You are mine or not

Another lie in the eyes of Emerald

I love them what about them? Do they love me or they hate me.

Huh leave it all aside we are talking about ”Emerald ” who is talking to herself.

Emerald a beautiful girl with a broken life and with rich family.

She questions herself every time and then weeps for several days until she calms down again.

Emerald is elder sister of her siblings and is elder daughter of one of the most powerful business man of the country.

Her every wish gets fulfilled before coming out of her mouth and that is the cause she is facing hard life.

Jey(Emeralds dad): darling get up you are going to be late for class .Your tutor is waiting for you in the study room.

Emerald: ok papa. I am going to have a class. But papa why can I go to school like other kids. Am I a bad kid?

Jey: no, you are not a bad girl . I care about you therefore I asked Adam to teach you at home.

Emerald: why do my siblings go to school? Don you care about them.

Jey: honey don just argue with me Adam have other duties to take care of too. Go study quickly so he can go back to do his chores.

Emerald: ok papa.

After Emerald go inside the tutoring room she sits near to her teacher and starts learning mean while Jey talk to someone with anger.

Jey: didn I tell you not to torture me with such obligations of kidnapping my kid.

Ford: hahahahahaha what are you talking about ? Me kidnapping your daughter hahahahahaha such silly man you are. If my aim was to kidnap your kid, I would have done it without you knowing it.

Jey ends the call suddenly on hearing voice of foot steps as he turns around his wife hugs him and tell him about the things related to his company and business matters .

Suddenly the ringtone of phone rings up and Jeys mood gets all bad .

Nora(Emeralds mom): what happened boss you are looking angry.

Jey: this Ford is threatening me and telling me he will kidnap Emerald in code words of a business man.

Nora: you don have to worry . We are already giving her education at home and she will not leave home too as long as we want .How will he kidnap our daughter.

Emerald: you lied to me papa. You don care about me you called a tutor because it was for your own good.

Emerald turns towards the garden and on the order of Jey his security guards captures her and locks her in her room. As the days passes by with the passage of time Emerald changes into a living puppet of her father and do everything as her father get pleased with .

Emerald: papa what do you want to say to me?

Jey: you are going to school again now that all the problem is solved you can go back to school.

Emerald: ok papa.

As Emerald goes back to her room she starts crying when her mother hear the sound of weeping she gets all agitated and looks around here and there.

She enters the room of Emerald and looks at her suddenly wiping tears from her face Nora moves towards Emerald and sits besides Emerald.

Nora: did your father ever tried or rejected your wish my sweetie?

Emerald: no, mama.

Nora: did your father ever speak ill of you?

Emerald: no.

Nora: then why are you unable to understand this that he cares the most about you?

Emerald: if papa cared about me why would he lie to me?

Nora: sometimes parents gets troubled in telling their children because they don want to hurt them.

Emerald: mama can you please leave the room?

Nora: you! I never thought my own kid will get me out of her room.

Emerald: and I also never thought my own parents will lie to me.

Jey talks with few people and discusses the matter of Emerald than he starts dealing with his own company business .Nora enters the library in fury and sits near him.

Nora: what type of disobedient child is she? I never thought my own daughter will misbehave with me.

Jey: what did she do again?

Nora: she was weeping I entered her room and shared my thoughts about you so she will erase every doubt about you ,but she told me to leave the room.

Jey: this time you will not stop me I am really furious this time let me handle my score with her .Misbehaving with me is ok but misbehaving with you I will never forgive her.

Jey leaves the library in anger and go to Emerald room. He slaps her on face in fury and tells her to leave the home. She can live under the same roof as him. Jey throws her luggage and then throws her out of the home and tells her to leave the territory.

Emerald weeps while being attached to the door all through the night and begs the watchman several times to let her get inside the mansion but suddenly the rain starts and watchman puts a special lock on door and enters security room.

Emerald looks here and there but finds no help at all so she closes her eyes and thinks while being drowned in thoughts she fell down asleep while being attached to mansions door.

In the morning when Jey opens the door of mansion in order to go out for jogging and morning exercise in the park near Jeys mansion but he get to see a very bad scene and he finds out his daughter in a very bad condition he takes her inside the home tells the maids to change her clothes and than calls doctor.

When doctor appears he tell Jey to take Emerald straight to the hospital and she needs a proper treatment there is a sign of water in her lungs and, I think it happened because she was sleeping under flow of water so the water entered inside her body through nose and mouth .

Jey takes her to hospital on the instruction of doctor and the doubt of doctor changes into a true story when he checks her up properly.

Doctor: she needs a proper treatment sir I can say this that she will be able to live with water inside her lungs.

Jey: as you wish doctor treat her . ”I will pay as much money as you want but treat my girl ”.

Doctor: ok sir you may leave me to my duty now.

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