You are mine or not

New changes in life part 2

>Emerald feels the darks she felt back at her home and gets scared but before her feeling scared Blake leaves the room and then home to buy groceries.

When she arrives she goes straight to the room where she tied her Emi and when she opens her Emi suddenly jumps up on Blake and hugs her tightly weeping in a high voice like little child saying don t do that again.

Emerald: don hic do hic that hic again. While she sobs.

Blake: I am so so sorry I didn mean to scare you. I really am feeling sorry towards you and I am such a bad person.

Emerald while being all sweaty due to fear clings on to the body of Blake all the time while Blake makes the dinner.

Emerald looks at Blake then looks at how serious she looks when she tries to make the dinner then looks at the dishes and then looks at herself being clinging onto the body of Blake like leach drinking blood from human.

Emerald: do I feel heavy? Did I increased the capacity of tirness? By any chance am I a burden?

Blake: I am happy that we got so close in only one day I hope life goes on like this every day and Emi your any movement doesn tire me. Actually right now I am feeling great. Your soft soft body is in touch with my muscled body and your fragrance is making me calm so I feel good.

Emerald: you pervert I was thinking you are feeling tired but your mind it was on my breast all the time.

Blake: hahahahahaha now you are running away like that. You were the one who clanged to me and were not ready to let go then how is it my fault?

Emerald: don talk to me.

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