You are mine or not

New changes in life part 6


Ariana: I I I trr..try….trying to talk b..bu…but I ffffeeeellll sooo shhyy.

Amber: hey Emerald don mind this shy baby. Tell me who was that?

Ian: who was that that? Amber

Emerald: ah she you are asking she is my care taker, my tutor, my cooking class teacher, my martial arts teacher, and also my advisor in short she is my every thing.

Amber: lets have lunch together. Well I think so some one has a crush on her.

Ian: who?

Amber: stop that Ian its not like I am blind I saw them and her reaction how she was blushing while hugging her.

Emerald: actually I am into her but she is not into me and she told me in clear words she won fall for me so I gave up.

Amber: sweetie thats not how love works. Look at this shy baby I conquered her heart why can you win hers.

They had this chat delayed due to break over sequence and the patron of classes start again in the end when all classes get finished the four of them join hand in hand and go through the hall way to the main gate where they hug each other while get to see Blake waiting for Emerald. Amber gets closer to Emerald and tells her to stay put on guard against Blake and don give up.

When Emerald goes towards car and hops in the car Blake starts ignoring her and the silence again put Emerald in a position to talk first and to break the silence.

Emerald: how was your day today? I think so it was tiring for you doing your own chores and taking responsibility of an adult too.

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