All the seven lucky winners rush to their homes and Chloe starts a video call to connect with all the friends who were packing their suitcases for the journey. Everyone received the call. Kim shee was with the manager of the trip, her name was Diana and she was known as Ms. D by her fellows.

She had a firm body structure with blonde wavy hair. She told the children they were going to Paris, France near Germany. She also told the children that according to the weather forecast the weather would be mostly sunny over there.

As Ms. D left the video call, all the girls started their discussions.

” So guys, what are you keeping with you on the trip? ” asked Jessy to everyone.

”Well I am keeping a sunblock, a little makeup, and a pair of light clothes with me ”, replied Chloe.

” We are also keeping the same things ”, replied everyone else.

” But we should keep an umbrella for unexpected rainfall or really hot weather, a hand sanitizer to protect us from germs, and a pair of different shoes for an emergency. ” said fen.

” Waoh waoh waoh, wait what about the food items, ” asked Nora.

” Food, a place of living, and other necessary items will be provided by the sponsors of the trip ”, replied Kim immediately.

Our mobile phones, headphones, and travel guides are also important things to contact our parents and to get information about different things ” added Mi-chan. Everyone nodded.

” Done! We are done! ” shouted everyone. ”Our luggage is packed and we are ready for the journey ”

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