The collection of Kim Shee was very unique as she has a collection of world famous comic books and other mysterious books written by famous writers like shakespeare, conan doyle and many others. She get lost in the world of books in her little room. Kim shee and her friends planned and prepared their task list they have to do today.

First their task was to show their collections of bottle caps , jewelry and different kinds of stones from the river side.

Fen, Jessy and Nora had a collection of different types of stones from the river side. Jessy painted most of the stones from the new paints she had recently bought from the market.

Chloe has a vast collection of makeup and dresses. Lee and Mi chan have a collection of scent and perfumes from the whole world.

After showing their collections to each other, the next task was to go to an orphanage to meet the poor and orphaned children and make them feel good.

All the friends go to the orphanage with lots of sweets, toys and gifts. They distribute all of the things to little children and make them feel that they are not alone in this world. The world cares about them.

By doing all the tasks of humanity it was night time and they had a plan to go to the movies. At sharp 9 they all reached the cinema in no time because their favorite movie was going to start.

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