You are mine or not

New changes in life part 5

master bedroom I will like to change the room and I don …

Blake puts a finger on her lips and hugs her to calm her down.

Blake: darling I am not going to give you permission of moving out to another room. I am deep sleeper what if I am not waking up even after you scream which has the frquency to wake up everyone but not me and the thief or robber or whatever take advantage of you or kidnap you I can take the risk.

Emerald: then make some rules so this will not happen.

Blake: I can accept rules but if they are win-win situation for both of us.

Emerald: I agree but we are getting late.

Blake loosen her grip around Emerald and let her go to take bath and starts taking bath herself as well when both gets out of bathroom dresses themselves up and Blake rushes towards kitchen to make breakfast involving Emerald in making breakfast. Both of them make a best breakfast together and eats it together after breakfast Emerald washes all the dirty or being used utensils they used for making and putting food in utensils and after washing them she goes back to room sprinkles the perfume on her self and comes out of room saying I am ready to go Blake.

Blake looks at her and tells her to not wear skirt after today. Then they leaves Blake first drops her at her schools main gate and then Blake goes to her company and starts working.

In the afternoon she looks at the time and thinks about lunch time and if Emerald wouldve eaten or not she buys 2 lunch boxes from a lunch shop and then drives towards Emerald school.

But before lunch time at the time when Emerald entered her school she get to know that it is all girls school and as soon as she enters the room her home room teacher grabs her hand and take Emerald to staff room and tells her to be sited on the chair and discusses somethings then tells her about the rules and the notes.

Her home room teacher gives her the notes of the classes she missed and after that they leaves the staff room and moves towards the class room.

Teacher tells her to stand outside until she calls her. Emerald awaits out side and enters the class room as teacher calls her name. All students looks at her with an aw and chat with each other that how pretty this girl is. Emerald introduces her self and gets seated on the chair next to window. All the classes takes place and during lunch time she get surrounded by girls asking several questions while she tries to respond to them one by one she hears a knock on a door.

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