You are mine or not

New changes in life part 5

She grabs her from behind and puts cleaning gloves in Emeralds hands then clean the utensils from water first then pours liquid on the washing glove being put on her hand and helps Emerald to rub her hands against utensils to wipe them clean.

After showing her how to wash utensils she learns it but for teasing she tells to Blake how should I do that part and this part?

So all utensils get washed and in cleaning while doing practice. Emerald like to wash utensils like this because she feels Blakes embrace from behind in which she fits in as if that embrace was for her from the start.

They wipe the utensils together with a cloth to remove water from them. When this job gets done Blake looks at the red blushing face of Emerald and kisses her cheek.

Emerald: what was that kiss for?

Blake: cause a little baby washed the utensils for the first time. From tomorrow you are going to wash them every day if they are breakfast or lunch or dinner utensils.

Emerald: if you will wash them with me like you did today I will like to wash them every day.

Blake: you will wash them on your own. I am not gonna help you.

Emerald: thats so bad for me!!

Blake: and from tomorrow I will give you lessons of how to make your own meal too. Starting from tomorrow morning your hard life will start up.

Emerald: b… but I never tried something like that before.

Blake: thats even more fun to do and no excuses what I said you should take as your command and fulfill it.

Emerald glances at Blake then looks at the floor then looks here and there in confusion and finds the excuse to leave the lounch so she can go to the room.

When she enters the room she turns on the light sit tight on bed with making a pout then looks here and there.

She feels that she didn unpack the bags. She opens it and throws clothes here and there to find hangers for hanging clothes. In one of her bags she finds the hanger at the time when she finds the hangers Blake comes inside the room and looks at the mess Emerald caused.

Blake: what is this Emi ? Don you even know how to unpack the bags?

Emerald: its not like that I was finding hangers but couldn so this happened I am gonna take these all clothes and you know put them in closet after put them on these hangers .

She laughs in a weird awkward manner and then starts putting them on hangers hanging all clothes in hangers then in closet it takes half of her night to do that then she looks at her clothes she will wear tomorrow.

She make a mess again then picks it up looking at the time she feels so tired but when looks to the right where on the corner on bed Blake who is being seated there on the corner of bed in straight position having her eyes being laid on Emerald continuously.

Emerald: why didn you sleep first.

Blake: who can sleep with lights being turned on??

Emerald: Oh! I am so sorry I didn even had a single thought about you. I am so sorry.

Blake: stop apologizing and go to bed there are still three hours when we will wake up again.

Emerald undresses her self in the bathroom and wears her pajamas when she enters back into room she finds out that Blake is naked and is lying inside a blanket which she will share with her. Emerald blush in that moment and after a call from Blake she goes towards the bed and lay down near to edge of bed. When Blake looks at Emerald she suddenly pulls her near to her .

Blake: don feel shame we are both girls aren we?

Emerald: yes we are.

Blake then sleep tight here in my embrace quite and calm or I will tickle you until the sun rises and we will have no other choices but to go to make breakfast with the eyes filled with sleep and all the drowsiness taking over us.

Emerald: ok I will sleep now so.

Blake: so nothing lets take a nap.

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