The seven lucky girls picked up their suitcases and headed toward the airport with their family and parents. At sharp 6.00 a.m., they all reached the airport but as usual Kim Shee was 30 minutes late. She reached the airport at 6.30 a.m.

They said goodbye to their parents and were almost crying because they don want to leave their houses for almost a month.

Kim shee, Lee, Chloe, Mi-chan, Fen, Nora, and Jessy rode on the airplane. An instructor and Ms.D were with them.

It was a long way to Paris. So everyone went to sleep except Kim Shee. Kim Shee was reading a book suddenly there was a huge bump in the plane as if something hit the plane with a much larger force but Kim Shee thought that it can be only a negative thought, so she ignored it.

Lee suddenly woke up and yelled. Even she woke everyone up.

” What happened Lee is everything fine? ”, asked Nora with utter surprise.

” I think I saw a bad dream ”, replied Lee with terror on her face

” What did you see in your dream. You yelled so hard ”, asked Fen.

”I saw that we are in a forest suddenly a giant spider came in front of me and he ate all of us ”, said Lee.

” Oh come on Lee! We are on the plane and going to France, to Paris, you know to see the glass pyramid and the Eiffel tower theres no forest over there, ” said Chloe.

” Yes, Lee you don have to worry about anything. Everything is fine ”, said Jessy putting a hand on Lees shoulder and making her feel at ease.

” Good morning girls! Its time to eat something because I can hear your stomachs growl ”, said Ms. D with an air hostess and some plates beautifully set on the tray.

Mi chan wants to wash her hands before eating food so she went to the washroom

She saw herself in the mirror but it wasn Michan. There was another girl in the mirror with long black hair and a full white face with blood on her white clothes.

” Who are you? You are not me ”, said Mi chan in a very mysterious way.

” Look at me, see me Mi-chan, go back from where you are, or you will die ” whispered the mirror girl. A tear of sweat fell down from her forehead, that passed through her cheeks and to the floor. Michan screamed with terror. Everyone rushed to the washroom and Mi-chan opened the door, wet with sweat because of terror.

” I don know what happened, what was that a girl, a girl there was a girl in the mirror, it was not me, I am completely out of my senses! ”, said Mi chan while crying. Ms. D went into the washroom and saw the mirror and there was nothing over there. Everyone started to calm down Mi-chan.

While everyone was doing so Kim shee was thinking a little bit differently than others. She thought that something was fishy because of the plane bump, Lees dream, and Mi chans strange behavior in the washroom.

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