You are mine or not

New changes in life part 4

Blake: I wouldve came closer to you right now to make you calm down but if I do that the dinner will burn down and in the end my all hard work will go in vain.

Emerald: I don need you to make me feel calm. Huh.

Blake cooks the meal mean while Emeralds father call her and ask her about if she liked the home or not and how is she feeling there?

Emerald talk nicely and responds in pleasured way she tells her dad it is the best thing he did for her and for her life.

Then they end the call when she comes from veranda towards the kitchen she look at the table being ready by Blake she says wow in a dazed mode and sits on the chair near Blakes chair.

She looks upward at the face of Blake which shows a lot of affection.

Blake: Emi the thing is I didn give my proper introduction. So, I am going to tell you who I am and what will be my tasks and if you will show ignorance than I won go easy on you either.

Emerald: I will listen to you start the introduction.

Blake: first thing first I am 26 years younger and I did graduate from well known university of this place. I am here because I promised your dad my life who saved it years ago. I am loyal to him. But I will control my own company and you will not put burden on me. I am the CEO of Blake enterprise here in this state and I don like harsh people.

Secondly don fall in love with me I am a girl but I have a personality you will know soon. Don think I love someone because the one I loved died years ago. I am business development master and you are a peep squeak who arrived at such an important time of my life. I will cut your expenses if you interfered in my personal matters and I sleep naked because I feel problem while sleeping with them I mean clothes so don come across the boundary of my bedroom door or you will know the consequences. I will also do a job as your tutor and you will not mess around with me. Be frank with me, cling on to me, hit me , jump on me I won do any thing but if you touched the stuff laying on the table and chair laying in a corner of room I will cut you into pieces. Now copy all these things and save them inside your mind and brain.

Emerald: weren we going to sleep together what was all that raucous about and all that nonsense you told me that this is our bed room??

When she ends the sentence she leaves the table without touching any food and goes to the other room. Blake enters the room after her and pins her on the door of room then gets closer to her murmuring something in her ear.

Blake: ”whats the reason you didn touched the food ”?

Emerald: I have lost my appetite by all the lecture you wouldve given to me after the meal but you have no manners.

Blake: if thats what the problem lets play a game princess.

Emerald: what type of game?

Blake: are you curious????

Emerald: yeah I am feeling curious due to what you said.

Blake: if you will eat dinner I will play that game with you.

Emerald: promise?

Blake: yeah promise. You little kid I am amazed by this cute side of yours therefore I am giving a liking to you.

Emerald: I am not a kid. I am going to be adult after three months.Booooo

Blake: start the dinner and keep silence. I hate talking while eating.

Emerald: okayyyy.

They start eating with silence and as soon as they end the dinner Emerald in excitement asks Blake to play the game. Blake looks at her then laughs.

Blake: what if I say the game I wanted to play is who will wash the utensils first?

Emerald: noooo that thats not fair.

Blake: come on get up go wash utensils.

Emerald: but I don know how to?

Blake: come here and join me.

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