”Leave me alone ” Lex yelled while getting out of the car. ”Shut up before I do something to you ” the girl said but her voice sounded similar. ”Leave her, shell bring us bad luck as always ” the boy said when Lex realized the one shes talking to is …. ”Cathy, that is you right, why are you doing this? ” Before that girl said something Jake interrupted ”She is no one okay, you are my prey and Ill kill you ” with saying this he went inside his apartment. ”Where am I? ” Lex asked the boy instead of the girl but for her imagination the boy was one and only her childhood friend Carl also known as Cathys boyfriend. ”I didn thought this of you ” Lex said disappointed at Carl for what he was doing. ”For your first qurstion, we
e at Jakes parents house, for your second statement, Im sorry ” Carl said and entered the house following Jake leaving Lex with Cathy alone. Cathy who used to go to college with Lex, 18 years old, blond haired and brown eyed wearing everything black including a mask on her face. ”Carl was nothing like this, what happened to him? ” Lex asked to herself but was replied by Cathy ”Correction, he was nothing like this before I met him ” Cathy said said hilighting Carl as her, Carl a 19 years old, brown haired, black hair, Lexs childhood friend. Before Lex sqid aomething furthermore ”Tie her quickly ” Jake oreder which Cathy accepted quickly like theres no other second she will live. They entered the house to see the ones who went missing at school, Jakes enemies. Lex just stood there shook before walking furthermore the whole house was just filled with the same filthy smell of deads, dead bodies tied on the chairs, many on the floor, but what she saw next was just breathtaking, Jakes parents hanged there dead from the rooftop with ropes, ”Yes, I know that Im good at acting and yes I was the one to kill these people but mostly my parents deserved to die ” Jake said in sarcastically but before continuing Lex juat secreamed at him, ”Are you mad, why the ** did you even do that, they were your freaking parents ” Lex just started to scream at Jake. ”I just did because of you, remember Leo, who confessed to you, hes dead I didn want anyone to be close to you, and same goes to them all because most of them liked you and most of them hated you, and about parents they didn liked you because you couldn cook they wanted a girl like Amanda, so I killed them all the three of them, isn that good? ” Jake said going towards every person he mentioned at last going towards Lex and putthin her hairs behind her ears, ”Leave me, don touch me by your filthy hands you monster ” Lex yelled but after what she said, that made Jake angry with what Lex said. But he didn react at all he just went behind her and took the bat from the table beside him and just knocked Lex out. ”Tie her on the chair ” Jake ordered Cathy and Carl before going to the room probably his room. ”Tie her, before he comes back ” Cathy said running towards the basement to grab a rope. ”Can believe shes still scared of him ” Carl thought to himself until ….

”Carl Edwards …. I told you to **in tie her, where is your mind huh?? ”, Jake yelled at Carl for thinking about her girlfriend. ”Are you thinking of running away?, and if you are Im going to kill you ” Jake continued grabbing the knife off the table. ”WAIT!!! ” ….

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