A 19 year old girl with black hair and grey eyes wearing a white shirt with navy blue jeans, 3 pm in afternoon in a park sitting on a bench waiting for her boyfriend. ”Hey Lex!, Im here as you called for me, what happened? ” said Jake running towards Lex, a 19 year old boy with brown hair and eyes wearing a red polo shirt with black jeans. ”Oh yeah, actually I need to sort out something very important. ” Lex said while playing with her fingers. ”Uhh okay, what is it ? ” Jake asked being serious. ”Its just that I think we should break up, its not like I love someone else its just that- ” Lex words were cutted by Jake saying,

”Something else what Lex, I have treated you very nicely, you should have been grateful to me but instead you are breaking up with me. ”

”Listen to me Jake, living with you was not grateful to me okay, you beated me for just talking to David, hes literally only my friend and you also warned me not to talk to my own two brothers, I didn even went to my parents funeral when they were in an accident because you said that there will be my male cousins and friends of my brothers, you abused me, you told me to only talk to Maddy and your girl friend Cathy, and when I told you to stay away from Cathy you did nothing except to slap me harder, sorry but I can live with you like this okay. ”

”But Ill change I promise– ”

”Did you changed in our three years relationship?, No, you didn then why would I trust you so please just don call me again, bye. ” saying this Lex went away from the park to her car with tears in her eyes leaving Jake furious and sad at the same time, he too went to his own car and drove back to his home while Lex just stayed there crying her heart out beacuse she remembered only one thing her mother used to say to her *cry more if you want to because every tear comes out with the hurtful memories you got from others*, she took out her phone and dialed her best friend, Maddys number,


*Hello girl what you doin ?, wait what happened why are you crying??* Maddy said after she heard the sobbings on the phone.

*Can you come at my house Madd Ill explain there*

*uhh, yeah sure comin right there*,

With that Madd ended the phone call and Lex drove to her own house.



”Coming, ohh hey Madd what you doin here? ” a 19 year old boy with black hair and grey eyes wearing a black stripped shirt with black jeans drooling over a 18 year old Maddy, a blonde haired girl with black eyes wearing a blue checkered shirt with blue jeans. ”Hey Liam!, nothing just came to see Lex, she was crying on the phone call. ”Maddy said while coming in the house. ”Oh yeah she broke up with Jake, and is crying ever since she got home. ” Liam said while closing the door. ”Is she okay now? ” Maddy asked Liam.

”Shes not answering me or opening the door maybe you should try it. ” Liam said hoping that his twin sister will open the door. ”Ill try, I hope she opens … I guess. ” Maddy said knocking the door saying, ”Hey Lex its me Madd, open this door of your– ” her words were cutted of by hearing the sound of door unlocking. ”Shes opening ” Maddy said happily, the door opened just to see Lex in a full mess, ”Ughh what happened to you??, are you even a human? ” Liam said making his face, the face which anyone can read, a face that everyone will see different types of expressions, face expressions mixed of disgust, serious, and funny. ”Shut up Liam before she again locks the door. ” Maddy ordered while looking at Lex whose face was now filled with dry tears and scattered mascara, her white shirt was now black because of mascara probably she wiped her eyes with her shirt and her hairs which was tied in a pony tail was now looking like a blasted bomb, ”I guess you have to take a bath Lex ” Maddy suggested Lex who was looking straight at Maddy like shes gonna kill anyone with whatever she will find in her hands, her intense stare was creeping Maddy out, ”Yoo sis you
e scaring her, stop bieng a creep. ” Liam said breaking Lexs intense stare, ”Oh hey, come on in. ” Lex said moving aside to give space. ”Thanks ” Maddy said while getting inside her room. ”Who

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