”WAIT!!! ” Cathy screamed ”He was here because I said to … I went to get ropes to tie her, he did nothing ” she continued talking while coming towards Jake and Carl. ”I trust you now and if you ever betray me then you know what will happen to you guys … continue the work Im going to sleep, shes just a waste of time, Cathy come to my room for a second ” Jake said and just went to his bedroom closing the door with a loud thud.


”Are you serious, David you called us here just to show the janitors room… ” Maddy said after coming towards everyone. ”Don see the room tag, Maddy see this .. ” he said pointing at the floor, the floor with blood on it ”. ”Its the blood, wait is it Maddys or … ” Lia said coming closer to the floor. ”Its not Maddys … it can be Maddys ” Liam replied. ”How are you so sure? ” David asked. ”Jake is obsessed with Lex, he would never kill or hurt her with knife ” Liam answered. ”That explains alot but .. how are we supposed to find Lex and where? ” Maddy said.

”We don know where to find her ” Liam said. ”Lets check out Jakes apartment ” Lucas said.


”Shit .. ahhh it hurts … ahhh how,how can she do this to me, stabbed me *scoffs* unbelievable, she used to love me right? Im sure she loves me till now … ahhh ” . ”Can you stop screaming, Jake ” Cathy said while wiping off the blood with the cotton ball on his arm. ”Okay so basically you are telling me to stop overreacting because my love stabbed me are you serious?? ” He said

”Its just a scar Jake A SCAR ”

”I don care but still why? ”

”I don know okay, now shut the hell up ”


”Lex, wake up see its me your dad ”

”DAD??, what are you doing here? ”

”Lex first of all don be afraid okay be tough like me– ”

”Why dad?? Why does it have to be me?? ”

”Sweetheart, don worry just act tough, understand me? ”

”Okay … dad .. I-Im sorry dad, sorry for not being there on your funeral dad Im sorry ”

”Its okay sweetheart, its okay ”

”Uhmm, dad …. DAD DAD?!?! ”

”Lex wake up … Lex ” Carl yelled. ”Its a nightmare Lex– ”. Lex woke up with a heavy gasp. ”Carl .. Carl my dad he was here I swear I saw him ” Lex said.

”Its okay, its okay ”

”No I saw him, I saw– ”

”You saw nothing, don overreact … bitch ” there came Cathy saying this. ”Wheres Jake? ” Carl questioned Cathy.

”Sleeping … eat this ” she said giving Carl a burger.

”When did you get this? ”

”After Jake slept I went to buy you and me a burger ” she said while taking out hers to eat infront of Lex who haven eaten for so long. ”Oh yeah … Im going out with Sophie .. so look after her ” Cathy said going out the room with her burger in her hands leaving Carl dumbfounded and giving no time to say anything.

”Ignore her, here eat this ” Carl said looking at Cathys disappearing figure and reaching his hand to Lex to feed her something. ”Thank you ” Lex said and ate what Carl was feeding her.


”Gosh … where are they?? ” Maddy said while getting into the car. ”Lets go home right now, eat something then we can decide something ” Lisa said to Lucas and they went to Lexs house.


” HOME SWEET HOME I hate this shit ” David said and grabbed the wooden piece with home sweet home written on it with white and red flowers , and broke it half. ”You didn have to do this, David ” Lisa said ”What do you mean ” He asked

”She meant to say don overreact ” Liam said and entered the house with everyone following him. ”What do you mean by don overreact shes my first love and her so-called ex boyfriend just kidnapped her and ruined the family ” David continued his talking. ”DONT FUCKING OVERREACT, DAVID DONT ” Maddy yelled at David and on the other side Liam was just staring at her Screaming at David in other words he was crushing on her. ”Hey guys, calm down .. Im going to the groceries okay then gonna grab coffee for all of you guys with Lucas okay so please don go anywhere after I come Ill cook something for all of us .. bye ” Lisa said and went outside the house followed by Lucas bidding everyone their goodbyes.

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