit of the legal department ”, Jason averted his eyes from her and announced to the people present ”You can show me your presentations now ” leaving the standing Alicia flustered at his rude behaviour. She sat down quietly and decided to not let his actions bother her or spoil her mood.

After the meeting they left the conference room was over, everyone went to their respective duty post and she went straight to her office. She was given some files to work on by a colleague of hers illyas who will be assisting her on sorting some files of cases. When she was about enter her office with illyas after they spoke to Madam Jane, at the same time Jason was also entering his office since their offices were opposite to each other their eyes met before Jason shut his door.

Later That Day In Jasons Office

The two best friends of Jason came to pay him a visit. After having a little chit chat about work they ordered coffee, ”Jason I saw a lady entering the office opposite yours and she seem new to me cause that office was previously empty but I couldn see her face ” Lim said while drinking the coffee served to him by Jasons secretary. ”Yeah she is new here Jason said nonchalantly, he didn want to give wrong impression to Lim so he wouldn think absurd things more especially when he sees Alicias face. Lim is same age with Jason but Dave is two years younger than them but Lim act like the youngest I their group adding to the fact that he is so annoying but very dangerous when angry and same goes to Jason and Dave.

”Lim, carie is coming back tomorrow after three years would you go to pick her up ”Dave said sipping his coffee. ”No l will be the one to pick her up myself ” Jason said . ”Jason you are aware I had issues with your sister before she travelled and as her fiancee I want to be the one to pick her up, please I just wanna spend some time with her before she returns home ”, Lim said. ”Ok but I don want her to be sad, I really trust you with my only sister and I hope you settle whatever misunderstandings you have between you two. Jason said, ”thanks bro ” Lim responded while smiling showing off his white teeth.

Alicia went back home after closing hours after she reported to illyas that she was done with the sorting of the files, she never knew it would be that stressful. When she arrived home Kelly wasn back so she freshened up, and prepared shrimp noodles for dinner, after eating she slept but did not forget to keep food for her bestie. Kelly came back home after a hectic day at work. She parked her car at the garage and Wen to their apartment. ”The door seems to be open, Alicia must be back already ”Kelly said while entering the house. Once she was in she perceived the aroma of the shrimp noodles made by Alicia. She saw a letter by the side of the plate containing the food, she read it and it states ; ” bestie I have already eaten so don try waking me up, I am so exhausted ”. It seems she is really tired let me eat before freshening up Kelly said and after eating she took her bath , brushed her teeth, wore her pyjamas and joined Alicia on the bed drifting to sleep.

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