You are mine or not

New changes in life part 2

The days goes on like this and Emerald stays inside her room looking at the mirror looking at walls seeking for warmth but every thing feels cold.

Jey on the other hand buys an apartment for Emerald and buys furniture according to Emeralds choice.

After a week Jey comes inside Emeralds room tells her to go buy new dresses he doesn want her to take all used products and commodities.

He wants her to start a new life ,a happy life.

Emerald agrees with what her father wants and goes with him to buy stuff and clothes she needs and after three days she get to leave the once most treasured place of her.

When she arrives at the airport of London she finds a girl waiting for her in black suit wearing grey tie and every thing black. In the eyes of Emerald Blake was dressed in pitchblack clothes.

Emerald goes towards her and then the girl in black takes her to a building as they enters the silence remains the same as it was when they met and they enters the lift so it can take them up to the apartment.

As Emerald wants to break the silence so she starts talking first.

Emerald: whats your name?

Bodyguard: Madame my name is Blake.

Emerald: so Blake are you going to live with me from now on?

Blake: yeah do you feel problem with it Madame???

Emerald: first thing first be frank with me call me by my name.

Blake : but Madame that…

She get cut with in her sentence by Emerald.

Emerald puts her finger at lips of Blake and tells her to not be formal with her and has a chat with her like friends have with each other.

Emerald: we are girls right????

Blake: yeah!….

Emerald: then from where the formalities came from? Hahahahhahah

Blake: master said you do not laugh.

Emerald: well master says more then he has to it is not true but from oast few years falling in my own agony and grief I stopped laughing and I don know why I felt warm while being with you so I laughed does it scare you by any chance?!!!

Blake: don talk like you are a monster and your chuckling will be worst but if you ask from me I think I saw an angel laughing in front of me.

Blake suddenly looks at the lift door opening and drags the suitcases towards the door of apartment than she opens the door and as she opens the door she welcomes Emerald in with a wide big smile .

Blake: ”welcome to this apartment and welcome to living a life with me ”. I hope I won disappoint you miss Emerald.

Emerald: you look good too while smiling.

Blake: Thank you now let me show you the whole apartment and from now on this is our home until you graduate from University. I heard you are high school student.

Emerald: yeah it was going to be my last year in high school.

Blake: well from tomorrow you are going to be the student of last year of high school. Here are your papers.

Emerald: so my education level will remain same?

Blake: yup have you any doubt I prepared everything here myself including our bed room. Its king sized bed and the room is a big one I decorated it decently I don like that fully flowery girly rooms.Pinkish pinkish bluaaayyyy she gives a tone like she will vomit

Emerald: what do you mean by our bed room? Are we not going to sleep in separate rooms ?

Blake: no we are not. We will live together as mates.

Emerald: are you going to show me the home please. I want to observe it.

Blake: as you wish Emi.

Emerald: now that was great change you showed.

Blake: I will say I like it more then using honorifics.

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