You are mine or not

Emerald\'s dark room and her reflection

Blake doesnot respond to Emerald then looks at the mirror and turns the car.

Blake: what were you saying well to hear you out out first let me tell you we are gonna practice martial arts did you hear me? your are gonna do it.

Emerald: no no no I won do it.

Blake: you will do it by hook or by

crook. Come on get out of car.

After asking her come out she doesn listen to Blake as a result Blake opens the door, undoes her belt and grabs her in her embrace and takes her out side of car then takes her to apartment changes her clothes into the martial arts one and shows her to copy Blakes moves and what she do Emerald tries to do but learning it for first time it feels good she do it and after practice they sit down together to finish her home work.

She was and is an intelligent student so she learn every thing pretty quickly then they starts making dinner during making dinner Blake starts asking questions to know her better.

Blake: so how was other half of your day when I went back to my company.

Emerald: pretty boring cause I knew every thing due to my self study in our library at home.

Blake: I think you are an intelligent student.

Emerald: yeah I am there fore papa is so proud of me.

Blake: is that so ?

Emerald: yeah. Are you making fun of me again?

Blake: Emerald give me answer without hesitating but yesterday when you saw me what was your first impression of me?

Emerald: I thought you are a serious personality and you will kill me on my fathers command.

Blake: why so? Why did you think like that?

Emerald: before coming here my relations with him were not good so I thought may be he wants me to go through reverie and after that he will kill me.

Blake: your dad is a very kind person. Well leave this serious discussion. Kid does your body show any symptom of adult hood don hide from me. If I will know that you have gone through it and I will know your days so I will delay the practice according to them.

Emerald: what are you talking about? Why blushing so much?

Blake: ok if I cut it short did you get you menses.

Emerald: what are the menses stuff?

Blake: stop that don tell me you are really a kid.

Emerald: please end my worry tell me what are these .

Blake: ask your friends especially the one who saw me and was getting so close to you.

Emerald: are you talking about Amber. Ok I will ask from her she is such a good person.

Blake: here the dinner is ready and now we made it together I will leave and you have dinner and wash utensils and then go to bed.

Emerald: where are you going?

Blake: didn I told you to not interfere with my matters but for your sake I am telling you to not open the door to any one if you want to call a friend call them to visit you if not then get back to bed early.

Emerald: ok I will call Amber or Ian to come here.

Blake: do as you wish.

Blake leaves and as soon as she leaves she calls Nora and ask about if Emerald got her periods or not when she hears that she didn had periods so Blake contact the best doctor in London to discuss this matter after talking to the doctor she get to know that her egg is small due to which it is happening or she will have some other problem but do not worry because she will get her periods around the corner.

When Blake comes back she looks at the shoes lying down in the stand hanging next to door and gets inside in curiosity and get to know that Amber and Ian both are sitting next to her laughing with her.

She feels relieved and tell both of them to stay over or to leave early because tomorrow they will have to go to school. On listening these lines from Blakes mouth they leave the home after hugging and giving good regards to Emerald.

Blake: did you get to know what are periods?

Emerald: yeah they are the thing every girl get when she turn into a diligent girl and it is necessary for every girl and if a girl doesn get it she is gay and that it is necessary for me too they are a way to adulthood.

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