You are mine or not

Emerald\'s dark room and her reflection

They do the operation and after a lot of struggle of doctor and prayers of Jey Emeralds operation becomes a successful operation. After few hours when Emerald opens her eyes she looks at her father with sad face and then turns her face away from her father.

Emerald: papa. What happened to me ? Why am I in hospital?

Jey: you are in hospital because you got a high fever and it was not in control. So, I take you to hospital and now you are here.

Jey runs to the doctors office and tells him to inject Emerald with sleeping injections for few days.

On request of Jey several times doctors approves him and injects Emerald daily .

When Emerald conditions gets better and all the things get cleared up Jey takes her back to home .

Nora: how are you sweetie? You are going to super mall with me so we buy you new clothes that rain really took over you and its been a week you were in hospital . Thank goodness you are safe and the rain water in your lungs didn take your life during operation.

Jey: shut up didn I tell you to keep your mouth shut.

Emerald: what type of operation? Which rain water in my lungs?

Jey: it is nothing your mom is just so happy to see you so she is unable to control her mouth and is talking something that is unbelievable .

Emerald: papa I was in hospital for week because my fever was not dropping down right?.

Jey: yes, my girl.

In the evening Emerald goes to the mall with her mother and buy the dresses and shoes for herself and out of nowhere her friend appears and tells her how are her lungs?

Peony: how is your condition ? How is condition of your lungs now? Teacher came inside class room and told us to pray for you because your father came and tell us that you are in hospital and there was water in your lungs due to sleeping under the shower and doctor did the operation on you to cure you.

Emerald: papa said I was having a fever.

Peony: is that so? but he didn told this to school principle and homeroom teacher.

Emerald: I will ask my papa.

Nora: jeez little girl go! your mom is calling you. Lets go Emerald she is just lying.

When they get back home Emerald asks her father in a very bad manner and in anger that he lied or not .

Jey answers her that he didn lie and Emerald leaves the room while being furious.

Emerald stops eating her meals daily and becomes a bit harsh while living inside her room and by not going to school .

On directions of Jey Emerald goes back to school and doesn talk to any one she takes every single class and leaves the room as the bell of last class rings .

Jey: Emerald after you got back from school your mom said she checked your lunch box you didn eat your lunch and the lunch box was not even open once why?

Emerald: if I don want to eat then it is not a big deal.

Jey: as you wish. I am not going to tell you to eat it either but don waste my money like that.

Emerald: tell your chiefs not to cook lunch for me tomorrow.

Jey: ok.

Emerald enters her room and weeps again than looks on the reflection of herself in mirror and breaks it in anger .

Emerald left hand gets all bloody due to bleeding from the cuts on her hand from breaking the mirror.

Jey opens the door of Emeralds room turns on the light and looks towards his daughter .

Jey: what did you do? Are you in sane ? Do you want me to send you to your aunts place?

Emerald: …

Jey shouts in anger and in care for his elder daughter

Jey: I care about you. I lied to you because you are precious to me. Why don you understand me? Am I such a bad father to you?

Emerald: …

After a few mints of silence Emerald suddenly faints and the silence breaks on her suddenly falling on the ground.

Jey: hey hey my little baby wake up.

Nora: what happened? Oh! Oh my God what is this, she hurt herself. I am calling the doctor. Please wait.

Jey: hey Emi hey my little girl wake up.

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